Author's Note: Hey everybody, how's it going? This is my first foray into the Toy Story fanfic/fandom but what can I say? When the muse strikes she strikes and this time she pretty much hit me over the head with this idea. I am warning you right now that this story has a LOT of spoilers for Toy Story 3! It takes place after the end of the movie and so it deals a lot with what's going on with the toys after that. So here's your official SPOILER WARNING as everything else after this sentence could potentially SPOIL the movie for you.

Okay, still with me? Excellent! I had the good fortune of getting to see Toy Story 3 four whole days before it came out and I am entirely in love with the film. I could probably write a million pages on just the movie itself. I laughed, I cried and apparently I was inspired to write fic. The idea came from what would be a throw away line to those not invested in the Toy Story world. It made me angry and I decided to give it the time it deserved. This was going to be a one-shot but it will more than likely go further than that if anyone shows interest. The title is based on the song from the teaser trailer that always makes me want to cry just fyi. Reviews are appreciated more than I can express here :P

Never Get Over Losing You

As the music came to an exciting crescendo Buzz Lightyear effortlessly twirled his cowgirl dance partner, Jessie, around ending the unbelievably impromptu dance by dipping her low over his knee. The toys that had gathered to watch the display clapped and cheered wildly. The two panted, trying to catch their breath, as the other toys slowly began dispersing and going back to whatever activities the spectacle had pulled them from. Woody smiled at his friends and walked away from the group. Once he was sure no one else was around he let his smile slowly slide away.

Pulling himself up onto the desktop, he carefully made his way past perilous crayons and opened safety-scissors over to the window that overlooked Bonnie's backyard. Woody leaned hard against the sill, crossing his arms over his chest and letting out a deep sigh he hadn't meant to be holding on to. Something had been bothering him for a while now and he still couldn't manage to place it.

It wasn't as if he wasn't happy, there was absolutely no reason he shouldn't be. Going with Andy to college hadn't panned out but Woody knew that was for the better. Besides, he'd never been much of a partier and the coed scene probably wouldn't have been to his liking anyway. He and his friends had found a new home where they were treated well and were far more comfortable then they ever would have been in storage or the attic. Bonnie was an amazing kid. She was just as imaginative and fun-loving as Andy had been and she had instantly fallen in love with her new toys just as they had with her. Andy had promised to come back and visit when he could but even if he didn't they had all gotten to play with him one last time and that was more than Woody could have anticipated. They had all been given a second chance of sorts and they had managed to stay together as a family. So why did Woody feel like something was missing?

The sheriff sighed again and his gaze eventually landed across the room on Buzz and Jessie. The two toys were sitting across from each other on building blocks near the closet door and were deeply engrossed in a conversation that had Jessie gesticulating wildly. Buzz was watching her with the same wide-eyed adoration he had had when he had first met her. Woody smiled slightly; he was truly happy for them. Buzz was his best friend and Jessie was practically his little sister. The fact that they were perfect for one another and had found each other out of the billions of toys in existence was something to marvel at.

As he looked away from the couple it suddenly dawned on Woody just what his unnamed feeling was- jealousy. Not of either party being with the other but at the idea that they, in fact, had each other. True, Bonnie's room was filled with his closest and dearest friends but what was missing was someone to share all this new happiness with. Woody felt completely and entirely alone because she wasn't there

It amazed him that the feeling could resurface after so long. He had come to grips with Andy's departure much faster by comparison. It wasn't that he was entirely over losing "his kid" or that it had been easy but he was dealing with it remarkably well.

The day she was taken he had played it off well enough but a part of him had been missing since that stupid garage sale. Every time her name was even mentioned by the other toys it was all he could do to keep his composure. With everything that had happened lately, he had thought maybe he had moved on from her too. But in truth, she was the one person he still wasn't over and probably never really would be.

As Woody swallowed past the lump in his throat he heard Dolly yell from the doorway "Bonnie's coming!" The toys all dropped what they were doing and scrambled back to their positions. Woody hurried down off the desk and across the floor to the open and waiting toy chest. Everyone else was already safely in their places and Buzz offered him a hand. Woody took it but the sudden change in Buzz's expression informed him that his own face was betraying his emotions. Buzz's look was met with a dismissive wave as Woody closed the lid of the chest leaving the toys in the darkness.

Author Note: This is weird cause I never do short chapters (hell my author's notes are longer than this fic). Let me know what'cha think. Like I said first time playing with these toys so I hope I did them justice. I have an idea and I'd love to keep going with this story but feedback helps. And go see TS3. I don't care if all my comments are just "OMG I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE" cause that's what I've been doing for a week now. If you'll excuse me I'm off to watch the Toy Story Triple Feature :D Catch you soon