Star wars and it´s entire franchise belongs to George Lucas. The first chapter refers a few times to the novel "The crystal star" and other stories. It is also pertly inspired by star trek 2009, you will see in that way.

This is my first Star Wars story. I am curious about the possible respond, I could get. The story will start in the future, a few decades after "legacy of the force" and then become a clone wars AU.


In a star system far away from the populated areas of the galaxy a ship, a old military light cruiser, was flying through space. It was heading to a remote part of the outer rim territory, a sector that was however infamous for it´s past. It had for generations been a centre of anomalies and dark side activities. On board of the ship was a group of jedi, led by the grand master Luke Skywalker himself. This group had to fulfill a certain mission.

Luke remembered how he had been in this part of the galaxy before. That had been decades ago. The old imperial space station, the crystal star, the black hole, Hethrir, one of the many darksiders he had met in his life. One of the many who had fallen.

He remembered how this Hethrir had planned to use the anomalies in this part of space for his own purposes. A black hole in this system, that had been circled by a crystallised star, had caused a rift in time and space and opened the way to another dimension.

All this years ago he had tried to use a creature from this dimension to strengthen his own powers.

Long time before that, this star system had been the showplace of the sinister activities of the empire and dark side experiments.

Now it seemed that another darksider was trying to do something similar. Over the last months they had gotten more and more information about the sith activities in this region. Finally he, his son Ben and a few other jedi were on the way to put an end to that. With them was a group of soldiers from one of the neighboring systems, that wanted to stop the threat, the sith were for them.

"Do you feel it?" Luke asked his son Ben, who was standing next to him.

"Yes", he answered, "I can feel it in the force. Something is strange in the entire sector. I feel the dark side. But it is different. It isn´t like the sith I have met before."

"They are doing something Ben. Whatever it is, it seems to influence the force itself", Luke explained to him. "The force, it feels different in this sector of space."

It never ends, Luke thought to himself. He had lost his father to the dark side and the empire, Mara, Jacen, his guardians Owen and Beru, Anakin, his nephew to the Yuuzhan Vong and countless others.

And every time another sith, dark jedi or warlord showed up to continue where the other left of. It never ended. Sometimes Luke was just tired, tired of all of it.


Somewhere else another person was having very similar thoughts as Luke. In the Crseih system, Darth Zorrowna, one of the sith lords in question, was currently on the new space station her master had built. The man who had trained her, Darth Iblis, was using the station for his darkside experiments. She had accompanied him to this place. But not so much out of faithfulness, not anymore. Zorrowna and her master had once been members of the new sith order, founded and led by the mysterious Darth Krayt. But her master decided to leave the order. He refused to submit to Krayt´s authority and so they were on their own.

Over the following years he had managed to recruit a group of other force sensitives. Acolytes who had sworn absolute loyalty to him. At least that had it been what they were in the beginning. First he hooked them with the promise of power, then he used the dark side to manipulate them in his interest and bind them to him until they were nothing but his pawns, more drones than followers. This force users were originally untrained and were still weak, but together they were a fearsome fighting force and served her masters purposes well.

Yes, Zorrowna had realised, they didn´t longer thought for themselves or asked any questions. She herself, if she was honest, had lost the trust in her master a long time ago. Like she had lost her trust in nearly everything else.

It was all senseless, she thought. For thousands of years the sith and the jedi had thought their war about their philosophies and the control of the galaxy.

Over 90 years ago the Sith came out of hiding, after 1.000 years in the underground. They had used this long time to prepare and undermine the republic.

Palpatine, Darth Sidious had, as everybody knew by now, started the clone wars and overthrew the republic. He declared himself emperor and founded the galactic empire, a modern form of a sith rule, a state based on order and strength. Or at least that is what it should have been.

But it was as if Palpatine had lost every hold on himself in the moment he came to power. The clone wars were one of the most destructive conflicts in history. Billions had died. Entire worlds were devastated. But the clone wars were a necessary means to the end. They had their purpose to secure the sith´s power and to weaken the republic and the jedi to took control afterwards. They had their sense.

What followed then was something completely different. One of Palpatine´s first actions in power as emperor was to eridicate an entire species. He ordered the planet Caamas destroyed and nearly brought the Caamasi race to extinction. Even worse was that he never actually succeeded in covering it up. Nobody could proof anything to him until years after his death, but nearly everybody knew or at least suspected who was responsible.

And for what? The Caamasi were pacifists who would have never raised a weapon against his empire. He killed millions for no good reason and what was even worse, he let information about it slip.

And that was only the beginning. Palpatine allowed technocrats, racists and fanatics so much power and free reign that they soon had more control over the galaxy than Vader and himself. Grandmoff Tarkin and other murderous bureaucrats. A man who ordered the destruction of entire worlds without blinking an eye and made every sith lord she know friendly in comparison.

Instead of the dark side and the cunningness that brought him into power in the first place, Palpatine was now relying on weapons of mass destruction and terror to subdue the population. Like the death star, a moon sized battle station that could destroy an entire planet. Tarkin ordered the destruction of the world Alderaan and that let to the escalation of the war.

And again for what? All what he reached was to make the empire even more hated as before.

It went even further. The racists had so much influence in the empire that a policy that systematically discriminated nonhuman species came up. This went even that far that ultimately so called imperial death ships were created. These ships had the sole purpose to travel the outer rim territories and whipe smaller races out that, for whatever reason, didn´t fit into the picture of the empire.

It came as it had to be. All this led to a galactic uprising against the empire. Of course it did. Had Palpatine truly thought even a sith lord could get away with things like that? Even she, another sith, thought that was insane.

In the end Palpatine was killed by his own apprentice. But the civil war continued for another 15 years. A few of the super-weapons Palpatine had built were ironically used against his own planets. Alderaan, Byss and Carida, all three worlds were completely destroyed. Hundreds of others were ravaged. Billions over billions died in the war, entire civilisations were whipped out.

Then, a few years later, came the Yuzhan vong and overrun the galaxy. The destruction and slaughter they have caused were even greater then everything before. They were stopped, but not before the entire galaxy lay in pieces.

Ten years later the second galactic civil war began and Darth Caedus came, Jacen Solo. Luke Skywalker´s own nephew became a sith and tried to reestablish their rule. There was only one problem. Darth Caedus was a idiot. That was at least Zorowna´s opinion.

Caedus claimed to stand for right and order, but his actions always clearly spoke a different language.

He always claimed that he wanted peace, but he constantly provoked other systems against him and blocked every chance to end the war. Ironically even when this peace would have left him in power.

He claimed to be the legitimate head of state, but he changed the law that allowed him to overthrew and arrest his predecessor only the day before he took power.

Jacen, she thought, one thing for starters. You shouldn´t always run around, claim to be the rightful and legitimate ruler and call others, who are against you, traitors the entire time, if your own takeover was a obvious plot. Trust me, nobody would believe you. And then, you should at least keep your mouth shut and not brag the entire time about how "legitimate" you are.

In short, Caedus was constantly attacking people and breaking his word and then wondered then this people were turning against him. In the end, Caedus had succeeded in uniting nearly the entire galaxy. Yes, the sith lady thought sarcastically, in the fight against him, a fight that of course led to his death.

This was where they stood now. What was left was the one sith. Darth Krayt´s sith order. This order had abandoned the rule of two, that only allowed two sith lords at the same time and replaced it with the rule of one. Now a large number of sith existed, who were all loyal to the one, the order itself and to Darth Krayt.

And that was the problem. It looked often as if Krayt was the only thing that kept the order together.

When he will die, his order would probably break apart. Then a new age of chaos would begin for the sith and everything that the order had reached would be meaningless. They would probably start killing each other again, like they did before Darth Bane. That was one of the reasons she and Iblis had left.

Zorrowna was a sith. As such she had no scruples to kill then it served her aims. But even she knew the difference between killing to reach her aims and senseless slaughter. They and the jedi had ripped the galaxy apart, devastated it and laid it to waste, again and again. And what had they actually reached? Nothing, nothing at all.

It was all senseless and there was no end in sight. At some point, she thought, even a sith lord had enough.

She had been raised by the order and educated to be a believing member. But over time Zorrowna had lost trust in nearly everything. In the last time, especially in her master. In the time after they had separated from Krayt, he had been searching for ways to strengthen his own powers.

He came across the story of the dark jedi Scon, who had performed dark side experiments in this system, in the last year of the clone wars. Scon had wanted to use the abnormal characteristics of this part of space and tried to combine them with the dark side of the force. In that way, he was convinced, he could open the gate to other dimensions and become a god.

Before he could reach anything however, he was stopped by Anakin Skywalker and Obi wan Kenobi. By the information they had, Scon was killed in a lightsaber duel with Skywalker.

But before this, he had made plans and invented mechanics to realise them. A combination of science and dark side techniques. With that, so he thought, the boundaries of this universe could be opened and the powers of other dimensions could be assembled and concentrated.

There was of course another possibility. The one that Scon had simply been a completely delusional madman. Just like her master obviously was.

Darth Iblis, after reading about all this, tried to duplicate Scon´s techniques and built this space station. Zorrowna on her part had more and more doubts about her masters sanity.

Flashback, the last year of the clone wars (ca. 2 weeks before the battle of coruscant)

A group of jedi, consisting of Anakin Skywalker, his former master Obi wan and his padawan Ahsoka, assisted by republic forces, were engaging the dark jedi. While Anakin was fighting Scon himself, Obi wan, Ahsoka and a command of clones were dealing with his followers. Scon was one of the jedi who had fallen to the dark side. During the war, he had influenced two other jedi and a large number of non force users to follow his way. Around Anakin and his adversary were the corpses of a group of people. Six men and women, who were lying in a circle around the place they were fighting now. They had been used as some sort of ritual sacrifice for whatever Scon was planning here. He and Obi wan came to late to safe them. Anakin couldn´t help it, he was angry. He knew he shouldn´t as a jedi. But it had already to many people died because he didn´t came in time. Like his mother, like so many others. Killed by monsters like this one.

"You can not stop me Skywalker. You and your friends won´t win. The power of the universe will be mine and you will all die", Scon called out.

Anakin didn´t listen to anything the lunatic had to say. He avoided one of the dark jedi´s strikes and then sliced his own lightsaber through his chest. In the moment Scon was hit, a explosion of dark side forces erupted around him. After a few moments, his body was burned away, as if it had absorbed too many dark energy, that was suddenly released as he died. A short time later Obi wan and Ahsoka came into the room.

"Anakin", his former master asked, "is everything alright?"

"Of course master. Scon is no more", Anakin said, looking at the remains of the dark jedi.

"Master, the two other dark jedi are dead. The clones have taken Scon´s other followers prisoner. We have won", Ahsoka told him.

"Good", Anakin answered, "the republic will take control of this place and end this once and for all."

End flashback


Luke realised that the disturbances he had felt had become even stronger, when they had reached the star system where they originated. Their ship had just entered the border of the system. All the jedi on board felt it. It was as if time and space itself were disturbed.

Ben approached the leader of the soldiers they had on board.

"Are you ready Colonel?" He asked him.

"I can´t await it", the man said to him grimly.

"You are angry and happy about the chance to attack the sith", Ben stated, reading the man´s feelings.

"This group had attacked my system several times, Knight Skywalker", the officer answered him. "They killed many people, stole material they wanted, even kidnapped citizens, we have never seen one of them again. Of course I am happy about every chance to stop them."

"Of course", Ben told him. "It is completely right that you feel that way", he said in a friendly tone.

"But let me tell you one thing. If you were a jedi, my father would say that anger leads to the dark side. You are not a jedi, but believe me for normal people it isn´t a good thing too. I know that from the war. I know how it is to loose someone. Your anger should end with this mission. After we have succeeded of course", Ben added and smiled.

Ben Skywalker was by now, one of the most famous jedi knights in the galaxy. That not only because of his power and his track record of victories, but his ability to relate to people. He himself had lost his mother and was betrayed by his teacher, Jacen Solo.

In one of the other rooms, Luke was meditating to prepare himself for the fight. This disturbances in the force were more disturbing to him then he had wanted to admit right now. He could feel that something was about to happen, something worrisome. As he was deep in his meditation, he heard a voice.

"Hello Luke, it has been a long time my son."

He opened his eyes. Before him stood someone, he never expected to see again before this life ended for him and he became one with the force.

It was the force ghost of his father, Anakin Skywalker.