Hello my fabulous readers~! Here is the seventh, lemony installation to the family's vacation!
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On their fourth day in Costa del Sol, things were beginning to wrap up for the family. Everyday they had been out to the beach (private or public), the four of them splashing in the waters or napping in the sun, building sand castles or plain old just relaxing. It felt nice, spending those days in the sun, but tomorrow brought their departure.

Their final, full day began that morning, the kids waking up to pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Cloud and Tifa were busy downstairs, fixing up this breakfast.

Marlene rubbed her eyes, slowly sitting up in her bed. She looked around, expecting to see Denzel next to her, but she was in this room alone. Hugging the purple bear she'd brought along for the trip, she climbed out of the bed and into a pair of pink slippers. She wasn't used to being in a room by herself, even after spending three nights in it.

Opening her door, the little girl tip-toed to the room next to her. Denzel was already up and ready to head downstairs; this she noted because he opened his door before she had the chance to knock. Smiling up at her friend, she held out her hand. He took it. Together, they made their way to the kitchen, asking one another how their nights went (even though they spent most of it playing together).

Cloud, meanwhile, was shuffling the hash browns in a pan to make sure they didn't burn. Tifa was setting the table, plates and glasses arranged neatly across it. She took a step back to admire her own handiwork, before joining Cloud at the stove. He eyed her carefully, watching her flip the pancakes, before transferring the bacon to a plate with napkins layering the top. She caught his gaze once she turned back towards him, a shy smile coming to her lips, a soft giggle escaping past them. The side of his mouth curled up as he helped her put food on the plates.

"Good morning!"

The two turned around to see their wards coming into the kitchen. Tifa smiled.

"Morning! We just set your plates. Go ahead and start eating."

Cloud came to them just as they sat down. Taking their cups he asked, "Apple or orange juice?"

"Orange!" Marlene chimed.

"Apple!" Denzel responded. Cloud smiled, nodding as he went to the fridge.

Later, they decided they would spend the majority of their day inside of villa, packing their things and making sure everything was accounted for. Luckily they had brought a cooler for whatever groceries they didn't finish off here. Marlene and Denzel, after making sure they had all of their things ready to go, except for immediate items such as toothbrushes, they were allowed to go play on the villa's private beach. Even though he knew they would only be there for a few days, Cloud bought them a beach ball to go with their other items and add to the list of things for them to do. As he assessed all of the things they had to pack up and put into the van, he began to wonder if they would have enough space.

"We'll be fine. That van's huge."

He looked at Tifa, who was folding and packing shirts into her suitcase. Somehow, she always knew exactly what he was thinking. That might be a problem. He smiled, nodding. Walking over to her, he held her from behind around her waist. Tifa gasped, gripping an article of clothing tighter into her hands, before relaxing in his grip. Cloud kissed her softly on her cheek, before whispering, "I'll be right back. Some things to pick up."

He was gone as quickly as he had come to her.

Tifa stood there, confused. She had no idea what that meant, other than the obvious. But... why did Cloud need to go "pick up some things"? He better not be picking up packages and delivering them on the sly. Her eyes narrowed, before she sighed and finished what she was doing. She wasn't going to worry about Cloud right now; right now, she was going to enjoy herself. Dressing in a simple bathing suit with a blue striped top and white skirt bottom, she went outside to played some beach volleyball with Marlene and Denzel. They thought it wasn't fair that Tifa was going to be on a team by herself, but she assured them that she would be just fine. She did find it odd that they didn't ask where Cloud was, but maybe he'd come out there and told them before he left.

She heard the door open around six in the evening. He's been gone for four hours... She didn't look up from the book she was reading to Denzel and Marlene. And it wasn't some boring children's book, oh no, they would not stand for that! This was something multi-chaptered novel that Denzel had picked up right out of a book store. Even though they were nine and eleven years old, sometimes they still liked a good story to be read out loud. Better for them to imagine it, they told her. And they always said that she was great at reading stories; she knew how to give different parts certain inflections that made them more exciting than just reading them silently. Most of these were adventure stories, tales of knights fighting lions, of bravery and strong will.

Denzel once remarked that it sounded like someone copied Cloud's and Tifa's lives and put them into several versions for different books. Tifa laughed at that.

Cloud came into the room, leaning against the open door frame, listening in as well. He smiled, before Tifa looked up at him with a smile as she finished the book. Marlene giggled, hugging Tifa, before jumping off of the bed and running up to Cloud to give him one as well. Denzel told the bar maid that that was some wonderful story-telling, and Cloud agreed.

"Left over spaghetti tonight?" the boy asked urgently.

Tifa's brow furrowed. "There's only enough for you two though..."

Cloud shook his head. "It's fine. If you and Marlene want it, you can have it."

The kids smiled, nodding and leaving the room to eat. Tifa got up.

"Cloud, then what are we going to eat?"

He shrugged. "Don't worry about that. I have it covered." She raised her brow again, folding her arms. Cloud chuckled at her, before leaving the room as well.

Something was up. She just knew it.

The kids went to bed about an hour ago, around ten, after hanging up their bathing suits to dry. Cloud told her she wasn't allowed back inside of the villa until he said so, and no, she couldn't ask questions. Tifa didn't appreciate that in the slightest. So, instead, she went outside, dressed in the same bathing suit as that morning. She laid out two towels, before sitting down and reading a book. After almost half an hour of that, she got up. For a moment, she just stood in the sand, feeling it curl in her toes, staring up at the stars. Holding herself around her middle, she sighed. Cloud was planning something, but what...? She knew what he was doing right now – cooking dinner for the two of them. Just enough to enjoy for this one night before they set off again tomorrow morning.

Slowly she began making her way toward the water. The wind picked up, blowing hair in her face, but she cared very little for it. She stopped when she was waist deep, closing her eyes and reveling in the sensation of the cooling waters. They calmed her nerves, but she still couldn't help but think:

What on earth was Cloud planning?

Could it have anything to do with that note I found in Denzel's hand? With the list of... proposal spots? She gulped, rubbing her arms. Oh God... what if that's it? Tifa took a deep breath, shaking her head, trying to calm herself. Her and Cloud hadn't talked anything about marriage... not that they didn't already live like they were. They shared everything, and had two kids under the roof with them. They discussed everything, had their fights, and made up later... Tifa shook her head again. Why so suddenly...? Or maybe, that's not him. Maybe it's just the kids' plans. It was their handwriting, together. But... that has to mean something. That they're hoping.

Now that she was thinking about, Tifa found herself almost hoping too.

She watched the waves in front of her, hearing the water splashing as it came back to earth. A sudden warmth washed over her as strong arms wrapped around her waist. Tifa smiled, leaning back into his hold. She felt his grin on her shoulder, before he kissed her there. His trail of butterfly kisses ran up to her cheeks, and she giggled from the ticklish feeling they gave her.

"I love you," he whispered gently in her ear.

She turned around, reaching up and laying a soft kiss on his lips. "I know," she whispered back. "I love you."

Cloud took her hand, leading her out of the water. She noticed that there were candles lit on a table on the patio. She tilted her head slightly to one side, now seeing two bowls on that table as she got closer. Once they arrived, she sat down to a dinner of seafood chowder, with fish and shrimp, potatoes, and other assorted vegetables in a thick, white broth. Two crostini slices were on a napkin next to the bowl.

"Cloud! This smells amazing!"

"I bet it tastes better. If I can't make anything, I can cook soups and chowders."

Tifa lifted her spoon and dipped it into the soup. Blowing lightly, she tasted her nicely prepared meal, the warmth quickly filling her body and a welcome contrast to the cold she was just feeling from the water and the air. She smiled up at Cloud, who was doing the same.

"A little cliqué, I know... but I wanted to surprise you." He scratched the back of his head, before sipping more of his chowder.

Tifa shook her head. "It's fine Cloud. I really love all of this you're doing." Cloud wasn't one for preparing romantic evenings and that sort of thing, so for him to go out of his way and do this, she appreciated that just fine.

"You deserve it. I just wanted... I guess I wanted tonight to be special. Since, you know, Costa is a "special place" and all that -"

He was interrupted by a slice of bread heading in his direction. Quickly he grabbed it, raising a brow at Tifa. She giggled. "It's nice Cloud. Really. You don't have to explain. I don't need an explanation for what you're doing."

He nodded, his eyes shifting to the moon. It was a small sliver now, a beautifully curved crescent among the stars. Cloud sighed, before deciding he doesn't need to fret over this. Tifa liked it; that's all that mattered. I don't have to... prove myself to her. We understand one another perfectly fine.

Once dinner was finished, Cloud took it among himself to bring the dishes back inside and place them in the sink. Tifa stood on the edge of the patio, her gaze now on the moon as his had been before. She remembered her book and towels out on the sand, walking over and picking up the book. Soon enough, however, his lips were on her skin again, trailing from her neck, up to her cheeks, before going down to her shoulder. She leaned into him once more, her fingers intertwining with his as his hand slid across her stomach, dropping the item. Tifa let out a sigh, as he kissed her behind her ear, continuing his assault.

"Cloud," she whispered. He replied with a low moan, turning her around to properly kiss her.

Her hands made contact with this chest, gently caressing his skin as he held her. She broke the kiss, her lips now making their way to his neck. He threw his head back, before taking a step forward. His foot tangled with the towel, and they both took an ungracious tumble onto the culprits. Tifa gasped, her back hitting the sand hard, Cloud landing on his hands so he wouldn't add to the pain. He nuzzled his face in her neck, whispering a soft apology in her ear, before nibbling on her lobe. She giggled, hissing through her teeth as she tried to forget the pain, but she was sure that, soon, she wouldn't even notice it anymore.

Tifa's hands made their way down his chest, tracing his scars, as by now she knew every one. Her back arched as his hand traveled the length of her body as well, before resting on the fluttery, short white bathing skirt. He smiled, kissing her again, this time rougher, more passionately, and she responded with the just as much compassion as he gave her.

Cloud slid his legs between hers, and she gladly complied. Placing both hands under her back, he brought her up to him. Her hair tickled his face, and he chuckled lightly as she smiled. For a moment, he stared up, into those large, welcoming burgundy eyes, and she did the same into that deep blue abyss. Her smile widened, and she kissed him one, two, three times as he held her tighter, his arms encircling her figure. He could feel the gritty sand against her back, and it was then that he decided that this wasn't a... good place.

Shifting his weight, Cloud stood. Tifa held tightly onto him, her legs wrapped around his waist, her hands around his neck, and he supported her with a hand under one leg. On the patio, he pushed her against the wall. Tifa gasped, staring fiercely down at him, laughter escaping past her lips. Cloud nibbled on her neck, the hand on her back undoing her top. Taking one of the strings behind her neck into his teeth, he tugged at it, loosening it. The piece fell between them, and Cloud dipped his head to kiss the now naked flesh. Tifa let the back of her head rest against the wall, her breath quickening as his lips touched her there. Cloud soon grabbed the top, throwing it indiscreetly onto the back of the chair next to them. He figured if the kids saw it, well... hopefully they would think Tifa was hanging her bathing suit up. Even though there isn't a bottom with it. He laughed again, catching her lips in his own, before walking into the villa.

Tifa cradled his face with her hands, desperately kissing him now, her naked chest pressed against his as she yearned for more of him. Cloud growled in response, a low rumble from the back of his throat. Somehow, they made it up the stairs without tripping or falling, and just moments later he was approaching the bed they shared.

Laying her down gently, he felt her hands slowly making their way to the strings that tightened his black trunks. One hand grabbed both of hers, and held them above her head. Tifa squirmed, but he refused to let her go, kissing her roughly. She whimpered, before giggling from the ticklish feeling on her neck. He kissed her skin, making his way to her breasts. Tifa took in a sharp breath, a hand immediately going through his hair as he let her go. Her back arched again underneath him as he flicked his tongue across one taut nipple, before taking it into his mouth. She moaned, hissing again, before exhaling loudly.

"Cloud..." she simpered as her head dug deeper into the pillow she was laying on. He teased her, licking her again as he sucked on her hard teat, one hand massaging her other breast. He heard her feminine groans, her sensual hips brushing against his, her want of him apparent with every action she took. He craved her too, but he also wanted to make her wait.

Kissing down the valley in the middle of her chest, he dipped his tongue into her belly button, his hand still where his lips just left. Once at her bathing suit bottom, he tugged on it with his teeth, before his lips left a trail on the skin it bordered. Everywhere he touched her set a new path of fire, and she almost couldn't take what he was doing to her.

Her knees came up, pressing against his sides, and Tifa turned him over. She moved down so that she layered his neck with kisses, before trailing down, down... down until she was at those trunks she'd tried her hand at before. Reaching up, she untied the strings, pulling them off of his body, and stared down at his masculinity. Cloud sucked in a breath, grabbing her hand to pull her back up, but she yanked out of his grasp.

"No..." she said to him, hardly a breath from her lips. One hand softly grabbed him, and Cloud immediately threw his head back into the pillow. He was a rock in her grasp, which she preferred, as she knew that his arousal was from what he had been doing to her... and what he planned to do with her later. Tifa licked his tip, before massaging it with her thumb. Soon enough, he felt her mouth envelop him. Cloud gulped, squeezing his eyes tight as he grabbed the sheets next to him.

"Ti... fa," he groaned slowly, growing harder as she pleased him. Her mouth was gone a moment later, her hands replacing it as she worked him. His voice was rough, and he clenched his teeth as he felt another deep snarl emanating from his lips. She was going to get it, that much he knew. But, he deserved this for all he'd done to her. Hell, this was probably the only "punishment" he'd be willing to take.

Tifa watched him, his back lifting from the bed, her smile widening, before she took him into her mouth again. He exhaled loudly, trying not to reach his breaking point just yet, but she was trying to do the same. Giving him this pleasure was making her longing for him greater, and she felt herself becoming wetter with every stroke, every flick of her tongue against his member.

It took a few minutes, but soon his hips jerked, and he emptied. Tifa took it, savoring his taste. He lifted his head to look at her, seeing her hand come up to her mouth, a white line on her chin as she swallowed what he had given her. She wiped off what was on her face with the back of her hand, licking that off as well. Cloud sat up shakily, but growled as he shoved her onto the bed and found himself in control of the situation once more. Her eyes widened at how quickly he'd done it, and before she could say anything, he was yanking off her skirt. Her feet in the air as he finally got it away from her skin, his head came down between her thighs, his mouth on the most sensitive part of her body. When she felt his tongue enter her, her back lifted harshly from the bed, her breathing faster than it had been all night.

"Cl-Cloud!" she yelped as his hands grabbed her hips to keep her from writhing too much from his pleasures. She was almost panting now, one hand grabbing a handful of golden locks, her other gripping the side of the bed. She was losing herself, her vision blurring, her mind unable to comprehend simple things such as where she was.

He, instead, didn't allow her orgasm. Tifa found he wasn't there anymore, opening her eyes and looking up at him as he crawled up to her. Kissing her, she found herself lost in his warm embrace as he entered her. She whimpered into his kiss, her thighs tightening around his waist, before she wrapped her legs around him again. He went to her neck for the millionth time, biting her softly, which only sent her higher faster. Gripping his shoulders, she held onto him as if he could be gone in an instant. She knew Cloud wasn't going anywhere, but that didn't make a difference to her. Every thrust was new, different from the last, yet they were all the same, transferring her to another place entirely.

He lifted her up to him, her hips never leaving his as she now sat on his lap. He ran a hand through her hair, letting his fingers get tangled in her dark brown tresses, never wanting to leave her. She buried her face into his neck, her breath fast, hot, and uneven against his skin. He grunted, holding onto her waist with one hand as the other stayed glued to her head. Tifa kissed him over and over, from his neck to his collarbone, before lifting her head and finding his lips with her own. Her nails dug painfully into his back, but by now, he was used to it. He ground his hips against hers continuously, thrusting harder and faster each time. Tifa wrapped her hands around his neck again as she kissed him, praying this would never end.

He leaned forward, her back in contact with the bed again as he got faster, deeper. Tifa threw her head back, breaking their kiss, trying her best to breathe, but finding it difficult. There was a lump forming in her throat now, and she felt her eyes watering. Cloud stared down at her, watching her, but she couldn't see him. Her eyes were closed, her head facing one side, before her back lifted higher off of the bed.

"Cl-cloud...ah – Ah! Cloud!" Tifa gasped, reaching up and nuzzling her face into his neck, releasing a scream of pure ecstasy and emotion. Cloud gulped, biting his lip as he kept going, faster, deeper, stronger, until he finally spilled inside of her.

He grabbed her hips as he sat up, before laying down on his back and letting take the reigns. They made love steadily, relentlessly that night, as it seemed almost never ending.

They both knew it had to, but hoped it never would.