Just a wee, un-beta'd written in 4 mins drabble inspired by SGU's "Incursion part 1" cameos of our fave two Air Force Officers, one of whom looks slightly different than normal!

"I'm sorry Sam," he says. He wishes he could say more, but that can wait for later.

"Yes Sir." She replies, knowing she did the right thing, but still hating it. She also knows he's had to make the same kind of decisions before; several more times than she's had to, and he's still turned out alright. Very alright.

A few more words pass between them, and with a "Get your ship back safe." From the General and a final "Yes Sir." from the Colonel, the screen goes down, and he walks away.

In the background, Staff Sergeant Parker can't help but let go of the seriousness of the situation, for just a second. He hopes the General is far enough away, and that curiosity won't end up killing him before he at least makes it to Tech Sergeant. He turns to his colleague, and the question sort of just bursts, albiet quietly, out of him.

"Since when did the Colonel decide to stay brunette!"

He almost cringes at himself – hair colour had nothing to do with an officer's capabilities in the field, at home, or, well, anywhere, really, but he'd thought, when he had seen her with the brown hair in a teleconference a few months earlier, that the change was going to be a one time thing. A dare, perhaps. He stops feeling guilty for noticing when Lieutenant Sims looks around furtively, then leans in, beckoning him forward with a conspiratorial head nod. Sergeant Parker holds his breath, waiting for the secret.

"I hear The General liked it," confides the Lieutenant, with a significant raise of one eyebrow.

It takes a few moments for Parker to realize the implications of this. When he does, he can't help his mouth from dropping open, just a touch, and his eyes widen.



Hess grins, and Sims grins back.

They turn back to their work.


A/N Hope you liked it! I haven't done an SG1 fic in a while… hope I wasn't too rusty! Thanks so much for reading, all feedback is most appreciated