Well, this is my very first fanfiction story. I am extremely nervous that I'm a crappy writer, so please, please tell me whether or not it's good. Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries are my favorite shows, by the way, so that's why I chose these. I thought that it would be very funny and very cool if the Winchesters met the Salvatores.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural, that right belongs to Eric Kripke. I don't own the Vampire Diaries either, L.J. Smith created them.

Timelines: For Supernatural, it is set in Season Five, sometime after "Abandon All Hope." I don't know the exact names of the Vampire Diaries episodes, but it's not long after the vampires are released from the tomb.

So, read on! I hope you like it!

Just Another Day in Mystic Falls

Chapter 1

Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Sam and Dean Winchester had a job there. Sam had found police reports in the town about murders where the bodies were drained of their blood. The murders had been heavy when they first started, sometimes in beginning to mid-September, and then there hardly seemed to be any attacks at all. Recently, though, the attacks had picked up again and were becoming more and more frequent. The authorities told the public that they were animal attacks. But Sam and Dean, being the hunters that they were, knew better than that.

They had vampires on their hands.

It couldn't be told how many, but it seemed to be more than one. They didn't all seem to be part of one group—or coven, whatever you wanted to call it. Sam had begun to consider some thoughts about what could be happening in Mystic Falls, depending on the information he had found.

There were at least two separate covens in the town, and they were fighting with each other. What about, Sam had no idea. In that case scenario, Sam guessed that one of the covens might be killing humans freely and the other may be more animal blood-oriented, like Lenore's coven they'd met a few years back. It was an interesting theory; a war between vampires. No one knew the outcome of it or what could have brought it on in the first place.

Then, one couldn't be sure that there were actual covens.

Mystic Falls was just an average small town. There was one bar there, and high school dances and such. They celebrated things like the founder's day, when the town was first discovered. Descendants of said founders lived and grew up in the town today. It was just a small town, nothing more.

But the Winchesters had a case there.

"Okay, so…this Mystic Falls place, just a regular, boring little town, right?" Dean asked.


"And there are vampires there."


"What the hell would vampires be doing in a little place like that?"

"I dunno, man."

Dean shrugged. "I mean, no offense against the vamps, but they must not have high standards if they're making lunch out of the citizens of a town that hardly anyone's ever heard of."

Sam looked at his brother. He really wasn't sure how all that could count as 'no offense against the vamps.'

"Hey," he said suddenly, "you think they might be working for Lucifer?"

"That would make even less sense. I mean, unless he's decided to flip the orginal plan and take out the small towns that no one cares about first."

"Yeah," Sam agreed quietly. "But, still…you think he'd have vampires working for him?"

"Evil working with evil? Dunno, sounds pretty reasonable to me."

"Yeah, but…vampires? Just doesn't seem like someone Lucifer would work with, and it does at the same time."

"Well, we don't understand them. We're not them. I don't really care. We kill us some evil vamps, great. We kill us some evil vamps working with Lucifer, even greater. Either way, we're saving people…now, anyway. If they don't die in the end."

Sam had no idea why the idea of vampires working for Lucifer came to him. It was probably because every damn thing that happened to them or that they dealt with had something to do with the Apocalypse.

But, either way, whether it was apocalyptic or not, they had to take care of it. They had some vampires to kill and lives to save.

Damon Salvatore exited the Mystic Grill with Elena Gilbert at his side.

"So," Elena said slowly, "what are we gonna do about the vampires from the tomb?"

Damon sighed. "I don't know yet. It would help a lot if Pearl just took all her loyal followers and skipped town, so it wouldn't be our problem anymore."

Elena sighed too. "Damon, we couldn't just take our problems and give them to someone else to take care of."

"Why not?"

"Damn it, Damon, you know why. Here, there's a chance that we could save lives. If the vampires were someplace else, where people didn't even know that vampires existed, a lot bigger number of people could die than how many are dying now, here."

"Well, I don't care about people," Damon said, shrugging.

Elena just shook her head, laughing under her breath.

"What?" Damon demanded.

"That's just—a typical 'Damon' response."

"A typical 'Damon' response," Damon repeated.

"Yes." Elena nodded firmly.

"…what the hell does that mean?"

"You show people a bad boy act. You try to convince people that you care about no one and nothing but yourself and your next meal."

Damon rolled his eyes, but allowed Elena to continue without interruption.

"Well, I can see right through that bad boy act."

"Oh, can you?"

"Yes. You act like you could give less of a crap about the world and all the people in it. But you're not anywhere near as badass as you pretend to be. You care. You care about your brother, you care about your hometown, you care about whether I live or die, and hell, you even care about the people in this town."

Damon thought, she looks really hot in that leather jacket, before laughing quietly and shaking his head. "I believe you're mistaken."

"No, I'm not."

"How do you know?"

"Because if you didn't care about the fates of the citizens of Mystic Falls, you would've left as soon as you found out that Katherine wasn't in the tomb. No, you're sticking around that no one gets eaten. So yeah, you care, whether you want to show it or not."

Damon shrugged. "I'm just doing a community service. I've got nothing better to do to save you humans' pathetic lives."

Elena nodded, a bit of a self-confident smirk on her face. "Mm-hm. Okay. Well, it doesn't matter whether you admit it or not. I know that you give a damn. So does Stefan."

Damon glanced at her. So…so maybe she was right. Maybe he was sympathetic that these humans in his town weren't strong enough to defend themselves. And maybe he didn't really want Stefan dead.

Or maybe he just did what he did to spite the vampires that did the damage in the first place. He decided quickly that he chose the latter.

The sound of deep, growling engine in a classic car made them both look up, along with pretty much everyone else on the sidewalks that evening.

A black 1967 Chevrolet Impala came down that street at a speed about fifteen miles above the limit. Damon knew that even if he didn't have his enhanced vampire hearing, he would have been able to hear AC/DC's "Back in Black" blasting over the car stereo. Everything about it screamed threat and danger, that anyone around that couldn't take the heat had better watch their step.

Damon smirked. He loved a challenge, especially when the one providing the challenge was in over his head—which, when challenging Damon Salvatore, was always.

This was definitely a challenge. The black Impala blaring AC/DC stuck out like a sore thumb in Mystic Falls. This was somebody daring to be bold in a small, quiet town.

"Who are they?" Elena wondered aloud, staring at the Impala.

Damon shrugged. "Probably the cavalry," he replied.

Despite the casualness of his remark, though, Damon had a feeling that things were about to get very interesting, a feeling that excited him.

So, what'd you think? Not bad?