Title: The Prevailing Darkness

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Title: The Prevailing Darkness

Chapter 1: Missing a guest


Charles Roivas jumped away, quickly engaging his defenses to full throttle as life's experiences had taught him. His alcoholic drink, which he had held in his hand contently barely a minute ago now, had fallen from his hand, spilling on the floor.

In a blink of a second, Charles had his fingers latched on the shirt of a now spooked teenager.

"Maximillian Roivas! In the name of Light, have you been listening to anything I have said to you since the day you were born?"

"Chill down, Dad. It was just a joke."

Charles left go of his youngest son's shirt, as he adjusted it back under his tuxedo. "You know better than that Max."

"Yeah, yeah, no practical jokes when Mom's not around. Hey Ed! How's the married life going so far?" Max asked as the groom came to them.

The wedding had been beautiful, and the reception was underway with the sound of music blasting from some speakers. The party was at a roof top of a hotel that the bride and groomed loved for when they were in High School, their first kiss had been there during Prom Night. Charles felt too uncomfortable, even when it was his son's wedding. Edward Roivas was his first born and it could be seen in his face that he was extremely happy with his wife Veronica. However, Charles felt uneasy because he was worried about his wife.

"Why so gloomy?" Charles asked his oldest son, for during all the afternoon he had not noticed how his eyes kept as cloud of darkness behind the happiness.

"I think is pretty obvious, Dad." Edward replied.

It was more than obvious as a matter of fact. The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom kept eyeing each other with all the love they had toward the other. But the wedding held a tint of sadness. The groom's mother was not present at the wedding and so far no one had heard a decent excuse as to why she was absent.

Charles looked away. He could not face his sons. If he did, not only would he had to tell them the story of Humanity, but he would also put them in jeopardy. Unfortunately, the wedding had landed on the same day that was the anniversary of Chattur'gha's destruction. For twenty-six years, Alex and Charles on that particular day, they paid more caution to The Darkness that might be unleashed upon them.

It had been hard for the married couple to decide which would not go to their eldest son's wedding, but at the end they came to a decision. Since Charles's abilities against the Ancients and their monsters were better when it came to attack, it was decided that Alex should stay, for she was better with defense. If anything went wrong, Alex would give the call and Charles would go to help her. But so far nothing had happened during the passage of time; however the Guardians of Light couldn't dare to grow comfortable. Darkness was not dead and was ever planning.

"If you wanted your mother present, then you should have listen to us and do the wedding at the Estate." Retorted back Charles loosing his temper.

Edward glared. "God damn it, Dad! I wanted this to be Veronica's dream wedding. I couldn't—"

Charles waved his hand, dismissing the rest of Edward's words just as the rest of the Roivas joined them. As always to see his six children united filled Charles with sanity. He tilted his head back in contentment as he had a flashback.

Alexandra bent down to pick up her sword, Gladius, as she tried not to move her injured arm.

Charles stared at her as she sighed in relief. Chattur'gha was dead and like she had done, the past Guardians of the Light could also take a sigh of relief. The battle had been long and hard, and bloody, countless of innocent lives were lost, but finally for a short moment they were free.

"So what happens now, Alex?" Charles asked as he walked over to her, smiling as he went.

She retuned the smile. "I'm going to finish collage, then move back to the Estate. You are welcome to join me if you like."

Charles reached over and grabbed her bare hand. Like their companionship had been in the past few days, their hands were intertwined tightly and determinately. "There is nothing I would want more, sweetheart."

They contemplated each other, knowing that they would give their life for the other's safety. Charles only knew Alex for a couple of day, yet he wanted to always be at her side. He loved her, as he knew that she loved him regardless of time. Everything would be great between them, but a bit of doubt managed to creep into Charles' mind. Sure they were a good team against the Ancients and they were in love. . . could that be enough to face the ever coming darkness? There were two other Ancients alive still, and Mantorok had more years of suffering left.

"Alexandra, you say you want to move into the Roivas Estate, isn't that dangerous for us? Yes, the place needs to be guarded, but after all that happened inside there. . . What if our hearts are consumed with darkness while living between those walls?" His mode was momentarily grim, but her light and rare laugh erased all his dark thought.

"I have a plan for that Charles, my dear."

Charles raised an eyebrow at her.

"We're gonna fill that house with kiddies, maybe that will chase The Darkness away."

Charles repressed a gleeful smile.

Three boys and three girls. Six children was Alex' idea of filling the mansion she inherited. And during their lives, The Darkness had been present in their minds, but only at the edges, were the veil of reality was firmly put. Alex and Charles watched their children grow up in peace and light.

Merely days after their collage graduation, Alex gave birth to Edward, and then on short years followed the rest of their children; Ellia, Anthony and Chandra, Maximillian and Michelle. All Roivas, since Charles didn't want the name to die with Alex. Even he, when he married Alexandra took the name.

For a couple of moments the Roivas Children, as they were called during their time in school, engaged themselves in conversation, making their father smile once again. Soon the bride, Veronica found her way between her guest to them and she took her place next to her husband.

Charles smiled at one of Max' jokes about someone's dress as the rest of the Roivas laughed, but it soon was extinguished by a far too familiar foreboding sense of impending death. Instinctually after checking his view range for any threat, his eyes moved to where his house laid to the distance.

As he stared he wondered, he feared and he doubted.

Just then his cell phone began to vibrate.