Neat! A BOF fanfic! This sort of takes place around the world of the second, just to let yeh know…

Chapter 1- Captured-

He looked at his heavily gloved hand. The thick black glove made his hand itchy. Maybe if he scratched his hand carefully, no one would notice? He lifted his glove and scratched his palm. Quickly a hand from his side lunged at him and grabbed his wrist. "Not here. We could be seen," whispered the heavily hooded figure beside him. He was dressed just like him, so where the other three figures beside the two. They walked quickly down a small man-made path, trees on both sides of them.

"Shh!" said the tallest, thrusting his hand out to stop them. "Shit, they found us." He drew his sword, looking to the west. The others did the same. He mimicked the others. Everyone was quiet; the wind was the only subtle sound. It was only a purple blur, the tallest man's cloak at the torso ripped open, scarlet blood colored the ground. Before he hit the ground, the figure the farthest away, in the back had a thin rapier extruding from his chest. Everything seemed in slow motion. Quickly, a hand from behind covered his mouth, knocking back his hood, revealing his dark blue hair, reaching his shoulders. He struggled only for a second; he clenched his eyes as a thin blade entered his back. The hand was taken from his mouth. He tried to let out a cry, but only blood shot from his mouth. His face hit the ground, and he could not see…

. . . . . . . . . . . .

He saw a face, it was blurred, but it was slender and feminine. "Don't worry," It said, he definitely determined the sex as female, "I talked my father in not killing you. Hey, what's your name anyway?"

"R… Ryu," he said, feeling quite strangled and confused. "Ah, Ryu, Err, can you give me a second?" She said, exiting through a flap on his right. He was in a grey tent; he was lying down, facing the top of the tent. Ryu thought about what happened. The residents here seemed non hostile. He blinked furiously, trying to get his vision straight.

When she entered again, about a minute later, she entered with another figure, this one also slender, must have been a nurse or something. Ryu challenged himself to talk again. "Is she… going to help me?" It was quiet for a second, then the girl that he first saw said, "Radd?" she pointed to the other figure, "He's a man."

Ryu turned his head to look at the other figure, "Sorry," he choked out. "Radd," the first figure said, "Is definitely our best cleric. I swear this dude could mend a decapitation!"

The other blurred figure shrugged, or what it looked like, and said, "That's impossible. When the brain leaves the body, the body stops operating. Also all the organs would stop too." His voice was quite high, and Ryu had to think about his sex for a second time.

"Um, excuse me," Ryu said slowly, still testing his voice, "I think there is something wrong with my eyes." "Oh yhea, I guess I can release that spell on you. I did that because we weren't and still are not knowing of your motives," said the one that must have been Radd.

Ryu's vision snapped into focus, so quickly that his head spun. He blinked a few times and turned his head to face Radd. He was correct about one thing, he sure was skinny. He had a slender face and wide, oval like eyes. His pupils where slit, he had feline eyes. Also, two large triangles stuck out of his head horizontally. When Radd noticed Ryu staring at him, his ears became erect, and stood straight on his head. He had short orange hair that dangled in his face. He was also wearing what looked like a blue dress robe.

Ryu moved his head to the girl; she also had feline eyes and long ears, about roughly ten inches long. She had longer, darker orange hair that tumbled to her shoulder blades. She, unlike Radd, had two black stripes that started from her ear and curved up to her nose, giving her a more bestial look. She was wearing a purple tunic, which made Ryu snap to a question.

"Did you see what happened? Did anyone else survive? Where are we? Are you…" He was cut off by Radd who said, "Calm down. I'll tell you what I know. I was scouting with a hunting party. I don't like to kill, or eat meat, or… anyways, we hear a slight scuffle to the north of our position. We went to check it out, and, lords behold, there were four bloodied bodies, all suffering from small stab wounds. The stabs were not fatal, but the blades were coated in a bizarre poison. I probably could of save more lives, but I have no idea how to combat the alien chemicals. You suffered from the deepest stab, but your body somehow had a natural resistance to the toxin. Also you healed quite fast from the wound it's self. The rest were dead. They had no hope…"

Ryu closed his eyes. "I am sorry," said the girl next to him. "Wait," Ryu said suddenly, "You said you recovered four bodies, including me, correct?" Radd cocked his head to the side, "Yes, why?"

"There were five of us. One must have escaped." Ryu said. He got on his elbows, and tried to heave himself up. His light blanket tumbled to his waist. "Wait," The girl said, putting her hand on his chest, and slightly pushing him back down. The sleeve of her tunic was pushed up farther to her shoulder. This is when Ryu noticed the stripes leading to her hand, her nails where also long, about an inch. "Don't move too much. You must feel weak. Don't worry, like I said earlier my father is keeping you alive for a trial. You have done nothing wrong so the trial should go smoothly. Also you cannot leave, until the trial is over. So you are kind of being held captive, but don't worry, k'?"

Ryu laid his head down on his pillow. "Another reason you shouldn't get up is… well… um… because you are naked." She said looking at her hands, blushing. She got up and whispered something in Radd's ear. His eyes widened and he left the tent. Ryu noticed her legs from that moment. Her tunic ended at slightly above her knees, revealing that her legs where strange. She walked over to the flap of the tent and bent down to stick her head out of the flap. Ryu looked at her hide and bottom half. Not for personal pleasure, but to see her strange leg muscles.

Her calf muscles where larger than usual. Also what he saw of her legs, they were skinny. The strangest part, was that her legs where covered in small, about inch long sandy yellow hair. It was like the legs of a tiger. No, it was tiger legs. Also her rear was larger too, probably to carry the large calf muscles.

She pulled her head back in the tent and stared at Ryu. "Your name," she said, looking at him strangely, "is it really Ryu? Or is that just some nick name?"

"It's… really Ryu. I don't know your name, though." Ryu replied. She smiled as her ears became erect on top of her head. "My, you are kind. Usually when we help people, they are in a pissy mood. My name is Naytashoert." (Actually pronounced NAY-short!)

"Nay… wait… what?" Ryu asked. She smiled again and said, "People just call me Naytz. (Pronounced nates.) People in our tribe usually have shortened names. Look at Radd. His full name is Raddietnzed. Which in our tribe… sort of means pretty one. Yhea, his parents thought he was a girl at first too. They eventually found the… distinguishing mark to tell that he was a… well… he. That is how I became friends with the guy. When we were younger, I thought he was a she and went to play with him. I think I began to notice his gender when he refused to change with me or bathe."

They were quiet for a while, until Radd came back in with a brown tattered book. He sat cross legged on the ground and opened the book. "Ryu," Radd said pointing a finger at a picture in the book, "See that man? Do you recall the Deatheven event forty years ago?"

"Can't say I have, sorry." Ryu said. "Well the hero of the event, right here, is named Ryu. Also he looks just like you." Radd said.

"That was forty years ago. I'm seventeen," Ryu said. Radd also added, "This Ryu was assassinated three months after the death of Deatheven. You look exactly like that man. All you need is a pony tail."

"Wait, I need to ask few questions of my own. I have to ask a few questions of my own. What kind of clan are you? Also," Ryu was cut off quickly by Naytz who said, "We are not a clan. Never say that in public, you would get mugged. We are a tribe, the tribe of the Woren."

"Alright, where are we exactly?" Ryu replied. "Sorry," Radd said, "We cannot give that information. Laws, alright? Also Naytz and I should leave. It is late. Try to sleep. We will bring you clothes and food in the morning." Radd and Naytz got up and left Ryu. He laid there, staring at the pale top of the tent.

"I don't think he is dangerous," said Naytz, walking down a rough dirt path with Radd. "I think the same too. In my opinion, there is only one person who could give us a second opinion," said Radd.

"Who?" Naytz asked.

"Queen Nina of the wing clan," said Radd.

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