Ice age, the Next adventure.

Disclaimer, I do not own any of the original characters.

Chapter 1.


A screaming sloth, burst out of the bushes, closely followed by a roaring sabre toothed tiger.

The tiger pounced and grabbed the sloth round his scrawny neck, "pour water on me again Sid and I'll break your neck!" growled the tiger,

"O...k...I...get...the...message...sorry...Diego!" gasped Sid.

Diego bared his teeth and shook his dripping fur.

"What are you doing guys!" hissed a voice and Manny, the mammoth appeared behind them "you woke Peaches up!"

Diego glared at Sid "Sid!" he spat "poured water over me, when I was trying to sleep!"

Manny raised a eyebrow "Sid!" he asked sternly.

"What?" cried Sid "I tripped!"

Diego growled again and stormed off.

Sid and Manny stared after him.

"Gee" said Sid "who got up on the wrong side of the bed!"

Manny rolled his eyes "he's just cranky, you did pour a lot of water on him Sid"

Sid looked sheepish.

"Mind you though" said the mammoth thoughtfully "it was kinda funny"

Diego moodily kicked a large rock out of his way and muttered under his breath, he walked into a leafy clearing surrounded by trees, sunlight streamed through the branches.

Diego sat down and licked a paw his wet fur stuck to his body.

Manny and Sid walked slowly back to the village, Sid grabbed a handful of berry's from a nearby bush and stuffed them into his mouth.

"Sid!" scolded Manny disgustedly, as he watched the purple juice trickled down Sid's chin.

Suddenly a high scream cut through the air.

Manny recognised it immediately "that's Ellie!" he cried.