New York City, 1963...

On days like today Anna loved taking strolls through her neighborhood. The sun was shining down on the side walk setting off a blazing white glare against all the different colored buildings, making the color in them seem as intense as the sun itself. Anna walked past all the coffee shops and side road vendors selling everything from funky sunglasses to scarves and clothes to food of all different kinds. She took in the aromas of the food mixing together with the smell of smoke and gas from the cars, she listened to the busy people who passed her by. This was her home and she loved it.

The Bronx of New York, to some might have seemed like a terrifying place for a young girl of eighteen to grow up. With the number of gangs that ran those street and fights that started between them anyone might have thought that she would have been a little nervous. Anna smiled to herself that might have been true if it wasn't for the fact that her older brother, Chris, was the gang leader of the notorious Sharks gang.

"Ahh the Sharks." Anna mused.

Her mother had died not long after she was born and her father was a crew member on the Sarah Toga, a cargo ship that ran routes from New York to China and anywhere in between. He was home maybe once a week every four months, so this lack of intermediate family had caused the Sharks to become her and her brother's only form of true family. Anna smirked thinking of her many gang brothers, she herself wasn't a member but that didn't stop her from having to cook for a lot of them almost every night. She loved them all though, and worried endlessly about they're safety. Pushing a curly lock of dark brown hair our of her face she entered the market area and began shopping for the groceries required to feed the ravenous army of eighteen year old boys.

"Hey! Anna! Come to stock up on supplies!" A thick Italian accent called out.

"You know it Mario! Those boys would eat straight butter if they got hungry enough" Anna laughed

Greeting the round dark haired man who had become her friend since she had taken over the food duties in the house since her mother died Anna grabbed a basket. It had been Mario who had given her recipes and helped her pick out the best selection in the market to take home. He was a life saver and the reason she was the great cook she was today. Wondering through the stands Anna picked out tomatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables they would need that week along with some butter and eggs. After paying for it all Mario bagged it for her.

"Tell your brother to stay out of trouble" he told her handing over the bags.

"Trouble is his middle name. I can't keep him from the mischief that seems to follow him everywhere"

"Pssh, that mischief's name is Jet Link" Mario spat "Those two have been at it since…"

Anna frowned has Mario trailed off scowling into the cucumbers, she knew about her brothers hatred for the name Mario mentioned. Jet. The rival gang to the Sharks had been the Jets as long as she could remember. Even when her own father had been around in his gang days he had fought one gang and one gang only. But the hate Chris had for the Jets and they're leader went far beyond just gang wars. Four years ago something had happened involving her brother and Jet, but she didn't know quite what that was. Anna had been kept protected from any of Chris' more nastier business so all this was a mystery to her.

:"Thank you Mario" Anna smiled, trying to lighten his now dark mood. "I'll tell Chris. Hey you should stop over Sunday for dinner! We'd be happy to see you!"

Mario looked up, turning his frown upside down he said "You know I'd love to!"

"Great! Five o'clock sound good?"

Leaving the market Anna stopped by the park to sit down on the bench near the fountain, her green eyes sparkled as she took in the setting sun's bright display of orange and blood reds over the city skyline. She withdrew a pad and pencil from her purse and flipped it open, inside numerous drawing of the cities activity flowed threw each page like a time line of its day. One sketch was an old man feeding the pigeons on Thirty First St. Each Pigeon seeming like it could strut right off the page it looked so real, and you could feel the old mans kindness through his smile. Another showed a young women leaning against the wall cigarette hanging from her lush lips, smoke seeming to add more smolder to her already smoldering gaze. This was Anna's escape from everything, and she was good at her escape. She stared an outline of the flowing fountain, then once she was satisfied with that the details were next. Nothing escaped her eye. Soon she had a very realistic fountain spurting water right on her very page. Sighing Anna rose from the bench, the boys would be hungry and she had the only food in the house sitting next to her.

The walk would take a while, as she lived eight blocks from the apartment her and her brother rented. Cars honked off in the distance as the sky turned an off shade of blue grey, humming she strolled along carelessly. It wasn't till she heard the sound of crackling laughter that she stopped, several guys up ahead we're squatting over a flipped over crate throwing dice. They we're gambling and from what she knew from her brother guys like that normally we're gang boys.

"But whose gang are they from?" She wondered as she got closer.

Looking for an insignia somewhere she tried to figure that out. Each gang had one. Obviously the Sharks was a great white, the Jets had a rocket like plane with after burn shooting out of the end. She found her answer as one of boys turned his back to her. The Jets. Goosebumps jumped out of her flesh, Anna gulped but kept her pace even. Although she wasn't a gang member and barley anyone from the Jets knew what she looked like her brother had always told her to never go near them.

"They don't care your not a real member, you're my sister and they'll use that as an excuse. Even if you're a girl they may still rough you up as a message to me, so always keep a look out and carry this."

Anna thought about the switch blade in her purse. Would that scare them enough to leave her alone?

"Doubt it" She thought.

She passed the group not making eye contact with any of them, her pace was still even and as she got away she thought she was safe. Anna's humming started up again as she neared and alley way. Suddenly a pair of string hands clasped they're iron like grip over her mouth and her arm. The groceries spilt over the sidewalk as another set of hands grabbed her other arm. Her muffled scream caught in her throat as her eyes grew round with fear. Anna was being dragged into the alley by two men from the group she had seen, they had noticed her unusual response to the group. Most people either crossed the street to avoid them or came closer to see what was going on. This girl however seemed to act as if they hadn't existed and completely ignored them. This was what had sparked they're interest.

Anna was flung against the brick way deep in the alley way. The hand still clasped over her mouth and hand made it hard to fight back, but her legs we're still able to cause some pain. She kicked her right leg viciously at the man closest to her causing her foot to land right on his shin. He let out a roar of pain followed by a steady stream of cusses. The second man laughed deep in his chest as his partner help his leg in pain.

"We always tell you to watch out for cheap shots like that Paul" The second goon said.

"Fuck this bitch man! Once we take a look through her purse I'm going to teach her a real good lesson!"

A very loud voice inside Anna's head started to scream profanities almost as vile at the man she had just kicked. She was being mugged in an alley by two men from the Jets gang who were more then likely going to rape her. This was everything her brother had ever warned her about. The two thugs picked up her purse and started to rummage through it. After they had found what little money she had in there they pulled out the switch blade.

"Oh shit" Anna thought.

If being mugged by two Jets wasn't bad enough then it was about ti get worse, because on that knife scratched into the metal handle was the word "Sharks." Thanks to her brother's friend Nick who had a habit of writing the name Sharks on everything her could get a hold of.

"What the!" the first man gawked.

"Hey! I didn't think the Sharks let chicks into they're gang." The other laughed.

"might make them a more tougher rival if they did!" They two laughed at they're stupid joke when suddenly one of the guys got a good look at her face. Blinking twice he put his face right next to Anna's. Smelling his breath she nearly gagged.

"Dose this brood look familiar to you?" he asked.

The resemblance between her brother and Anna was always quite striking. The two of them could have been twins if it hadn't been for the difference in eye color. Where Anna's were a shade of deep greens, Chris' had been the most striking of blues. They both however had shared the same strong jaw line and straight nose their father had given them. However from their mother they had gotten a thick mess of dark curly hair, Chris had always seemed to be able to tame his, while Anna was stuck looking like the wind had blown her hair completely array twenty-four-seven. Most of the time she loved being so similar to her brother, right now however, she cursed it.

"Yeah I know what your saying, but where have we seen her before?"

"I got it!" The thug she had kicked hissed "She looks like that Chris guy."

"The leader of the Sharks?" the first replied"

"Yeah, he has a sister you know, maybe this is her""Well in that case this will be extra enjoyable"

Anna could only pray that something would happen that would save her from all this. That someone would walk by and see what was going on, was that to much to ask? Was it!

"Hey Jared its your roll and we've been waiting on you! What the hell is taking so damn long!" Someone yelled from behind the two bozos.

"Oh, boss We didn't mean to keep yahs all waiting but we found something a little more entertaining that dice." The man who was holding her, Jared, said slyly.

"What could be more entertaining then me taking money from you suckers?" The man asked walking into the alley.

Anna tried to peer over the two goons so she could get a better look but all she saw was the front of Jared's jacket and a huge chunk of curly hair that had fallen into her eyes when she had hit the wall.

"Damn it!" She cursed "They called him boss but that couldn't mean that its him? Could it? Maybe just a local boss to run this side of town? It couldn't be…."

But no sooner had Anna tried to convince herself that it wasn't who she thought it was, Jet Link leaned forward to get a good look at the girl who was pinned up against the alley wall looking madder then a polar bear in August. He laughed and moved his hand forward to push the dark locks out of her face. His figures grazed the soft skin on her cheek, and to his pleasant surprise left her flaming in a rosy blush. Anna let out an angered mumble from underneath Jared's hand. Trying to kick at her captures again.

"Whoa know looks like you boys have a fighter on your hands" Jet laughed, dodging one of Anna's feet.

"Considering who she is that doesn't surprise us boss" Paul said handing Jet the switch blade.

:She's a Shark?" Jet said mockingly.

"She's Chris' sister" Paul stated cutting right to the chase.

This time Jet examined Anna closer noting the similar features they shared. Blinking he pushed all the hair out of her face holding it above her forehead. A pair of angry green eye meet his brown ones.

"Well I'd know that Death Glare anywhere, it's the same one Chris gives me every time we meet. They're related alright and the knife only makes me more sure about it" Jet smirked. "Now what are we going to do with you?"

"She's not bad looking boss. Maybe you could take her outback and really have the revenge you've been wanting on those Sharks" Jared sneered.

"You boys head back to the game, I'll handle her" Jet said, his hands taking the place of Jared's

The two look slightly disappointed at being dismissed so easily when it was they who had caught Anna in the first place. But they didn't argue only mumbled as they left the alley. Anna wanted to die, she was now at the mercy of someone who she had been told to stay away from since she was twelve. Jet smiled down at her. He could feel her body start to tremble under his grip.

"I'm going to take my hand away, if you scream I will hurt you" he said being seemingly nice about it. Anna nodded, and Jets hand came off her mouth.

"Now, I've known Chris has had a sister for a while but I didn't think she was your age. I didn't think she was as pretty as you either."

Anna's cheeks exploded into pink flames that licked up her face till her ears burned. She had never been called pretty by any boy before. She had always been the tomboy that all the boys liked but never "liked liked."

"You'd better let me go buddy or you'll be sorry" she hissed. Jet looked down at her a smile stretching across his face.

"You think your brother scares me? I'd beat that piece of shit to the ground if he gave me the chance."

"My brother is twice the man you are!" Anna yelled suddenly squirming to get free.

Jet let out a low rumble of laughter from his throat. "Well, I'm glad we're one hundred percent sure your Chris' sister now."

Anna froze, she had just been stupid enough to fall for his little game, making her angry enough to say something that would give her away. And she had fallen for it so easily. She glared at Jet now. Taking in his appearance now for the first time. His deep brown eyes started right back at her shocked green ones. His orange hair shot out behind him spiking at the end like the devil's own horns. He may have been the Devil but Anna wasn't afraid of him. Just very angry.

"Now that introductions are over I say we get to know each other a little better" Jet teased pulling her arms up over her head.

She gasped but her gasp was muted as his mouth smashed against hers, The force knocked Anna's head against the wall causing her vision to blur. A scream of protest erupted from her throat but it didn't help. His hard mouth over her soft one. She tried to fight him off, she tried to kick but he had her pinned. Why was he doing this? Why her? How was she going to escape. The more she fought the harder his grip became.

"That's it" Anna thought, thinking up a way to escape Jet.

Jet tightened his grip on Anna's wrists and pinned her body against his. She was thrashing about in vain to get away, but he wouldn't let her. He smiled to himself as he forced her to kiss him, she tasted so good like lemon tea and strawberries. Tart and Sweet. Taking his revenge on Chris might be even more enjoyable then he thought. Although that bastard deserved more then this. Much more, and Jet planned on giving him everything he had coming and then some. But this was a start. Jet bit Anna's lip and let out a low growl in his throat, when surprisingly she stopped struggling, even more surprising she kissed him back. Jet pulled away and looked at Anna who in return looked back.

"Maybe she's given up?" He thought.

Shrugging Jet was about to lean in and begin ravaging Anna's lips again when she suddenly she leaned forward and kissed him!

"What the hell! This is suppose to be a rape not ….whatever you call this…" Jet thought

Anna deepened her kiss and wriggled her figures so that she was now almost holding the gang leaders hands. Jet who didn't know what to think decided it was better to go along with it. Hey even if he didn't fully rape the Shark boss's little sister at least sleeping with her would piss him off. Thinking he could still over power her if she tried anything he loosened his grip on her hands. This leeway allowed Anna to slid her hands down Jets arms and up his shoulder, where she proceeded to tangle his fingers in his hair. Jet slowly wrapped his arms around the small girls waist resting hips hands on her hips. He used his thumbs lift up her blouse and rub the soft flesh just underneath methodically. Anna let out a soft sigh.

"This has gotten out of hand" Anna thought to herself. "I feel like I'm on fire. I've got to get out of here before anything else happens, Now if only I can grab that trash can lid…"

"This is great" A very excited Jet thought, completely unaware of plan Anna had for him.

Anna pulled tight on Jets hair with one hand making sure his face was locked to hers. Not that she needed to make sure, their bodies we're practically on top of each other. With the other hand she slid down jets shoulder towards his hip. Jet, thinking she was grabbing for something else, didn't see her grab the trash can lid from the garbage can next to then.


Jets vision exploded into an array of colors and stars. His knees gave out from under him as Anna slipped out of his grip and down the alley way. Falling against the wall he just managed to catch himself with one arm.

"DAMN IT!" He screamed whirling on his heels to catch a glimpse of Anna disappearing around the corner.

Jet took off after her, ignoring the feeling of nausea and tunnel vision he was experiencing from the massive hit Anna had delivered with the lid. He had to get to her before she got back into Shark territory, if he didn't he'd have more problems then he cared for at the moment.

Anna ran as fast as she her feet would carry her, she couldn't help but smile because her plan had worked so well. She just had to make it the rest of the three blocks to home. Shark territory, surely Jet wouldn't come after her there right? Anna turned another corner stopping for a second to catch her breath. Puffs of mist escaped her mouth as her breath heaved out in short pants. It was Spring and the nights we're still chilly. The city around her was unusually quiet, which is what allowed her to her the sound of light, fast moving foot steps coming toward her. Anna peered around the corner and say Jet running full sprint toward her.

"There's no way!" She yelled, bursting into a run. She could almost see her apartment from where she was. So close.

Jet saw the Shark insignia on the wall of the building he ran past, but he ignored it. He was so close to her he didn't care. A mess of black curls flew behind her like a banner in the night. She was running out of energy, he was wearing her down.

"CHRIS!" Jet heard her yell.

"Damn" He skidded to a halt and dodged into the alley near by.

He could see her as she ran to the stoop of an apartment, the door flew open immediately. And there he was, Chris. Of course he would be watching the street for her. She probably should have been home hours ago. Just the sight of him made Jets blood boil in his veins, he wanted to stick him with his knife right then and now. But that would be to easy. Instead he watched as Anna explode into his arm and collapse there painting.

"Anna! Anna! What's wrong?" Chris asked panicked.

To exhausted to speak all she could do was pant and hold onto her brothers arms. Jet smirked to himself. That girl was a tough cookie, he'd give her that much. It had saved her from his revenge in the alley, but it wouldn't be enough to save her a second time. He'd make sure of it. For now though he watched as Chris carried Anna into the house.

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