I knew that it was wrong to love someone you were supposed to hate, yet I didn't have the heart to care anymore.

I had no right to love this man who ruined my family, but he held my very soul in his grip.

He had given me anything I could wish for…

I had always been the baby in the family, the one my parents made promises to that were never kept.

But, the man I had come to love had changed my entire life.

He had transformed me from a young, naïve youth into a beautiful and blossoming young woman.

I had seen him display episodes of anger that had frightened me, but every time his blue eyes focused on me, it was as if he had never felt the feeling of rage in his life.

He told me that I was the only light in his life now, his only salvation.

He would do anything to keep me happy and safe. He would make me his bride and take me away from my troubled memories.

This gorgeous man had touched me in ways I had never been touched before, in sensual, exhilarating ways that I longed to experience with him for the rest of my days.

I was genuinely in love with the man who was responsible for the death of the American outlaw, Jesse James.

I, Laura James, his sister, had fallen in love with the man who murdered him…

Robert Ford…