SHIELD Chapter: 3

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The figure, dressed in a white corset and cape, thigh high white stiletto boots graced her legs. Her shoulder length white blonde hair was perfectly coiffed. Her white lipstick covered lips were held in a slight sneer entered the underground chamber. It's granite blocked walls glistened with condensation and a slight mildew smell flavored the air. Torchlight provided dim illumination to the room.

The white clad woman approached the black caped figure that was seated on a stone throne at the far end of the room. It lifted its cowled head, no face was seen, rather a glimmer of faint light filled the inside of the cowl. Flanking the figure was a quartet of figures in chain mail armor. Each had a tattoo on his forehead and gripped some kind of staff in their right hands.

"Welcome Teris, I see you were successful," the figure on the throne hissed.

The four Jaffa flanking the throne eyes rolled into the back of their heads and collapsed, shaking as if they were having some kind of fit. The woman in white brought her hands out from behind her back holding a small snake like creature in one gloved fist, it wasn't moving, "Not really," she said coolly to figure in black, tossing the dead Goa'uld at his feet.

"Emma Frost," the figure murmured, "Not completely unexpected."

"You didn't let your snake know that," She replied.

"He might have been reluctant to accept the mission if I did. But, you are here, and I have a proposal for you."

"No," Emma Frost replied coldly, as she turned to leave. "The only reason I came was because I was hoping you would be here so I could fry your brain, like I did your minion."

"I could make it worth your while."

Emma stopped about half way to the door, "I'm listening."

"My name is Anubis," the cowled figure said.

"I sucked that out of your worm."

"Very well then, you are a very talented human. I could use you."

"You couldn't pick up a phone?"

"This way I was sure you would listen to me. I'll admit it would have been much easier if Teris had been able to take control. Since he did not, perhaps I can offer you something you would find of value."

"What would I have to do," Emma asked. She was somewhat intrigued. The guards that had been in the room had been properly subservient, and believed the figure on the throne was a god. The snake that had crawled down her throat and taken up residence while she was sleeping did not. Because of this Emma knew that the figure before her was a Goa'uld, just like Teris had been. Unfortunately for them, while the Goa'uld had taken total control of her body, her powers rested in her mind. She'd frozen the worm, then proceeded to mind rape him for every piece of information he had, which was surprisingly limited, considering that the Goa'uld were supposed to have a genetic memory. Emma suspected that Teris had either been bred stupid, or had his memory altered before the mission. It was too bad, the hints she had seen indicated that the Goa'uld had access to some fascinating technology.

"Very little, simply turn over your students to me, so they can become hosts for my servants."

Emma didn't even bother to answer; she turned on her heel and began stalking to the exit. When she got there she turned and addressed the figure reclining on the throne, "If I find any of your people coming anywhere near me, my school or my students, I'll do to them what I did to Teris. Then I'll find someway of getting to you, and do the same to you." She then strode from the room.

Since Anubis lacked a face, it was really impossible to read him, but his body language suggested he was pleased with how this meeting had gone.

Emma Frost climbed behind the wheel of her Jag, she was going to have to go and talk to Xavier. She hated doing that.