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Her Knight


The morning after the Shikon Jewel was destroyed forever in the Feudal Era, the future versions of Shippou, Kirara, and Sesshoumaru all gathered in the penthouse owned by the demon lord. Swords graced each wall, a testament to the youkai power in the living room. Each stood staring westward towards the Higurashi Shrine, reliving thoughts of the past.

"By now Kagome has gotten rid of that cursed object, Midoriko is at peace and the villagers have celebrated for the second time. Sango has begun telling our little miko all that happened between her and Miroku."

"You're relieved are you not?" the demon lord asked.

"Relieved; and saddened."

"But Kirara, everything worked out." Shippou turned to the elder of the three youkai and raised a clawed hand to count off his point. "Mother and Father are together, Aunt and Uncle are almost married, and the Shikon Jewel and Naraku are destroyed. All's well that ends well."

"There is one little problem left to address, young fox," the nekomata reminded the kitsune. A cloud came over their faces.

"Yeah, there is that…"

"Hn, what could possibly be wrong? My brother's pack was not killed in the final fight." Sesshoumaru turned away from the view to study the other two.

"I'm surprised you don't remember. You were after all the one that pointed it out. Right about midday five hundred years ago." Kirara brushed a stray hair away from her face.

"I do not recall. Explain what is about to happen that is so terrible." The dog demon lord searched his mind for some enemy that he had forgotten. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind.

"Sango and Miroku are about to find out that they've been cursed."

A/N: Okay, before you decide to flame me for ending the story like this, go check out the start of my new story, "Her Monk." It basically continues where this one left off with Sango spilling her guts to Kagome about what happened between her and Miroku and the realization of just what "curse" has befallen the taijiya and houshi. And before you think me completely evil, the prologue of that one should appear at about the same time this epilogue did.