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Her Knight


Kagome glanced with trepidation at the group of older teens surrounding her. They did not go to her school and in all probability missed more classes than they attended. Their wicked grins and sneers told her that if she didn't get out of this mess quickly things were going to get ugly fast. She had just gone out to dinner with her trio of friends, Yuka, Ayumi, and Eri. The young miko was not supposed to be in this kind of danger in her time. The four school girls had been in the nice part of town not three blocks from the shrine. If she went back to the Feudal Era with one scratch caused by these men, Inuyasha would have the fit to end all fits. The chances of her returning home to see her family without him would be nil.

"What a pretty little girl we have here. Don't you think so, Hachi?" The leader of the gang leaned back against the dumpster in the alley they'd cornered her in. He was observing the action and giving orders but otherwise taking a hands-off approach. There would be no help from that corner. Although in her experience fighting bad guys, the leader was usually the worst.

"Right pretty thing, boss." Kagome mentally cringed at the bad grammar then wanted to slap her forehead in frustration. Now was not the time to be critiquing someone on how he spoke. She was obviously more nervous than she thought.

"Do what you want boys. Have some fun."

"You would hurt a miko-in-training?" Collecting her thoughts, Kagome straightened her posture. These guys were nothing compared to Sesshoumaru and Naraku. She stood up to them all the time.

"A miko, huh? Awful short skirt for a miko. Where's your priestess clothing?"

"At home," she answered, truthfully.

The leader studied her and must have decided to believe her because he flicked a hand at one of the goons. "Rough her up, but nothing else." The circle around her tightened and Kagome became afraid. Was nothing sacred to these men?

Right before she lost consciousness, she yelled for the one person who could have heard her- had he been on this side of the well. "Inuyasha!"