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Chapter-6- All For One

Once Ryu finally surfaced in the thrones room, the torches that aligned the hall were lit, emitting a warmth and a good amount of light. He brushed himself off from the dust and spider webs that covered him and his comrades. Nina, who led them, tightened her fist, extinguishing the flame almost instantly. She whipped around as Radd set down Bleu, and said, "Now, if you would please follow me so I may give you your contract."

Ryu nodded and followed her. Bleu laughed and followed them as well. Naytz and Radd stared at them and questioned their next actions. As distance began to grow between them, Radd looked at Naytz and said, "I guess we are following him..."

Naytz nodded her head, "Sounds like something fun. I always wanted to travel and adventure, you know that."

"Yhea..." Radd said reluctantly, his ears back. "Well, we better catch up then." Nina led them to the left of the main hall, and into a smaller square room. The walls were covered in maps of various places, and a large table in the center of the room dominated most of the room. Various papers were scattered on the table, making the whole room feel just cluttered. Nina sat down in one of the various chairs that circled the table, and motioned for the others to do the same. As they settled themselves down, Nina leaned back in her chair, and removed a scroll that was previously on a shelf filled with scrolls and other various papers and letters. She set it down on the table and nodded confirmation for Ryu to take it.

As Ryu broke the wax seal, Nina began to say, "I'm sure you are aware of the peninsula to the south of us, correct?" She did not continue until Ryu looked up and nodded. "Well, it is populated by savages and they like to attack us when we are off guard. They use simple guerrilla tactics, but it is a definite thorn in my side. I pray to the gods that no one was hurt during the market scene in our outskirts."

Radd lifted his head and said, "Oh! So is that why there was extra guards were on duty?"

Ryu looked up from his scroll and dumbly stated, "There were?"

Radd sighed and Nina continued, "Yes, I would of postponed the event, but there would of most likely been an up roar among the commoners. Also a percentage of funds from this is contributed to the town and other various things. It was a tough decision, but I decided it would be best to keep the event for the time being. Anyways, our spies have indeed confirmed a camp and we would like to put an end to this."

"Whaaat?" Bleu whined as she clenched her hands into fists. "Our combined powers, hell Ryu's alone is enough to take care of these pesky barbarians. Give us something more difficult!" Ryu looked up from his scroll a second time and gave Bleu a dirty look.

"I don't want you to go in swinging and kill them all." Nina said, burying her face in her hands. Stress obviously taking a toll on her, "What would people think if we went in and killed everyone? To Tarnish our great name is one of the last thing I want to do. Instead, I wish to see if we can set up some sort of deal. They should not be very picky, and if we can quell their unexplainable anger, then they might come to their senses, and no blood needs to be shed."

This time, Naytz said, "If this is just what you wanted, then why did you hire mercenaries?"

Nina set her arms on the table and leaned on them. She stared at Naytz and said, "Just in case if they refuse. They can get quite violent when provoked. I could not send soldiers because the majority of them are in Coursair, working on a small rebellion."

Naytz nodded and also asked, "Alright, but how are we supposed to change their opinion in any way? I'm not sure if any of us can persuade them."

Nina gave Naytz a small smile and said, "Don't worry. I will be sending a negotiator with you and he will take care of that."

Ryu finally set the scroll down and looked at Nina and said, "So all I have to do is escort this man to the South peninsula and thats it?"

Nina nodded and said, "Yes, and if any problems occur, to snuff it out." Radd looked at Ryu suspiciously and the way he said, "I" and not "we."

"Well, equipment is an issue." Ryu said, "No weapons or armor."

"That is a very easy fix." Nina nodded, "There is an armory down stairs with almost anything you want. Also separate from your completion fee, I will be giving you seven hundred and fifty gold for other, miscellaneous expenses." Radd's eye's widened a little at the last statement and he smiled.

"When is this going to happen?" Ryu asked.

Nina pushed herself up into a stand and tucked the seat back into its rightful place. "Tomorrow, noon at latest. It is getting late, and I'm sure you all are tired. I'll have Emma escort you to some spare rooms for the night."

As if Nina already summoned her, Emma popped in behind Radd, making him jump from her sudden appearance. She walked in casually, dressed differently, this time in a red dress that trailed past her feet unto the floor. This time her dark hair was neatly combed and in a sleek, long pony-tail that trailed across her back to her rear. Slung around her shoulder was a small brown pack. She performed a quick bow to Nina, then turned around and faced Ryu. Ryu finally got a better look at her face and was intrigued with what he saw. Wide emerald eyes and her high cheek bones made her look awfully strange, but beautiful in a more innocent way. She nodded to him and said with her lax tone, "If you would follow me."

Ryu nodded and got up from his chair, and began to follow Emma as she left the room. Radd, Bleu, and Naytz followed him, but Nina stayed behind, still cloaked in her majestic black wings. Emma led them down the main hall, and to a small hall on the right. Through the windows, Ryu could tell it was late, because the sun was setting, casting red and orange shadows on the wall opposite of it. Outside the window, various winged and non-winged shapes scurried around, trying to get to their destinations before nightfall, and beyond the castle walls, various tents and campsites were being made so the merchants could stay by their goods.

At the end of the hall was a wood door. Emma stopped by it and turned around and faced her company. She reached her hand into her pack and pulled out a small piece of parchment and handed it to Ryu. Before Ryu could ask, she quickly said, "Beyond this door is a man named Roddy. Brash fellow, but means well. Give him this, it states that you all get a few free nights in our spare rooms. Believe me, our spare rooms are much better than the inns you will find in town. Dinner is freshly caught salmon, buttered and sliced, it will be prepped and ready for you in about half an hour. Fresh, clean clothes will be provided to you as well. Any questions?"

Ryu tried to think of something to say, but Radd beat him to it by saying just a simple, "Thank you very much."

Emma nodded, then turned around and walked briskly back down the hall. Ryu opened the door, and before he even opened it half-way, a low voice boomed to him and said, "Don't be shy, get in here!" Ryu and the others walked in to find themselves in a small room, with stairs leading up to the left of them, and a fully bearded man to the right of them. He was massive, Ryu could already tell this, even though he sat behind a polished wood desk. He just sat down a novel he must have been reading before they interrupted.

"Eighty gold a night please," He said, waiting for their cash.

Ryu walked up to the desk and handed him the parchment. The man he presumed was Roddy took the note, and read over it quickly. He nodded and said, "So you guys are the mercs, eh? Look a little scrawny to me. Also, afraid to give you bad news but we only have two rooms. An injured chap took one of the last remaining rooms."

"Oh, Oh!" Bleu said excitedly, "I call room with Raddy! He's so pretty!"

Radd looked from Ryu to Naytz, eyes wide with fear. Ryu swore he heard Roddy mumble something under his breath that sounded awfully like, 'Lucky Bastard.' Ryu sighed and said, "We should probably bunk with whoever we are more comfortable with."

"I'm awfully comfortable with Radd here," Bleu said, throwing her arms around his shoulders.

"Shouldn't we bunk with the same genders?" Ryu asked staring at Naytz for approval.

"That's sexist!" Naytz said angrily, as Ryu face-palmed.

"Fine! Bunk with whoever then." Ryu said, giving up. Bleu jumped off of Radd and headed off to the stairs.

Roddy shook his head and said, "Have a nice night." He was about to return to his novel, when a long series of audible curses and swears filled the room. Ryu looked over to see Bleu face first on the stairs, pounding her fist against it angrily.

Roddy stared at Ryu, and Ryu said, "She's vertically challenged."

"Aye," Roddy said, as Bleu began to push herself up, "I had a cousin like that once."

"Oh stair slave!" Bleu said, as she snapped her fingers, "I acquire some assistance."

Radd sighed angrily, picked up Bleu, and headed upstairs. Ryu nodded a thanks to Roddy, and began to head up stairs, followed closely by Naytz. At the top of the stairs was a long hall with various doors on each side. On most of the doors were small signs that either said, "Occupied," or, "Renovations." Farther down the halls, they finally found two rooms opposite from each other that had the sign, "Free."

Bleu pushed the left door open and scowled, "Glad these rooms were free. Wouldn't pay a gold otherwise!" She slithered in, and beckoned for Radd's entry.

Radd chuckled nervously and mumbled a swear underneath his breath. He dragged his feet along the ground and entered reluctantly. The door closed almost instantly. Naytz shook her head and sighed. She walked to the other door, and opened it and was taken back at what she saw. Ryu edged forward to view their room. The room was about fifth-teen feet wide and twelve feet long. Against the right wall was a single bed, with crimson red sheets, and perfectly clean pillows. The room had a nice thick carpet and high ceiling. The wall facing them had a nice large circular window that had deep red curtains. A small round table with several mugs, plates, and silverware were arrayed on the table. In the center of the table, two bottles sat on it. For being so simple, the room seemed very cozy and inviting. Ryu wouldn't mind spending some gold to sleep here.

Naytz walked in and laughed, "This is a dang fine room! Better then the tents I spent most of my life in!" She plopped down on the bed, dangling her feet ant tail over the edge and sighed. Ryu stretched and said, "I'm going to go grab a weapon real quick. I'll be back soon, alright?"

Naytz sat up and nodded. "Don't be too long, dinner should be here soon." Ryu nodded and headed out the door.

_*In the room over...*_

"I think the room is just fine," Radd said, taking one of the beds sheets, and laying it on the ground. "I mean from me and Naytz's past, this is quite amazing."

Bleu gave a toothy grin, bent over and yanked the ugly dress off of her, and threw it on the ground. Her hind scales sparkled red by the sunset, and her purple tunic wrapped tightly around her body. Radd sighed and said, "Must you get naked?"

She just smiled and laughed, "I'm not naked, hon. You'll need a few ales to see that wonder."

Radd shook his head and dropped his pack off of his shoulder. He sat down on the blanket on the floor, only to be rushed by Bleu, who picked up his bag and began to look through it. "H... Hey!" Radd said getting up, "You could of just asked!"

She turned the bag upside down, spilling its content on the bed. Three books and various herbs and scrolls tumbled onto the bed, bouncing in various directions. She picked up the closest book, a small green one named, "Simple Yet Efficient Remedies," She opened it up to a random page and began reading, ignoring Radd's outbursts. "Hmmm..." She observed, "How to cure Unar pox. Ewww, boring!" She then tossed the book over her shoulder, and Radd was barely able to catch the plummeting book. She grabbed the next one, one titled, "When Life Gives you Pain," and flipped to another random page. She stared at it for a few seconds, and repeated her previous action, this time it bounced a few times on the floor, with no audible noise.

"When will you stop defiling my property?" Radd growled as she grabbed the final book. "Please," Radd began to beg, "Please do not throw that book." Bleu gave her usual toothy grin, letting her thin serpent tongue shoot out a few times, tasting the air. The next book was a lifeless brown, and was tattered in various places, with the simple name of, "What God?" She flipped through it again, with her usual girlish charm, when suddenly she stopped and began to stare down the book.

"Deatheven..." she quoted with sudden seriousness, "A small cult that began to recruit and brainwash hundreds. Sick bastards that liked to cut of anything they could as praise and contribute. The highest cult members would often eat other smaller members. Reports from some that survived say that constant nightmares often plagued them. This cult killed many, and is one of the worst of our religious cults in this tome. Continue reading if you have the guts and will to read about these terrible events, if not, then why are you even reading..." Bleu sighed and sat the book down, and than sat herself down, shaking her head slowly.

Radd walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder and said, "Are you okay? Did you know someone that was affected by this cult?"

Bleu chuckled a nervous laugh and looked up at Radd, "No," she said, "It's fine." A few seconds of silenced followed, then a light tapping came from the door. Radd lifted his hand from Bleu and walked to the door and opened it. Behind the door was Naytz, who stood their and nodded.

"Oh!" Radd said, taking a few steps back, "I almost forgot! I'm so sorry."

Naytz waved him off, and said, "It's fine, you have forgotten before." Naytz and Radd walked into the room, and approached the bed. Naytz looked curiously at Bleu, for she was just staring blankly at the floor. Radd picked up a blue herb laying on the bed and handed it to her.

"Now don't use up too much, I'm running a little low." He said, as Naytz took it from him. She thanked him, took one last glance at Bleu, then turned around and left. Radd sighed, and began picking up all the herbs and scrolls that were littered around. He finished relatively quickly, and sat his bag against the bed and sighed.

He sat down on his blanket and looked up at Bleu. "Hey," he said irritably, "You're too quiet. Are you sure you are ok?"

Bleu shook her head a little and nodded. "Yes, I'm fine. Now how about you serve me an ale or two?" Radd sighed, then nodded. He got up and strolled to the table. He grabbed the neck of the bottle and poured a mug full of dark purple liquid. He picked it up, then handed it to Bleu.

He began to sat down again, but asked, "So what's your story?"

Bleu lowered her mug and made a questioning humming noise. Radd looked at her and said, "Why were you sleeping for so long? Why were you in a chasm deep underground in Windia? Most importantly though, what is wrong with your body?"

Bleu smiled, "What? Why am I so god-damn good looking?"

Radd snorted, and flicked his tail. "You know what I mean."

Bleu shrugged and took another long swig from the mug. She shook it a little, and obviously not happy with its results, asked, "Would you be a dear and fill this up again?"

Radd shook his head and said, "Only if you answer my questions." Bleu only smiled, got up and slithered to the table. She grabbed the entire bottle, and returned back to her seat. Radd rolled his eyes and laid down.

_*Back to Ryu...*_

Once Ryu finally got the correct directions to the armory, he descended down the old wood stairs to a large rectangular room. The walls were stone, and various chairs were scattered around the mostly empty room. To the right was a large wooden table. The walls were covered with various weapons of all shapes and sizes. Arranging from huge great swords, to darts and bows of all kinds. Also accompanying the weapons, but not as great in numbers, was a great number of armor. From heavy plate to studded leather. Ryu got to the center of the room and rubbed his hands together maniacally, finally he wont feel so naked.

"May I help you sir?" A quaint voice from behind him asked. Ryu spun around to find a young boy, barely in his teens staring up at him. He had a mop of blond hair, and was pale from not going into the sun too much. He wore a dark green tunic and too large gloves.

Ryu nodded and said, "I have a parchment here saying for me to grab some equipment." He was about to take it out when the boy waved it off.

"It's fine," He said, as Ryu nodded and began to approach the wall with blades of all shapes and sizes. He took one blade of the wall, studied it for a bit, then put it back on the wall. "So are you the person whose going to take care of those bandits on the peninsula?"

Ryu took of a bastard sword off of the wall and gripped it with both hands, "Well... yes. I'm here to try." He hefted the blade on his shoulder and felt the weight. The blade was three feet long, and the handle was a foot long. He looked at the boy and said, "Can you put this aside for me?"

The boy nodded and grabbed the blade with both hands and put it on the table. Ryu went to the next wall and grabbed the nearest iron breast plate. It wrapped around his shoulder and protected his heart and other various upper organs. He gave it to the boy and asked, "Do you have any chain mails?"

The boy nodded and said, "They are in a warehouse to the west of here. I'll get one to you before tomorrow if I leave now."

Ryu nodded and said, "Thank you." He turned around and began to ascend the stairs. Half way up, the boy wished him luck. Ryu thanked him and prayed he wouldn't need it.

Once Ryu finally got back to his room, he saw Naytz cross legged on the bed, plate on her lap with slices of salmon.

"Get what you need?" Naytz asked, mouth full of salmon. Ryu nodded and sat on the blanket he sat aside. "Oh!" She reached behind the bed and got another plate of salmon and handed it to Ryu. "Didn't think I would forget about you?"

Ryu smiled, "Thank you so much." He grabbed it and wasted no time eating what he could.

Naytz set her plate aside, finished and then stretched. She scratched her head behind her ear and said, "Man, I forgot how hungry I was. The second that was in front of me I ate it down. Also they brought us some new clothes too. I didn't put on the pants, it messes up my fur and the whole tail ordeal is just aggravating."

Ryu nodded, not being able to answer with his own mouth full of salmon. A few minute of silence passed, and Ryu set aside his plate. He sighed and said, "We should probably get to sleep now, big day ahead of us." He took of his pack and set it by his bed. Naytz nodded, looking enthusiastic.

She made her bed and said good night. Ryu returned the statement as Naytz blew out the candle that was the only illumination that kept the darkness at bay. In only a few minutes, he could here the gentle snoring of Naytz, and Ryu closed his eyes, but did not plan to go to sleep.

Minutes passed, then what Ryu thought was about an hour passed. Good enough. He got up as slowly and quietly as he could. He looked at the bed to see a bulge in the blankets, indicating Naytz did not move yet. He grabbed his pack, quickly stuck his hand in and confirmed he had everything he needed. After he did this, he slung it around his shoulder and slowly walked to the door. He turned the knob slowly, then opened the door carefully to make no noise. He looked back one last time, then closed the door just as quietly. He pressed his forehead against the cool wood and smiled. Phase one was complete, now all he had to do was...

"Ryu? What are you doing?" A voice from the darkness made him jump, as he twirled around and saw the familiar shape of Naytz in the hall, arms crossed, tail lashing.

"I had to go to the rest room." Ryu said, trying to walk past her, but Naytz stepped in front of him.

"Then why did you bring your bag?" She said in an aggravating tone, seeming like she already knew the answer.

Ryu shook his head and sighed. "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm leaving."

Naytz shook her head and growled, ears pressed firmly against her head, "You had this planned all along, didn't you?"

Ryu suddenly felt a little guilty, nodded and said, "Yes."

"Dammit Ryu" She said, clenching her fists, "You were going to leave us behind? We walked away from everything in our lives to help you."

"And did I ask you?" Ryu asked, his voice raising in volume slightly, "I want to finish this and find the survivor of the attack. Those people were family to me, why would I forget about them?"

Naytz sighed and said, "I thought you were a nice guy. I thought you could take me and Radd away from that hellish place. I thought..."

"Well I did." Ryu said, walking past Naytz.

"I guess I see your true colors now." She said, making Ryu stop in his tracks.

This time he sighed and said, "Fine. I'll stay for now. I'll let you follow me for now until you decide to go bother someone else. After this though, I'm retracing my steps and looking for clues to the attack. You can follow me or not, it is up to you."

She nodded, and said, "Fair enough." She opened the door to their room and waved him in. "After you."

Ryu snorted angrily and entered the room, followed by Naytz. He walked over to his blanket and laid down. After Naytz began to get comfortable herself, Ryu asked, "What were you even doing out there anyways?"

Naytz gave out a little giggle and said, "I actually had to use the bathroom, not trying to run away." Ryu doubted that, but was to tired to argue. He closed his eyes, then drifted of to sleep soon after.

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