Okay readers. I am eternally sorry that I have not updated this because it is so good. (In my opinion) I moved to Atlanta and really didn't have time for fan fiction anymore. That happens when you get old. Ha-ha! BUT I AM BACK! And unfortunately I have to use my computer's Notepad because my laptop doesn't have Windows yet. So please keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that I haven't updated this in about a year so if there are ANY mistakes, and something doesn't match the last two chapters TELL ME! It will help.


"Soooo where did you go last night?" a slightly hung over Fritz nagged as Jet entered the living room of his apartment.

Jet and Anna's walk hadn't gone unnoticed by the red heads best friend, and if Fritz hadn't been more than slightly tipsy he would have put the talk they had had earlier in the day together with the strange behavior that had followed when the young girl and Jet had noticed each other.

"That was her wasn't it?" He asked. Jet all but threw himself into the seat of the couch groaning and holding his head.

"Shut the fuck up Fritz, your screaming at me."

"You big baby, when did you become such a light weight?" Fritz mocked; a grin spreading across his face as the fun times of last night came flooding back to him. Jet had returned from his walk with Anna on cloud nine. The idea that he had plans with the girl for the next night had made him feel more euphoric then any recreational drug ever could. He was going to have his revenge, and it was going to be so sweet. But drinking till he couldn't see straight had felt pretty good to. Till now that was. Fritz was flopped on the couch, bare feet hanging over the edge. His blanket barley covered the lanky body he had.

"You didn't answer my question Jet." He pushed again. Jets head lifted, two blood shot amber eyes glared at the sandy haired bastard on his couch. Why did he stick his nose into everything? Why was it his business? WHY DID HIS HEAD FEEL LIKE HE HAD KISSED A FREIGHT TRAIN!

"Yes." Jet said flatly "That was her" Fritz may have been the worst thing possible for a hangover, but he was Jet's best friend and the only person he had ever felt comfortable telling his plans and secrets to. Well almost the only person. Jets stomach tightened into a harsh nausea as memories shot into his head like lightening. Chase. Clenching his fist he tried to push back the onslaught of images that had invaded his mind. This was not what his head needed right now. Fritz watched and waited for this episode to pass. He knew.

"She looks just like him, who would have thought that someone who looked like Chris could be such a looker." A lanky tattooed arm reached for a pack of cigarettes, lit one and put it to his mouth. Fritz laid his head back and stared at the ceiling, letting smoke billow from his mouth. Jet watched annoyed. "If you didn't have such diabolical plans for her I'd advise you to make a move immediately."

"Oh shut up, she's just a girl and I'm going to treat her like every other wench in this city." Jet sneered.

"What exactly do you have planned for her Jet?" Fritz asked suddenly becoming serious. "I still stand by what I said before, she's just a girl and she had nothing to do with what went on that night. What will hurting her accomplish?" Jet was silent as he stared at the dirty hardwood floor under his feet. "Jet, she's an innocent."

Suddenly Jet's hangover turned into a flaring fit of rage. "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHO'S INNOCENT!" He roared slamming his fist down on the make shift coffee table causing it to flip off the crates it had been supported by. "WASN'T CHASE INNOCENT? DID HE DESERVE WHAT THAT UNFORGIVABLE BASTARD DID TO HIM? When it comes down to it none of us are innocent. None of us are clean. We all get what we deserve in the end no matter how hard we try to run." The friend fritz loved was gone. , replaced by this tormented red haired demon fueled by pure hatred and revenge. In a way it was almost beautiful the way Jet let it completely consume him. In the blink of an eye it was like he had become another person, someone who didn't care about the value of a human life. He was a dangerous man. Very dangerous. Jet roared one final time and started for his bathroom.

"I don't give a damn what you think Fritz, I deserve this. This one chance to settle the score and make everything all right and I don't care who I hurt to get it." He yelled slamming the door behind him. Fritz was left alone grimacing at the door listening to the start of the shower turning on beyond it. Talking to the man was useless, he could only pray that he would realize the evil inside him before it could consume him, or worse, gets his friend killed.

Across town a young man with striking blue eyes browsed the frig looking for anything to suffice the grumble in his stomach. He sighed as he shut the door looking across the small kitchen out the window looking out over the city. Grabbing an apple from the bowl on the table Chris made his way through the small, but cozy, apartment he shared with his sister. Anna was in her room, she had been there since she had come home the night before. She hadn't even made breakfast for them! What was that about? He had been worried about his sister since her encounter with Jet, and her sudden need to lock herself in her room made him even more nervous. He just hoped, with all he had in him, that events from the past weren't bringing themselves back to haunt him. If so he had to protect her. She wouldn't be put in harm's way because of the mistakes he had made in his life. She wouldn't pay the price like others before her.

"Anna, are you alright?" He asked knocking lightly on her door.

"Yes Chris, I'm just on my period so I'm not feeling so great right now!" Her voice called.

"OH COME ON ANNA!" Chris gagged, sure he was a great older brother, but frankly there were some things about the female body that absolutely terrified him.

"Sorry, you asked" Anna sighed sitting crisscross on her bed near the window. She wasn't on her period, duh, but she hadn't slept well. Her thoughts kept racing with reasons why her brother and Jet we're, for lack of better words, at war. Were the gangs apart of it? Or was this personal? Had one of them slept with the other girlfriend? Had one taken something precious from the other? Disrespected family? What what WHAT WAS IT? Anna racked her brain for reasons but her innocent mind could never think of the truly dark reason behind all of it. Scratching her head she got up and crossed the room to her closet. Colorful sketches of the many faces of her extended rough and tumble family covered the closet doors. , some on different paper, or in different pens or pencils. And in the middle the two people she loved the most, Chris and Anthony. Her brother's face was lit up in a glorious laughter that made him look almost childish; she had even used colored pencils to add even more life to his face. It always made her smile to look at it. Next to it drawn in simple black charcoal Anthony gazed at her with his smoldering black eyes. She had been almost embarrassed to draw him this way. Because this picture had made her realize just how beautiful he was, although she had never thought of him that way before she couldn't help but admit that it had opened up thoughts about him that were anything but brotherly. But it was Anthony and he would never be anything more than her good friend to her.

Anna couldn't make herself stay in the house till it was time to leave and make her way to Jet. She had to get out of the house. She opened her closet and picked out a simple white sun dress with a red ribbon tied around the waist. Grabbing her brown leather jacket she packed her back up sketch pad and some money into her purse and made her way to the door. Slipping on her penny loafers she was almost free.

"Yah know, your brother would probaly want to know your leaving Anna." Anna almost had a heart attack, spinning around too quick to see who had caught her in her attempt to sneak out, she fell forward doomed to slam face first right into the linoleum floor. This is going to hurt. She thought. But two strong hands caught her. Anthony pulled her back to her feet looking down at her with a quizzical expression.

"Are you okay?" He asked still holding her.

"Uh, yeah. You just scared me's all" She covered. "I didn't know you were here"

"Your brother and I are going to the Harbor to pick your dad up. He's coming home for the week."

"Oh! Dad's coming home!" Anna gasped; it had been almost six months since her dad had been home. "When does his ship come in?"

"Not till seven tonight, but we figured we could kill some time and go fishing" He said, still holding her. Anna had been so distracted by the news about her father she hadn't noticed that she was still holding Anthony as well. The closeness between the two was suddenly noticeable. Blushing Anthony backed away, rubbing the back of his head he laughed nervously.

"Well listen Anna, I won't stop you from going out, but do me a favor and please take care of yourself. We love you too much, and if anything ever happened...well I, I mean us, wouldn't know what to do with ourselves." Anthony finished. He leaned over and gave Anna a small kiss on the head. She blushed slightly looking up at him.

"I know, I love you guys to. But you worry too much! I can take care of myself!" She laughed walking out the door. After it was shut behind her she leaned against it, looking up at the blue sky above. "Weird" She sighed, then started for down town.