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"Zim, I'm really not sure about this…" Skoodge muttered, looking at the poorly built building in front of him. Strange pale faced creatures darted around the two cleverly disguised Irkens like cockroaches, screaming in their native tongue. They smelled so horrendous… why on Irk would Zim want to enclose himself in a poorly ventilated room with these creatures? He knew for a fact that Zim was far more germaphobic then he was, so why?

Zim tightened his grip on the straps of his heavy book bag, looking determined. "Because my chubby slave," he said, glaring up at the Skool. "Unless you want to be torn apart by the humans, you must ACT like a human. And I'm more normal then all the humans in the world put together."

Skoodge narrowed his eyes at Zim. "I'm not your slave," he quickly reminded him. "I'm here because the Tallest…"

"-Thinks I'm SO amazing, that they decided that send you here so you may learn of my Zim-like ways? Yes, I know." Zim said happily as he went up the stairs; edger to get to class and learn more of the humans' weaknesses.

"…You got to admire his stupidity." Skoodge muttered to himself, following after Zim. In truth, Skoodge was banished to Earth. But unlike Zim, he could recognize the difference between a reward and a punishment. Although Zim's idiotic optimism did make him feel better sometimes.

Pretending that they had a mission made things so much more bearable.

Zim had introduced Skoodge to the humans as his 'perfectly normal, fat ugly brother'. Skoodge didn't like how Zim called him fat and ugly, but knew better then to argue with him. It was near impossible to argue with Zim. And as horrible as the lies were, and ridiculously ill-forged documents were, Skoodge was admitted into the public skool system without so much as a second glance.

Humans were so stupid.

Zim and Skoodge never even thought up last names… how was any of this possible?

But Skoodge wasn't complaining. He was glad he didn't have to do very much work, although the large headed human screaming about his presence did frighten him momentarily. But that fear subsided as two men in white uniforms dragged him away to what he believed was called an asylum.

When the scary teachers back was turned, Zim told Skoodge that the human was named Dib, and that he'll be back at the end of the day.

That and the human was stupid and annoying.

And obsessed with taking his body, and cutting it open for the entire world to see.

Skoodge didn't like that mental image… But Zim seemed to take it all in stride. Perhaps because he was convinced Dib would never overtake the mighty Zim. That Zim was too good to be beaten.

The day passed like a blur, and he was itching with questions. Finally, the lunch bell rang. Skoodge followed after Zim eagerly into the large cafeteria, dying to ask him questions.

"This is insanity Zim! You didn't tell me that there was a human that actually knew about us!" Skoodge hissed, careful not to let the other children hear. "How much does he know?"

Zim laughed. "You worry too much slave!"

"I'm not your slav-"

"~Of course not, silly slave… Heh. You can be so dumb…" Zim grinned happily. Skoodge bit back a growl, but allowed Zim to continue speaking. "The human knows just a little. Just stuff like our Tallest, the Massive, the way our PAK's are our life source…"

"THAT MUCH?" Skoodge shrieked, causing the room of noisy children to become silent.

Zim looked around nervously. "Um… YES HUMAN BROTHER…erm… You weigh THAT MUCH!" He yelled at Skoodge loudly, covering up his little 'outburst'. The children seemed to buy it and soon the moment passed quickly.

Skoodge crossed his arms and stared at his plate of poisonous human goop angrily. If the humans weren't so stupid, Zim would be dead by now. He was a terrible Invader… no. Not an Invader. Zim was a food-drone. If anything, Zim should be Skoodges' slave…

"You make me so mad sometimes…" he muttered.

Zim didn't seem to notice those words. He never noticed anything that was said negatively about him. Especially not from another Irken… Skoodge watched Zim babble on about what he knew about the humans, and how they will all tremble under his mighty fist. As usual, Skoodge wasn't involved in his little fantasy of world domination. But Zim rarely thought of others.

Zim was so selfish…

So stupid…

And yet, he was the only one that paid any speck of attention to Skoodge. Besides the normal insults, he never looked down at Skoodge like the others did. Zim was the best thing Skoodge could pick out from a bad situation.

And because of that, Skoodge was willing to bear with all of his stupidities.