Omake Files 2

My apologies for the long long LONG wait – it's been a hectic summer, and I just moved several hundred miles. Two chapters are written, with only a little bridging material required to bring it online. In the mean time, more outtakes!

Jack took the hand offered to him, shaking it vigorously and putting on his best winning smile. "Hello! Captain Jack Harkness, at your service!"

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on, Jack -"

"For the hundredth time, I jut said 'hello'! There's just no pleasing you, is there?"

Justin almost blushed, but kept his wits about him. "I really don't mind..."

"Oh, look! There it is, the actual one!" Amy said, excitedly rushing up to the Van Gogh on the gallery wall.

"Yes... you can almost feel his hand painting it right in front of you; carving the colors into shapes..." the Doctor replied, grinning and waving his arms like he was brandishing a chisel. His posture shifted, though, and he paused. "...Wait a minute..."


He pointed at the canvas, tenser than he had been a moment ago. "Just... look at that."

"What?"Amy asked again, growing concerned.

The Doctor's face was subdued, his voice quiet and fast. "Something very not good indeed."

"What thing very not good"

"Look there, in the window of the church."

The Doctor pointed at a speck of color in the bottom of a window, and Amy leaned in to get a better view. At first she couldn't quite parse what she was seeing, but after a few moments her eyebrows furrowed and she spoke in a confused tone.

"Is that... a demonic duck of some sort?"

The Doctor nodded solemnly. "Oh yes. He's a devil, that one..."

Jack reached his hand out to the brunette, putting on his best winning smile with extra bright white teeth. "Hello! Captain Jack Hark-"


Ellen lowered her hand, green energy still crackling between her fingertips. The Doctor lowered his hands from shielding his eyes, and looked on in abject horror at the new sight in front of him.

Ellen spoke up. "I didn't like his tone."

"You're not alone, Justin."

Justin opened his (well, maybe at this moment, her) tear-filled eyes, catching his breath long enough to look up at Susan. "Huh?"

Susan just let her words flow out, in her familiar but for now unnervingly low voice. "You have Nanase, Ellen, Tedd, Grace, Sarah, Me, and even Elliot. You haven't known all of us for very long, but we're all your friends." She took a breath, looking into Justin's eyes. "Being single is not the same as being alone. It may suck that you can't be romantic with the one you love, but you have people who care about you, and they like you for who you are."

Justin's eyes teared up. "Susan I..." Susan gasped as she was pulled into a tight hug. "Thank you..."

Eyes wide, she paused. She was never good with words at times like these, and some warm but uncomfortable feelings dredged up by the close contact certainly weren't helping. "...Y-you're welcome?"

Justin pulled back, their eyes meeting... and that was all it took. In some corner of Susan's mind, she registered surprise with the speed at which their lips met, the urgency and hunger with which her hands reached around Justin's body. Even as part of her screamed that this was wrong, this would end badly, she reached up under Justin's shirt and rolled on top of his feminine form, part of her thinking it just felt so right.

At first, the two of them were too absorbed in each other to notice the breeze that flowed through the basement, or rhythmic wheezing sound that began emanating from the air not ten feet away. Once that wheezing rose to a loud grinding, and a pulsing light fell over the entwined pair, Susan opened her eyes for just a moment – and with a yelp sat bolt upright.

Justin was confused, and terrified that he'd ruined things. "Susan, what-" he began, before he followed his friend's gaze and his mind registered what was happening on the other side of the room. Sitting bolt upright himself, the two of them watched as a tall, blue telephone booth faded in and out of existence before stablizing, fully there, with a loud whump - and the door opened.

The man stepped out nonchalantly, long scarf trailing down over his coat until it literally dragged across the ground. He stopped, though, looking confused. "Well, this isn't -" He caught sight of the two teenagers. "Ah, hello there!" the man said with a smile, eyes just a little too wide under his unkempt curly brown hair. "Be a dear and tell me, is the Eye of Orion anywhere nearby?"

Justin and Susan turned to look at each other – and as one, jumped to their feet and bolted up the stairs.

"Where are you going? It's a simple question, I shouldn't thing you need to check your encyclopedia or..." The Doctor trailed off, as Sarah Jane walked up behind him.

"Oh come on, Doctor, where did you take us this time?"

"Early twenty-first century American house, from the look of the computer over there. Some kids just ran off, they seemed scared -"

"Scared of you! Now come on, you promised me the Eye of Orion. No going off on tangents this time, we've had enough of that!"

As the blue box vanished, unsticking itself from the physical plane, a large, red, horned duck looked on. Once the last sound had faded away, he turned to go. "Well, my work here is done."

Jack reached out to take the hand of the slender girl in the TARDIS doors, struck by her long, flowing, dark blue hair. The Doctor sure knew how to pick them. "Well hel-LO there. Captain Jack H-"


As Jack lay - out cold - on the ground outside the TARDIS and Susan stood over him with a cracked wood and stone hammer clutched in both hands, the Doctor looked out the doors over the console and just buried his face in his hands. That man just never learns...