Chapter two.

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High above the camp, a large sabre tooth watched them sleep, he had dapples and a torn ear.

"Well, well" he mused "lookie here, I do believe it is that traitor who killed my cousin, Soto!"

The tiger spun round, "Jake!" he roared.

A smaller scrawny tiger crept up to him.

"Y...yes M...Max?" he squeaked nervously.

Max smiled coldly, "i think we have a meeting to attend to in the morning" he motioned to the sleeping herd.

Jake gasped as he looked, "who're they?" he asked.

Max smiled again, "I think, that's the traitor who used to be in my cousin, Soto',s pack!"

"Diego?" Jake hissed flattening his ears.

Max snarled and bared his teeth, "I swore on Soto's death I would hunt down that...waste of air and..." he trailed off as he growled in anger.

"Who's the other one, the female?" asked Jake, motioning to Harri.

"Don't know, don't care" shrugged Max.

Jake made a disgusted face, "fancy associating with...herbivores!" he shuddered, "they're only fit for dinner!"

Max licked his lips, "that baby mammoth would make a nice snack" he said, looking at Peaches.

Jake rubbed his stomach, "mmmmm" he growled.

Max glared at him, "we'll attack just before dawn" the sabre tooth lay down, raising his hackles, "let Diego come to the rescue, we'll be able to finish him, without even leaving the den!"

Jake skipped into a cave in the mountain side to tell the other pack members the news.

Max's mouth turned up in a cold sneer, "see you in the morning traitor" he whispered and slunk into the cave.

Harri blinked and opened her green eyes, it was early morning,, on the horizon the sun was just


Harri looked at the sleeping others, Manny had his trunk around Peaches and Ellie. Sid was snoring on a large rock, Crash and Eddie were hanging by their tails from an tree branch and Diego was lying on his back, his white belly showing.

Harri rolled her eyes, she glanced to the right and gasped as she saw about ten tigers slinking towards them.

Harri leapt to her paws, "ouch!" pain shot up her injured leg.

The first tiger, a large dappled one with half a ear, growled at her.

Harri growled back, "who are you?" she demanded.

The tiger raised his head and sneered, "I'm Max" he replied, "pleased to meet you"

There was something about him Harri didn't like, she bared her teeth, "well you can beat it!" she growled.

Max looked taken aback, "that's no way to treat a guest, you'll have to be punished!" he lunged at her and sent her crashing to the hard ground.

Harri yelped as her head smashed into the rocky ground.

The others woke up with a start, they gasped when they saw the tiger pack.

Diego leapt up to Max and snarled, "who are you?" he growled flicking out his claws.

Harri sat up and shook herself, she came up beside Diego and growled at Max.

"Are you OK?" Diego hissed to her quickly.

"Of course I am!" snapped Harri, her eyes burned in anger at Max.

With a snarl, Max leapt at Diego. The two tigers bit and scratched each other, Harri tried to fight off the other tigers.

Ellie, Peaches and the possums retreated into the bushes, Manny charged at the tigers.

Sid picked up a skinny stick and waved it at Jake, who was trying to sneak past him, towards Ellie and the others.

Jake stopped and burst out laughing, "what are you going to do?" he sneered, "tickle me to death?"

Sid whacked him over the muzzle with the stick, it snapped and the broken pieces fell to the ground


Jake growled coldly and prepared to pounce, Sid covered his head and screamed.

Jake roared and lunged at him, suddenly Harri tackled him and hurled him to the ground.

Max pinned Diego to the ground and pressed his he paw down on his throat.

Diego began to choke, Max laughed, WHACK! Manny picked him up and hurled him into the air.

Diego scrambled to his paws, he growled and faced Max, who was slinking towards him.

Harri raked a claw down Jake's face, he roared and threw her into a large rock.

Harri groaned and slid down it, her long fringe matted to her head.

Max pounced on Diego, Diego kicked him in the groin. Max howled, his dark eyes blazing, he raised a paw and punched Diego viciously over the head.

Diego gave a startled cry and slumped to the ground, he didn't move.

Max grinned evilly and, despite Manny's efforts, bounded after Ellie and Peaches.

Sid bravely grabbed the big tiger's short tail, Max winged round, he picked up Sid and hurled him into Manny.

As Max disappeared, they heard Peaches scream.

"Get away!" screamed Ellie, then Max and the other tigers bounded off...with Peaches.

Ellie and the possums came racing through the bushes, tears were streaming down Ellie's face.

"They've got Peaches!" she screamed to Manny.

Manny put his trunk around her,, "it's OK, we'll get her back" he said comfortingly.

Harri limped over to then, "sorry" she said hoarsely, "I...I couldn't do any...they were to strong"

Manny smiled at her, "It's alright, you did your best".

Sid was shaking Diego, "wake up Diego, please!" wailed Sid.

Diego groaned softly, he sat up and rubbed his head, "ow! What happened?"

Manny was still hugging the crying Ellie, "the tigers got Peaches" he said gravely.

Diego growled, "I'll kill them!" he spat.

"Not if I get them first!" retorted Manny, then his face changed, "are you OK Diego?" he asked, "your head's bleeding"

Diego's legs wobbled, but he hid it, "I'm fine, it's only a little graze" he sat down.

Manny considered, "we'll have to rescue Peaches" he said, "Ellie, you stay here, we'll get Peaches"

"No way, I'm coming with you!" replied Ellie, she stamped her foot, making the ground shudder.

Manny sighed, he knew there was no point arguing with her when she was like this.

Crash and Eddie grabbed two sharp sticks, "let us at 'em!" they cried heroically.

"Yeah, they'll be sorry they messed with us!" agreed Sid.

"I'll help" said Harri, she was grateful for the shelter for the night and though how it would hurt Ellie and Manny if they lost their daughter.

Diego raised his hackles, "lets get going then!" he said, "Max isn't getting away with this!"

The herd set out into the sunlight to find the pack of tigers.

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