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Chapter 1


Abe's words made me stop with surprise. "They execute them."

There were many emotions that ran through me. Surprised, depressed, and maybe the biggest emotion was fear. As a guardian, we were taught to not be feared. To not be surprised. But this was different. I wasn't protecting anyone. I was being accused of murdering the queen. Adrian's favorite aunt.

I was pushed on by the guards. Down to Dimitri's old cell.


Dimitri was my formal instructor, but then became my love. To my horror when he finally admitted he loved me more than himself he was taken. He was taken by the things we killed. The things we were supposed to hate. The reason we were taught not to be feared.

The reason that he was in a cell was, that he was turned to a strigoi. But he was changed back by Lissa. My best friend, the one who saved me from being killed, the one who I was spirit bound to, and the one that would die from depression if I was killed. Or maybe even from darkness. Without me she could not get away from the darkness that wanted to control her.

I needed to see how Lissa was feeling. She was really upset when they led me down here.

"Uhmm… can I see Lissa?" I asked one of the guards

"Be quiet, you don't have any special advantages down here." A short but muscular guard said

"What?" I asked

"What did I just tell you? Do not talk." He said, he was standing in a fighting pose like he didn't trust the stone wall I was behind.

"Why don't I get to have visitors but Dimitri did?" I said a little annoyed. I didn't mean to bring Dimitri into this and I knew that was the wrong set of words.

"You killed Queen Tatiana." The accusation in his voice was heavy and I felt the hurt in his voice.

He obviously liked her a lot and that saddened me. I felt his eyes look right into me but they didn't find anything. He saddened and looked away. He looked like he could be a stone, the way he stood.

I decided to see what Lissa was doing. I mean what else would I do? I was locked in a jail cell. This would probably be the best room I would get. I concentrated on Lissa and went into her mind. She wasn't doing much. She was in her room. Without any guardians. There was too much commotion about Queen Tatiana's death that they have not gotten her anyone else. That worried me. If someone got to Queen Tatiana then someone could get to the last heir of the Dragimir. Was it victor? Would he try to get Lissa again? Would he make her heal him again?

That thought scared me more than my own death. More than my friend's deaths, more than anything. She was too important. I had to warn someone. Someone had to protect her. Just in case. But why would they believe me. I supposedly killed the queen. I was screwed. So was Lissa.

Lissa was not doing anything in specific. She was sitting in her room studying. I was surprised because she wasn't freaking out about the fact that I was in jail. There was a knock on her door and she went to see who it was.

"Hey, Christian." Lissa said when she opened the door.

"Hey… are we going to practice fighting today?" he asked

That bugged me. She was still practicing to fight with Christian. I wasn't that shocked considering that she stabbed a strigoi. Well with Christians help of course. She looked at him for a few minutes then invited him in.

"Did you bring a stake?" Lissa asked

"Yeah, do you have yours?" asked Christian

Lissa walked over to her dresser and pulled it out. That made my anger rise a little. She had a stake in her dresser. And to my horror they were going to use it without anyone knowing. I wanted to go up to Lissa's room and kick her butt. I had to calm myself down so I wouldn't start getting angry with all the guards watching.

They started with the new pillows the maid brought in just a week ago. With each stab my anger grew a little and I had to get out of Lissa's mind to calm myself down. When they got destroyed one pillow they started on the next. This went on for a while and I was getting really mad. Lissa's room looked like she just had a huge pillow fight. There were feathers all over the place. Her hair had so many feathers in it; it looked like she had white hair.

"Why is she using a stake without me?" I asked out loud

The guards looked over at me. With confusion on most of their faces, they looked at each other. They didn't know what I was talking about but they looked at the door I was behind and shrugged. They didn't think I could get out. Truthfully, I probably could break the door down. The problem would be getting passed all the guards. I could maybe take them all if they came at me one by one but there were too many for one person.

To my surprise I was pacing around the room so I sat on my bed. I didn't know what to do. There was nothing to do. So I sat on my bed and just thought.