Chapter 16 - StarClan's New Warrior

As if he heard her, the leader stepped out and called out the familiar words that gathered the Clan for a meeting. Together, the apprentices moved over to the body of Berrypaw and sat by her.

"ThunderClan, today we have lost an apprentice," he started. A few heads bowed. "But StarClan has gained a new warrior. Berrypaw was a courageous and brave apprentice who fought to the end. In honor of what she has done for ThunderClan, I would like StarClan to accept her as a warrior with the name Berryfrost."

"Berryfrost, Berryfrost, Berryfrost!" Chanted the gathered cats.

When the chanting quieted, Oakstar continued, "There are two other apprentices who have reached the end of their apprenticeship. Leafpaw, Lionpaw; step forward."

The apprentices step forward and the leader turned to Stormfur. "Stormfur, you have mentored Leafpaw these past six moons. Do you believe you have completely mentored her of our Code and the ways of a warrior?"

He dipped his head. "I do."

"Then from this moment on, let StarClan know that his apprentice's warrior name is Leafstorm. Let her perseverance and bravery continue to serve this Clan."

Oakstar then turned to his apprentice. "I have mentored Lionpaw these past six moons and I believe also that he has learned the Code and the ways of a warrior. His bravery, courage and stubbornness has suited him well as an apprentice and will as a warrior. I believe he has the heart of a true warrior. Let StarClan know from now on that his warrior name is Lionheart."

"Leafstorm, Lionheart! Leafstorm, Lionheart!"

The chant rose and filled the hollow. The two new warriors turned to each other and touched noses. Together they will serve ThunderClan as warriors until StarClan claims them; but, until then they had each other and to Leafstorm and Lionheart, that was more than enough.

A/N: And that is the end of The Lion and the Leaf. But for readers who are wondering, "Is there a continuance with Lionheart and Leafstorm?", I have the answer. I do plan to create a "sequel" to this, but the main characters will not be the main characters of this story. I'm not sure who will be, but I do know, it'll take a different course.

Thanks to all my readers and reviewers. I hope you enjoyed.