Freedom isn't Free

By: Risuna-Phenix

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Chapter 1

I was heaving breaths, in-between the pain slicing through my side. The pounding thud of my own feet rang against sand and stone, as I ran for my life. My eyes filled with tears of joy and sadness, joy for my freedom, but sadness for the lives of my friends that had died so I could attain it. During my years of confinement they were my only comfort in that pit from hell. My prison for the past fifteen years of my life, or as they would call it here, solans.

I was six when I fell through that portal. At the time, I would have sworn that when I met Chaor and his father that I was face to face with the devil, and I didn't even believe in him!

My body shook with fear and anger. When they called for the guards to capture me I fought back. They stared in amazement as I flipped a guard over my shoulder using what my mother taught me; but, after that they managed to restrain and shackle me.

Chaor's father ordered me to be taken to the mine, they probably though that I had too much of a temper to work in the palace without causing a commotion. Later, I learned what they did to servants. I am grateful that I was spared that horrid fate.

The mines were loud. The beating of the miners' hammers and crackle of the taskmasters' electric whips rang painfully in my ears. As I walked, I noticed that the miners were different from the others down there, their gazes held pity for me. Their colors were bright and looked oddly out of place in the darkness of the mines. Many of them reminded me of creatures from fairy tales like nymphs and dryads they belonged in the sunshine not trapped in the ground.

The taskmasters reminded me of statues. They all had earth toned skin or scales and looked at me like I was something to eat, but one thing that both groups shared was that as I passed they murmured in shock and surprise.

I guessed that even in a place like this there aren't many people with white skin, platinum hair, gold eyes and silver streaked black wings.

I let out a sigh and closed my eyes trying to wake up from this nightmare only to be shoved from behind in to a cell carved from the mine itself as the metal barred front came down, sealing my only exit. I sat in the left hand corner of the cell, back against the wall with my legs curled to my chin my wings braced around me staring into the cold gaze of my captor and wishing that I was back with my annoying brother at the party what an end to a birthday. No matter how much he got on my nerves pulled my hair or called me dumb, at least I new that he cared about me in his own way, no matter how it seemed. These guys on the other hand didn't give a rat's tail to whether I lived or died. I let out one more exasperated sigh and tried to get comfortable. I could already tell that it would be a long night or should I say day in the mine the two tended to blend into one.

I didn't know when I fell asleep that night but I awoke to the sound of the creaking great being lifted, people being pushed with a collective gasp, and the back of a soft hand caressing my face the way my mother use to. It moved slowly from the tip of my slightly pointed ear down the side of my cheek to the point of chin. It was the first act of kindness that I had received since coming to this strange world.

I pressed my face in to the hand and released a ragged breath that I didn't even realize that I was holding in. I opened my eyes and came face to face with a pair of golden eyes similar to mine and brimming with love and compassion. I sucked in a breath as a shiver ran up my spine causing a yawn like effect and my eyes to blink. The woman kneeling in front of me let out a slight chuckle. She had beautiful green skin the color of young leaves with lavender markings framing her almond eyes and accenting her high prominent cheek bones and long tapered jaw, her hair was blackish blue with silver streaks and pulled up tight against her scalp except for a few strands that hung loosely in her face slightly covering her left eye. She was obviously tall build and muscular like a runner with a long, thin, body with long tapered legs and arms which also shared the same lavender marks as her face. She wore a simple well worn red halter tunic with a brown belt and leggings, on her wrists were leather laces to act as supports for the joint, similar lacings around her feet acted as shoes. The most intricate part of her outfit was a sapphire chocker with silver wires woven around and on top of the gem; wire woven out to the sides acted as the necklace chain despite her athletic appearance no one in their right mind could say this woman wasn't feminine. She smiled at me sweetly "My name is Malay. What's Yours little one?"

I looked down to the ground and back to her eyes before responding "Rakaga," I whispered barely loud enough for her to hear.

Her right eyebrow arched up, "Do you know that your name has meaning little one?"

I shook my head yes in reply "Lightning Blade, my mom gave me that name for my temper when I was little"

She laughed again only this time her eyes lit up "That temper will serve you well down here as long as you take it out on the stones and not on the guards"

My cheeks flushed red, I placed my right arm behind my head and looked down "you heard about that"

She nodded her head yes "The guards are worse at gossip than little old ladies" I giggled at the thought of one of the guards in one of my grandmas nightcap and gowns. "Where do you come from Rakaga? You're obviously not an Underworlder, Danian or Mepidain and I believe I would have heard if there was an Overworlder like you." her eyes pierced me with honest curiosity.

I shifted my self so that I sat on my knees and slowly unfurled my wings so she could see them fully extended "I'm a human from earth but I'm not like most as far as I know. I'm one of four with wings and the only one with black and silver ones" with that I took one of the downy feathers from where my back and wings joined and gently plucked it handing it to her without thinking twice.

Then I started to explain where I lived was like and my family. When I got to my twin brother our birthday and how I was older by two minutes but he wouldn't admit it she laughed and asked how old I was on instinct I said five but then blushed and told her that today was my birthday so I was six.

At those words the light in her eyes dimmed "I have a younger brother that's exactly, as you would say, a year older than you. Today is his birthday as well. His name is Maxxor." she looked down at the feather for a while deep in thought before speaking again "Today is your birthday and yet you gave me a gift let me return the favor" with that she took off her necklace and put it around my neck. I tried to protest but she just shook her head and told me it was mine now. I barely noticed the others starring open mouthed at her actions.

I was to young at the time to understand that It meant she was taking me in as her daughter.

After I finally accepted her gift she walked over, picked up several old worn out cloaks and passed them around "I think it's time we all got some rest" with that she came, sat down by me, pulled me in to her arms like my mother use to and lulled me to asleep with tales of the Overworld and the adventures of her youth.

Over time, Malay had become more than a mother figure to me. She had become my mother, my closest friend, my teacher and role model. It was her death in that blasted rock slide that gave me my freedom at a price that will forever weigh in my heart and in a note she asked me to deliver to her brother, written in her own blood. That I carry in my hand.

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