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Chapter 4

Woody rounded the bedpost and skidded to a stop. He set eyes on the lamp resting atop the nightstand and felt his stomach flip flop. The last time he had seen that lamp with its serene pastoral scene was high on his list of the worst of his life. It was on par with getting tortured at Sid's, being hijacked by Al, nearly being burned alive at the dump and watching Andy leave. All he could remember was being completely and utterly helpless; only able to watch from bushes in Andy's yard as some woman had picked it up, paid Andy's mom and placed it in her car. It had been the only time since the escape attempt at Sid's that he had ever considered breaking the rules and simply running after her. He'd wrestle the lamp from the woman's hand and bring her back to Andy's- hide her in the attic or something and visit her when Andy was at school or asleep.

Even then Woody knew it was a stupid plan, so stupid that he had resigned to standing there watching her speed away and out of his life. By the time Buzz had come out to check on him, the sun had set and the stars were beginning to come out. There in the company of his best friend, the only one he'd ever confide in, he wondered aloud if Andy, or any kid for that matter, really ever cared about their toys. Woody didn't say much of anything for the next few days. He was too busy thinking of elaborate rescue attempts, wondering why he hadn't told her how much he loved her when he had the chance and mentally beating himself up for not trying harder. Eventually, he had snapped out of his trance, if only for the sake of those left behind, but he knew they could tell his heart wasn't in it.

The cowboy shook his head at the memory. All that wasn't important now. There was no sign of the toy associated with the lamp as she had hidden herself again and her spot was still blocked from view. All Woody could see was the very tip of Jessie's hat moving back and forth as if she was talking fervently. Without stopping to announce himself, he took off again quickly clamoring up the bed and across the comforter. He jumped the gap between the bed and the nightstand and finally slowed his pace though his heart still pounded in his ears.

Something pushed at his leg and he broke from his mission for a second. Woody looked down to see the three headed sheep nudging gently at him. Having had to search out the wooly animal on a weekly basis at Andy's, he was sure he had never been happier to see the sheep in his life. He smiled down at them before turning back to the more important matter at hand. When he looked up, however, Jessie was blocking his line of sight. She turned when she heard the sheep and gave Woody a half smile. The distinct lack of excitement on the cowgirl's face worried Woody even more. Jessie stepped closer to him, placing a hand on his arm, "Woody, she…" she stopped, searching for the right words. Woody's eyes weren't focused on her though, they had wandered over to the darkened silhouette of the shepherdess over her shoulder. Jessie sighed but in a hopeful manner. "Go get her, cowboy." She whispered to him and with a quick squeeze of him arm she was gone.

Woody took a deep breath. This was it. He slowly made his way across the nightstand and ducked under the lamp shade, righting his hat as he stood up. She was still there, her back to him. Woody took another step closer sure that the slightest breeze would knock him over. This couldn't be real. He had dreamed of this day non-stop for five years now. It had to be another cruel trick of his subconscious. She'd turn around only to be replaced by some dastardly nightmare villain. Worse yet, he'd get close to her only to have her torn away and be forced to watch again as she was thrown in a car and spirited away from his life. He'd wake up calling her name and wishing that toys couldn't dream.

But no, this had to be happening. He'd never felt like this in any of his dream scenarios. Woody gulped, trying to find something to say. "Bo?" was all he managed to squeak out, and he didn't know where the words had even come from. He was sure the lump in his throat would prevent anything from being said ever again unless it came from his voice box, yet there it was, though higher pitched than he had intended.

As she turned to face him, he suddenly knew it was all real. Woody was sure time stopped moving. It was as cliché as any of the black and white movies they'd watched on the old tv at Andy's. Birds sang, angels chorused and he swore she was glowing. There was his Bo Peep: the girl he missed, the girl he loved, the one that got away. At that moment, in his mind, they were the only two toys in existence and she was the only one that mattered. His heart went from pounding to fluttering in an instance and he wasn't sure his head was attached to his body anymore.

"Woody," she said, in response. Her voice was quiet and sad, very unlike herself. Woody tried not to let his worry show. He couldn't tell exactly what his expression was at the moment but he was sure it was somewhere between slack-jawed and elated.

They both took another step closer examining the other for any sign that they might be an apparition. Bo's eyes were gleaming ready to unleash a torrent of tears. Without another hesitation, Woody pulled her into his arms holding her close. She sobbed quietly into his yellow and red checked shirt and he gently rubbed her back. "It's really you isn't it?" she said.

Woody held her tighter, "Yeah, it's me."

They stood like that for sometime, fearing that if they let go of the other one they'd simply disappear again. Finally, it was Bo that pulled away, but she didn't stray far. She let go of Woody only for a second to wipe the tears from her eyes and that's when he noticed her hand was missing, broken off at the wrist. His face became very serious. "What happened, Bo?"

Bo looked at him for a moment then to her arm before quickly hiding it behind her back, "Woody, I…" she took a step back as if she was about to retreat again but Woody stopped her. He took her hand in his, hindering her retreat. Bo looked at their hands and then up at Woody realizing there was no sense in hiding anymore "It was an accident. The little girl I was with after Andy- she got excited about something and dropped me."

"You're lucky it was only your hand. It could have been much worse" Woody said.

Bo nodded. "I still just, I didn't want you to see me like this."

Woody's eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, incomplete, fragile, broken…" She pulled her hand from his and held her arm protectively.

Woody sighed and looked at her with a crooked smile. He placed his hand on her cheek running it down her jaw and resting at her chin before tilting it up so she would look at him. There were those baby blues, the ones that had captivated him so long ago and still wouldn't let go. "Bo, you have to know that you're perfect to me. Doesn't matter if you're missing a hand or chipped or cracked, you're beautiful. And if, heaven forbid, you fell off this nightstand right now and broke into a million pieces I'd spend the rest of my life putting you back together. I love you, Bo, and I always will"

Bo's lip trembled and she looked as if she'd start crying again, but instead she threw her arms around Woody's neck and kissed him passionately. Woody hadn't expected the action but he didn't mind it in the slightest. The kiss was perfect; a kiss of lovers reunited. They broke apart and stood there for a moment catching their breath. "I love you too, Woody and I missed you so much."

This time it was Woody who instigated the kiss, a much slower lingering affair which culminated in him picking Bo up and spinning her in a circle. She giggled and it was music to his ears.

"So you think you're ready to come out of hiding," he asked her as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Bo nodded her head. "I just wasn't ready to meet another group of toys. This is my third house since I left Andy's. I couldn't stand the idea of meeting new friends I'd just have to say goodbye to."

"But it's us this time."

"Well I didn't know that when I got here, silly." She smiled and it was genuine and it made Woody's heart skip a beat.

"It doesn't matter, Bo. You're home now and we're never losing you again. I'm never losing you again." Her smile got bigger and she kissed his cheek before linking her arm in his. "Let's get you out of the dark," He said, leading her across the table top.

When they came back around the front they saw the toys of Bonnie's room all gathered by the edge of the bed. Buzz and Jessie were doing their best to hold them back and give Woody and Bo their privacy, but the others looked as though they were getting antsy.

Woody squeezed Bo's hand and stepped away from her for a moment to address the masses. "Hey guys, I'd like you to meet Bo Peep."

The End

Author Note: And there you have it ladies and gentleman. The reunion I promised, Bo where she should be. My only regret in all this is I kept making Bo cry but what're ya gonna do. She's back with the family now so she's sure to be her awesome self soon (esp now that she's got Woody back).
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