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Title: The Prevailing Darkness

Chapter 3: Hurry!

Charles, along with his offspring stared at what they knew was their house. Only one of the group had an idea of what had happened, and he remained unmoving, staring blankly at what could take away all his sanity away. He held on, though, by the need to know what was going on.

What happened? What was going on? Were they in danger? And most importantly, what happened to Alex?

"Did you see that? That came from our f-ing house!" Max yelled earning a glare from Chandra and Antony, who were twins. The young boy was pointing at his house, at the same time as the other guests of the wedding were coming out of their shock. All Rhode Island knew of the scary legends that came out of the Roivas Estate, and all believed them to be true. The most famous of that legend and the one with most concordance was that a demon laid trapped beneath the house, thus from there had come the peculiar inhabitants the house had had. Every rumor of convicted and hung witches to committed madmen and bizarre deaths were explained by the demon's presence and influence. Though, Charles and Alexandra had their own theory of this. They thought it wasn't because of some demon, but more because of the peculiar City of Ehn'gha, maybe some interesting magic flowed through the years from there, influencing the Roivas Family.

"Watch your tongue!" They both said to their younger brother at the same time. They had a knack of simultaneously speaking at all times, (something that Alex had encouraged, for she had always had a fascination with twins) they even spoke long sentences without missing a syllable. Some people believed their heads were linked together, for how would they be able to speak the same things without rehearsing what they were to say? And not to mention that they both had mismatched eyes.

Edward held his wife's hand tightly and with the other he cupped Michelle's face to reassure her, for she had ran to his side when fear consumed her. Veronica was confused and frighten, thinking that there was something off in the air. She had never been superstitious or of the sort, however she felt like the cold hands of an incredulous creature had seized her.

Ellia walked over to stand next to her father, her gaze fixed on the roof of their house that now seemed so far away and alien-like. She had no idea of what had happen or even if it was good or bad, but by the look her father had on his face, she came to terms that the beam of light was definitely not a good thing. "I wonder what Mom will think of this."

Those words made Charles snap out of his shock. "Alex" He whispered finding his voice and as the implications of what happened slinked in. The Darkness was afoot, and his wife was in possible danger. Charles flexed his right hand, missing the familiar weight of his Winchester Shotgun. "Alex!"

Charles jumped into motion immediately, just as he had done countless of times before. He ran pass his children and Edward's frighten guests, heading to the elevator that would take him to ground level. Unbeknownst to him since he was beginning to despair the Roivas Children were hot on his tail, and before he could escape into the elevator, they all filled in after him. Veronica waved from the outside of the elevator as the doors automatically shut.

Edward wasted no time to interrogate his father as he loosened up his bow tie. He wasn't the type to just wait until it was the right time to ask, for he had a natural desire to know everything at the precise moment. Even more when it had to do with the human mind and their way of being. Like Ellia, he was one of the most matures and well headed of the Roivas. The brother and sister even looked like twins themselves. They had inherited brown hair and deep brown eyes that Charles had only recently seen in Alexandra's grandfather. To tell the truth, they were so alike Grandfather Edward that Alex often saw him in her children. "Okay Dad, spill it. What happened to Mom and how is it related to that fucking light?"

Antony and Chandra glared at their older brother. The twins seemed to have no tolerance for bad language. They, of the six, were the ones who brought and kept righteousness and chivalry in the group of siblings. They were both equally patient, collected and kind. As they were both equal in appearance. Their looks were more sided with Alex parenting that from Charles. Chandra and Antony were blonde, lithe and slimed in body.

Charles refused to look at his eldest son.

Edward knew his father well to know that it would take more than a question to get him to speak, Charles was after all a good psychiatrist. But this was different. Charles was being weird and Edward had the feeling that his father wouldn't beat back his questions with psychiatrist talk. "Dad, I have just left my wedding reception. As the seconds tick by I grow more anxious about Mom—"

"We all do." Michelle added as she held Ellia's hand for support. Charles stared at her. Michelle wasn't the most talkative of the six Roivas Children and if she did speak it was because it was important and necessary; the complete opposite of her brother, Maximilian. Who barely shut up, and was the trickster of the family. In spite of that, Michelle and Max looked very alike. They had inherited Charles auburn hair, though Max tilted to a more reddish.

"Tell me." Edward continued gaining the attention of Charles. "Why I left Veronica on her own on our wedding day."

The father of the group was saved as the doors burst opened and he speeded out of the lobby. He ignored further questions all the way to his car, almost running to it. Time was of the incense. (AN: Is that how you say it? Because I have no idea) When the Roivas Children had cramped in the car, Charles willed them to silence with a wave of his hand.

"My sweet little ones." Charles said to emphasize his words, for that is what he always called them when they were each babies. "I am worried to death about your mother's safety, thus I hurry to her. I promise that if you listen to me and shut up, all your questions will be answered. After I make sure Alexandra is unharmed. Do we have an agreement?"

After careful consideration, the six Roivas Children nodded.

Alex ran to her room, careful in ignoring the walls and sculptures as she went, for her sanity was in an all time low. Her energies were recuperating slowly since it had been a while since she had used rune magic without having the Tome of Eternal Darkness in hand.

Yes, she stopped Pious for the moment, but she was certain that a Horror stalked the foyer of the Estate. She had to get to her room and retrieve Gladius if she was to defeat it. The Tome of Eternal Darkness, as far as she currently knew, was too far away for her to use it as protection or enchantment. Her only hope was that she hadn't become too rusty in sword handling.

The roar of the beast shook the very foundations of the old mansion. Alexandra could feel how The Black Heart of Mantorok concealed its dying power in the library. The other essences were far too hidden for her to feel. Gladius was hidden under the drawers in her bedroom, enchanted so her sons and daughters would never by chance bump against it.

At touching the image of the rune, the enchantment was broken, and Alex took the sword. The hilt was familiar to her hand to the point that it gave her a sense of calmness. Like many individuals in the past, she was a Guardian of the Light. She could do this.

Charles took a calming breath for the fifteen time. Alex is okay, he willed himself to believe, because it is the truth.

The Roivas Children had listened to their father, and where in complete silence. They were in utter confusement, but they knew something was wrong. Charles had always been a cool man; he never lost his calm when dealing with the random situations his children would put him in. It was the first time his kids had seen him so frantic, and Edward and Ellia thought that it would had been best to leave at the reception the two younger Roivas. It was too late for that now however; Charles was heading at top speed toward their home, ignoring with great skill traffic signs and barely missing the impacts of other cars.

Soon the Roivas Estate came into their view; the car's light making the house look daunting and haunted. And Charles knew that The Darkness was on the move again by how the house looked. It hadn't looked like that since Alex and he defeated Pious. As he looked around he slowly pulled away his veil of reality. To his ears alone, he heard what was the sound women and children made when screaming in utter fear. And for a moment he thought his kids were screaming. He looked next to him on the passenger seat, but he found that Edward was completely calm as he regarded his house with new curiosity.

"This can't be happening!" Charles whispered under his breath. His sanity was too low for his own good. Charles did not want to waste more time, the gate was closed, so without giving any warning he abruptly stopped the car and jumped out as he spoke: "Ed, drive the car in."

Charles opened the gate just enough for he to pass, leaving his kids to enter by themselves. He knew they weren't in any real danger, yet. He ran all the way to the front doors, not daring to think anymore only praying that his Alex was unharmed. What waited him on the other side of the doors was a sight he had hoped never to see again. The Horror, to his relief, was dead. Its three massive heads were not attached to its muscled body. Charles gagged as the putrid and familiar smell finally hit him, but he looked around the foyer of the house.


Alex was sitting at the top of the stairs, Gladius between her bent legs. She was haggard, her blonde hair was messed up as she sat, not really focusing on anything as she stared. Charles held his breath, from where he stood she seemed all right, however you never know when dealing with the Ancients. "Alex!"

His voice carried over to the woman and she seemed to snap out of her trance. She raised her head to see the man who stood at the doors. Suddenly life washed over her face as she stood up and ran down the stairs; around the small mount of rotting flesh and into the waiting arms of her husband.

Charles let out his contained breath as he held his wife tighter in his embrace. She was all right and in one piece. She had defeated the Horror even after twenty-six years of not facing one. And all Alex could think was that she wasn't alone anymore. Once again she had her love, her greatest ally and battle companion.

"Holy mother of God!" Edward said just as he came rushing through the front doors, his younger siblings behind him. The all stared at the lump of death flesh in the foyer of their house, with astonishment. Just then, the creature began to disintegrate and disappear, leaving the foyer looking as if the creature had never been there in the first place.

"Mom?" Ellia said along with Michelle who stepped closer to the mother to see if she was alright. It was then that Ellia realized that her father, regardless of what had taken place at the Estate, was now relieved by having Alex close. It made her wonder if Charles had had an idea of what was happening to her mother all along.

"What the fuck was that?" Maximillian yelled staring at the spot where the creature had been laying. The twins said nothing, for they too were wondering the same thing with the same kind of language as Max.

Alexandra pulled away from Charles' embrace, but otherwise did not leave it. "It was a Horror." The mother said blankly to her children not expecting a reaction from them.

"I'm sure it must had been a horror, but," Ellia asked as Michelle stared. "What was it?"

The mother's knowledgeful gaze landed on her oldest daughter. "It was what I said it was Ellia." She turned to Edward. "What happened to the party?"

"Veronica stayed there." Edward said slowly.

"She might not be safe there, Charles." Alex said to her husband. "She should come here."

"What?" Edward demanded, but was ignored by his parents.

"The Estate is not as safe as it used to be, sweetheart." Charles told her as he noticed that Ellia and Chandra were trying to call Edward down.

"That's not necessary true. I can feel the spells are still in place. And I'm sure I weakened Pious as he did to me. But you are here now. After Veronica arrives here, we'll close the gate and bolt the doors and windows."

Charles nodded at Alex' words. "Then I should fetch my Winchester and the Tome in case the Ancients decide to unleash a creature in the house again."

"Take a look at the Essences too, honey."

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