Author's note: I suppose this could be sort of a follow-up to my previous story "Tea" (as suggested by ), though it doesn't really have to be… just a ploy to get you to read my other fanfict. :D

Summary: The Doctor (11) and Amy are stuck in dead space where no time travel is allowed. What to do to pass the time… what. to. do.


Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who but Matt Smith sure as hell owns my heart.

"Oh, Doctor! DOCTOR! YES! YES! DOCTOOORRRR!" The Doctor woke up with a start. He sat there for an odd moment, contemplating what he just heard. What he heard certainly wasn't a cry for help. Nope. Definitely, most positively, a cry in ecstasy. And he was 99.98% sure that it was Amy's voice, though it is so hard to tell when someone is screaming from carnal pleasure in a situational voice he's never heard before. What was curious was how real it sounded. How would he know how Amy's voice sounded when she was, well, *ahem*? He supposed his brain could have combined Amy's natural voice to the sound of her screaming or crying for help in—

The Doctor rambled on in his own head that even the author couldn't keep up with until he came to a conclusion. What must have happened was some sort of psychic connection between him and Amy opened up, which he has experienced before in the past with other companions. However, in past experiences he has never had a connection quite like this one. How would she get to a state like that? There was no one else on the TARDIS and he knew he wasn't anywhere close to her (relatively, that is, after all their bedrooms were just a short walk away from each other as opposed to galaxies between the two), so the most logical answer would be… self-induced?

Oh my.

Oh. My.

The Doctor looked around the room with shifty eyes, afraid that any nonexistent person that he already declared to not be present may have noticed his discovery. My word, was he blushing?

No use in getting back to sleep now, he was officially awake! He bounced out of bed and treated his three hours of sleep as a restful 8 hours. Throwing on a clean, identical shirt from yesterday and a matching bow tie and braces, he grabbed his coat and headed out toward the kitchen, not even bothering to brush his hair or wipe the sleep out of his eyes.

After he fixed himself a breakfast (not unlike the one he made with Craig Owens), he happily shoveled the food in his mouth, taking pauses to sip his hot black tea and thought about what galaxy they must be in and what worlds he could take his Scottish companion. To be able to watch her eyes light up with delight and hear her quip him with this and that, and to quite possibly solve some sort of mystery. Aah, mysteries, his favorite type of fiction. What disappointed him was that he was always able to solve the problem in his books before the protagonist did.

But! Back to the task at hand: In what galaxy were he and Pond? Let's see, last night (or three hours ago), when he went to bed, they were on the tip between two galaxies: MaPuba and Xiote. MaPuba was quite entertaining with its planets upon planets of grasslands and animals Amy had never even imagined could exist. Though there were no intelligent living beings that they could communicate with. But the breath-taking sights were worth it. But Xiote! Now that was a galaxy!

The Doctor continued to amuse himself with his internal monologue and playing with the sights he could show Amy while fiddling with this and that. After some time, Amy rose from her bed and shuffled into the kitchen.

"Ah, Pond! Good morning! I saved some breakfast for you."

Amy peered at him with one opened eye-lid, grumbled what he assumed was some sort of thanks, and fell into her seat. After she drank some tea and had the kind of omelet the Doctor made earlier (which by now was cold), she slowly started to perk up and engage in conversation about what today would bring.

"Xiote is a galaxy that has many peculiarities. The intelligent beings that live on the planets don't quite have a humanoid form to them, but they are definitely organic as opposed to other robotic life forms we have encountered. The plants are also exotic, but many quite poisonous. I suppose the neatest thing about Xiote is… is… oh, no." The Doctor jumped up from his seat in the kitchen and dashed to the consol area.

"What is it, Doctor?" Amy called after him. She got up and followed him with a slight jog to find him starring at the monitor screen very closely.

"No, no, no, no, no!" the Doctor repeated.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" Amy asked, wondering briefly if he possibly needed glasses. That would explain why he needs to look at so many things closely.

"We're stuck," he stated deftly.

"What do you mean 'stuck'?" she asked aggressively and with slight confusion coming into her voice.

He sighed in defeat and replied, "What I was going to tell you was that there is dead space in Xiote. We've been drifting since we retired last night, which is normal, but since coming into Xiote, we no longer have any power to move the TARDIS forward, or even time travel. We're stuck."

Amy still looked a bit puzzled. "But how can this be? We can time travel anywhere! Why would this place be any different?"

The Doctor did a more irritated sigh and said, "Do you know about the Prime Meridian on Earth?"

Amy, slightly insulted, shot back, "Of course I do!"

"Well, Xiote is sort of like that. It's the central point for all of space. And in Xiote, no one can time travel or teleport to keep things in order. We're stuck," he repeated again.

"So… what do we do?"


"Until we drift out?"

"Yeah, it seems that way."



"How boring."

And so started the unadventurous tale of Xiote, the dullest predicament to be in. The Doctor internally kicked himself. How could he forget such a vital aspect of this irritating galaxy? The plus was that this was the smallest galaxy in the universe. The negative was that it would still take at least a week to drift on through.


Hours go by. There is literally squat to do. The Doctor is unaccustomed to being in situations like these and therefore is never prepared for them. No board games. Nothing in the least to entertain the two.

After quite a bit of silence had gone by between the two travelers, Amy suddenly sat up straight and asked in an exciting voice, "How about the bathing pool!"

"There's no water in it."

"Why would there be no water in the bathing pool?"

"I never got around to filling it up."

"Can't you just magic it in there?"

"I'm a Time Lord, not a Greek God!"

Amy slumped back down to her previous position. After looking around the room for a bit, she then held out a section of hair in front of her and started to search for split ends. As she inspected her strands, the Doctor came over to her and asked, "What do humans do to pass the time?"

Amy responded, "Go for a swim."

"Yeah, well, we can't do that, can we?"

"You could always read- I'm perfectly fine where I am. Maybe this can be our vacation from our vacation."

The Doctor scoffed and pondered some more. "Well, what do you do when you're by yourself and bored?"

Amy immediately had an answer to his question, but didn't dare say it out loud. "Uh, nothing. Nothing, Doctor."

"You do… nothing?" She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and stuttered. The Doctor took three wide strides and closed the gap between the two. He bent over so that he was looming on top of her seated frame. "What's going on in there, hm?" He put a finger her forehead.


"What's going on in" he tapped her forehead "your" tap "head?" tap.

To Amy's own mortification, she spit out, "Masturbate" and immediately covered her own mouth with her hands. Dear god, why did she say that?

The Doctor tilted his head slightly to the left with and questioning look on his face. He suddenly straightened up, wiggled his bow tie with his hands and said, "Right."

Amy looked at him with a half-smile and shrugged as if to say, "Well, you asked."

He then resumed his looming position before, and asked, "But what about two people?"

"WHAT?" she asked, aghast. The Doctor jumped away.

"What? No! No! I didn't mean that!"

Amy peered at him from the side as he held his chest from the shock of what his words implied. Taking advantage of the vulnerable Time Lord at the present moment, she then smugly said, "Two people have sex sometimes to pass the time." She crossed one leg over the other.

"Right, then. End of conversation."

"What, Doctor? Does the thought of two humans having sex make you… uncomfortable?" she asked while giving him a sultry look. She leaned over her crossed legs.

"It's not that, it's just-"

"Just what, Doctor?" she batted her eyes, saying his name with a deep, smoky voice.

"Oh, forget it." He spun on his heel and stalked off. Amy chased after him.

"Why can't we have a frank conversation about sex?"

"Because—because you're Amy!"

"And you're the Doctor."

"Yes, but you're Amy!"

"Doctor, I'm not little Amelia anymore."

"I know that." He stopped walking but kept his back turned.

"So then what's the problem?" She asked, making sure she stopped close enough to him that he could feel the presence of her.

He looked over his shoulder and there was something in his eyes that Amy hadn't seen before. She took a step back. "I'd rather not discuss it." He looked forward and kept walking. She let him go this time, watching his retreating form.


The rest of that day, they spent more or less apart. Amy didn't want to push any more buttons on the Doctor and he himself was having a hard time keeping it together. Amy had it spot on: She wasn't Amelia Pond any more. That was the problem. She was the amazing, brilliant, dashing, impossible Amy Pond. Twenty-one (grown-up in human standards) and beautiful, this was posing quite a predicament for him. But then he would remember Rory and what Amy didn't remember.

He was has been very careful since the day Rory was taken into the crack that they would stay busy. Keep active or his young reincarnation may take over the worst parts of him. Besides, ever since Rory had disappeared, Amy didn't seem quite as attracted to him… well, he thought this up until that morning.

His pacing stopped. He was ruminating too much about this. He went to the TARDIS door and opened it up, sat down, and stuck his legs into space. Looking at the stars always calmed him down when his thoughts got a little too complicated. He stared out there without really thinking of anything; one of his rare moments of solace.

He wasn't sure how long he was there, admiring the sparkling stars and Xiote's planets from afar when Amy sat down next to him.

He smiled and leaned slightly into her. He saw Amy smile out of the corner of his eye and she placed her head on his shoulder. Amy respected his quiet time and decided not to say anything. In some aspects, both relished in the quiet, comfortable moment they shared. Not many people can go long periods of time in silence with one another, yet these moments are just as important as the ones filled with illuminated conversation. To go in sync with the other's breathing. To really take in the surroundings. To know the smell of the other person. It was all important and blissful.

The Doctor was about to say something when he thought he heard a deeper breathing coming from Amy. He looked down at her without moving his body too much and saw her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. His smile reached his eyes. Seems like she has been worried, too, he pondered. He kissed her forehead and her eyes fluttered open.

"Whoops, sorry, Doctor. Might have left a drool spot on your coat there." She patted his shoulder and yawned a little.

The Doctor laid back, still with his feet hanging out and pulled Amy down with him. She made a small "oh!" and looked over. He was already looking into her face. She searched out for his hand and held onto it as they laid there, enjoying each other's company. Their smiles grew wider and more genuine. Maybe being adrift in space wasn't so bad.


He turned himself so his body faced Amy. "Yes, Amy Pond?"

"What's your real name?" Her face was sincere.

"Ha-ha… Excellent question." A small period of silence fell and the Doctor's face turned more serious. His eyes left Amy's face and he looked slightly past her, clearly deep in thought. Amy thought he was thinking of a way to phrase it, but after some time, it was obvious he was avoiding her question.

Amy pouted, "So you're not going to tell me?" He slowly looked back over her with burrowing eyes, slightly sad, slightly lustful, slightly scared, and slightly love-sick- the same look from earlier that day. The Dream Lord's words echoed through her mind from a couple weeks ago, asking her if she thought she was the one the Doctor trusted most. If she was so confident in her answer, why didn't she know his name? Concerned, she whispered, "Do you not trust me?"

He raised the other hand that wasn't holding Amy's and softly caressed her cheek with his thumb with his eyes still burning back into her. Slowly, he leaned over and brushed his lips over hers. It almost felt as if all of time slowed down: his warm breath on her skin, his dangling hair tickling her forehead, his closed eyelids. Amy felt a burst of butterflies down in the pit of her stomach, a feeling she never got before from such a simple kiss.

But was it really a "simple kiss"?

Amy Pond: The Girl Who Waited; waited for her raggedy Doctor, waited for this moment. He knew all of this, knew what this kiss initiated from him would mean to her.

The moment was over in a flash yet it felt like eternity. When he pulled away as quickly as he had leaned down, he was faced with a very flushed Amy, her eyes widened to a state of shock. Did that really just happen?

"Amy, please know that I do trust you. If I didn't, I wouldn't have come back for you. You wouldn't be here right now. I trust you as much as you trust me."

This answer satisfied Amy and the Doctor laid back down next to her.


The following days were a combination of light bickering between the two travelers, some attempts at amusing one another (races from one end of the TARDIS to the other, charades, making up scary stories [the Doctor always won in this game]) , and unnecessary touching. Each party member would find stupid ways to touch one another, like brushing the other's shoulder, leaning a little too close from behind, touching foreheads with one another. And they both couldn't get enough of it. An on-looker would catcall, "Get it on, already!" yet since there was no such person around, they carried on with their flirting, grinning from ear to ear. Each day Amy gave The Doctor reasons to stop compulsively checking the monitor to see how much further they had to go.

Amy, stuck on the whole no-pool situation, tried to think of ways of how they could fix this dilemma but always came up short. What was the next best thing to a bathing pool? She remembered an elderly uncle telling her once that on his farm when he was a boy, there was neither bathing pools nor air conditioning. On particularly hot days to cool off, he and his siblings would put on their swimming costumes they had set aside for rare holidays and would fill the bathtub with cold water. Maybe even chuck in a few ice cubes. They were young at that point and still small enough so all three could fit into the bathtub fairly comfortably.

Without thinking what this may imply, Amy excitedly told the Doctor her idea (despite the temperatures in the TARDIS were quite comfortable).

"Doctor!" she said with excited eyes and mischievous grin, "We should throw on our swimming costumes and splash in the large tub in your bathroom!"

The Doctor, desperate for something to do pounced on the idea. He tried to give Amy a high-five for thinking of it (which she refused to give to him), and ran off to his room to change. Amy giggled and went her own way back to her room.

Amy emerged from her room wearing a modest two-piece swimming costume. The halter top stretched down to right before her belly button and had a pair of low-slung bikini bottoms, both with tropical patterns. She knocked on the Doctor's bedroom door. The door flung open from the inside and on the inside was the Doctor. And what a sight to behold: The Doctor, stood in the frame of the door wearing a men's swimming costume, circa turn of the 20th century. It was a two-piece that was fitted like a crew-neck t-shirt and shorts that came down to right above his knees. The whole costume was black with stripes along the sleeves of the shirt, the bottom of the shirt, and at the bottom of the shorts. The Doctor was so excited at the prospect of sort-of swimming that he nearly missed Amy's expression.

Trying her best to keep a straight face, Amy asked, "What is that?"

"Why, it's my swimming costume. What's wrong with it?"

Amy snorted. And snorted again. Finally, she couldn't take it and burst out laughing. She gripped her sides and laughed until she could no longer breathe. Tears were streaked down her cheeks.

"Doctor!" she said between gasps, "That swimming costume is ancient!"

The Doctor, slightly offended, said, "I haven't had a chance to swim in a while."

"Clearly!" she burst out and laughed again.

"Bollocks! This is a proper swimming costume!" the Doctor ruffled.

Amy straightened up. "You're right, you're right, I'm sorry. It's just," snicker, "I've never seen one up close. You look adorable." She grabbed his hand. "Let's go." She gave him a smile with still a bit of a twinkle in her eye and led him to the master bath. Amy reasoned that in respect to his bowtie and tweed jacket, the swimming costume suited him.

When the bathtub finally filled close to the top with room-temperature water, neither wanted to go in first. It was a large tub so both would fit in fine, it was just making that first step.

"You go in, it's your tub."

"No, you're my guest, you should."

"No, no, I insist you go in first."

"No, no, no! I insist you go in first."

Then Amy pushed him. He wobbled and caught his balance. "Oh, so we're going to play that game!" He then picked Amy up bridal style. She screamed in protest, pulled at his hair, kicked her legs and tried to wiggle herself out of his hold. He held her over the bathtub, which amazed Amy for a brief second that he had that much strength, and slowly started to lower her in.

"No! NO! Doctor! Stop!"

He left her hovering above the water. "What? I thought you wanted to go for a swim? It was your idea after all," and dropped her in. Waves of water crashed over the edge and the Doctor thought that maybe it wasn't a good idea to fill the bathtub up so high.

Amy resurfaced and spit a mouthful of water at the Doctor and he made a noise of disgust. While he processed that the Scottish woman just spat at him, she grabbed one of his excess pieces of clothing and pulled him into the bathtub. More water splashed over the edge of the tub. There was enough water on the floor for a decent bird bath.

As Amy mentally patted herself on the back for her sneak attack, the Doctor silently surfaced the water from behind her. It was a little too quiet for Amy's liking, and just as she turned around, the Doctor had grabbed one of her ankles and slide her towards him and under the water. She came up again, this time in arms length of him, grabbed his shoulders and dunked him. He came up and returned the favor. Then there was the traditional splash fight, started by Amy. Within time, they were out of breath from playing and laughing themselves to bits. Each surveyed the scene of the crime.

Water was everywhere. Even more so was on the floor, all over the walls, even the ceiling! They had left each other breathless with laughter but both were still grinning widely. They looked at each other. Amy's hair was a matted wet mess. It was sticking to the sides of her face and sort of knotted in a bunch towards the back and left side of her head, though somehow her swimming costume was able to stay in place, more or less. The Doctor wasn't the same story. Aside from his hair sticking out at odd ends and being plastered to his forehead and blocking the sight out of one eye, his swimming costume was bunched up around the left arm and the right leg was stretched far down below his knee. A small bit of his midriff was showing.

Amy's eye caught the sight of some rare skin poking out and immediately went for it and tickled.

"AH!" The Doctor gasped and immediately pushed himself backwards, out of her arms reach.

Score! The Doctor is ticklish.

Amy dove after him again with an evil grin on her face and the Doctor shot out his foot to keep her away from his sensitive abdomen. She maneuvered his leg and came right up to him and did a double attack with both hands. The laughter that came out of him was a laugh she never heard before. She loved it. She attacked at all sides of him.

"S-s-stop!" he protested between laughs

"Ha-ha! Not a chance!"

Each time he grabbed her wrists, she twisted out of his hold and started all over. The Doctor's stomach hurt before from laughing, but now he was in pain! Tired of it all, he grabbed her wrists in a much stronger force he used before. Amy snapped her head up to him with a guilty look on her face. She feared what would come next.

He held her arms up and away from both their bodies, slightly above their heads. She felt sort of exposed like that… couldn't he hold her arms a bit closer to her body? Both were breathing heavily, catching their breaths.

Then he kissed her.

This caught Amy off guard more than any of their antics for the past 45 minutes. Where did that come from? He just quickly bent his head and planted a full one on her lips. This was a different kiss from earlier that week. Maybe it was because she used up a lot of his strength playing water fights with him, but it almost felt like there was more feeling to it. He pulled away a fraction longer than his first kiss and let go of her wrists.

"Right," he said. There was a slight pause from both of them, looking at one another, not quite sure what to do next.

Then Amy kissed him. She made sure not to pounce on him like she did so long ago- clearly that wasn't the way to approach him. She kissed him softly, but being deliberate about keeping distance between their two bodies. This was twice in one week that the Doctor kissed her and she didn't want to botch things up now. She stayed on his lips for even longer and he made no moves to back down.

Amy was about to pull away when he put his hand on the back of her knotted head and guided her mouth back to his. This time his tongue traced her lips and she visibly shivered. Her mouth opened to his and they deepened their kiss. Amy was still using her arms to keep her body up and away from his until he put his hand on the small of her back and added slight pressure to say it was okay to relax. She leaned on his frame and the Doctor reclined back until his shoulders hit the edge of the tub. He moved the hand on her head to between her shoulder blades and held her. Amy reached up and cupped the Doctor's face in her hands and continued to kiss him, changing the angle and the way she kissed.

It was slow and sensual. It wasn't teaming with lust, yet there was definitely more passion than the kiss from the beginning of the week. This was the type of kiss that could get carried away quite easily. But Amy followed the guidance of the Doctor.

He backed away from her mouth and kissed her jaw line and her neck. Amy let out a small involuntary moan. She was about to regret it until he responded positively to it and sucked at her neck. He wanted more, she could tell. She let another moan escape, this one deeper and breathier. His hands started to travel up and down her back, every so often, skidding across the top of her bottom. She skimmed her finger tips over the sides of his abdomen, silently cursing the fabric keeping them separated. She wanted to feel his skin. Her other hand raked its fingers through his hair.

Suddenly the Doctor flipped her over so that she was reclining underneath him. This position gave him greater access to the places he wanted to taste. He planted small kisses all over her face: her forehead, her nose, her closed eyelids, everywhere. He moved back and kissed her mouth again and again and Amy scratched lightly as his back, feeling the small folds and bumps in the soaked fabric. His wet hair grazed her face and she giggled lightly at the ticklish feeling it gave her.

He then went for her earlobe- one of Amy's big weaknesses. The moment his tongue caressed the structure, she let out a gasp, then a moan. She grabbed onto his shirt, suddenly thankful it was there. The Doctor took his cue and traced his tongue all over, sucking at her earlobe and planting kisses on the bone behind her ear. Amy squirmed and gasped and moaned. When he went to the other side, she softly let out an "Ah-" as he gave the same treatment. Amy tried to keep touching him but it was so hard to concentrate when he was dazzling her with his tongue. He came back and kissed her mouth and Amy lost all of her reserve and control. She attacked.

Pulling him down, she crushed their bodies together and she kissed him with all her might. She softly bit his lip and nibbled on bits of flesh here and there. This time she decided to kick it up a notch and moved a part of her body that had been ignored by both parties: her hips. She delicately rubbed her hips into his. She felt his hardness inside the 100 year old bathing suit and grinded a little harder. He let out a strangled moan that was absolute music to her ears. She had to hear that noise again. She withdrew her hips and rubbed with her groin where she guessed was close to his tip. He let out an even better verbal response. She briefly thought that this might get a bit out of hand, but the other side of her conscious argued that they were already there.

Much to Amy's delight, the Doctor started to move his hips against her. Now he was getting it. Their kisses became less calculated and more feral. There was a need growing inside both of them that had been building up not just since the beginning of week, but possibly since when he returned when she was 19.

The Doctor had a flash of a thought of what this could mean if they went this far. He suddenly stopped and broke away from her kiss. He looked down at Amy, her face nearly matching her hair and eyes clouded over with lust. She was touching his chest and stomach.

"Amy, are you sure about this?"

Amy's stomach tightened out of sheer excitement about what his words meant. Of course she was sure! "Yes, Doctor, I am positive. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time."

"Then let's get out of this water."

Amy, slightly puzzled and disappointed by the break of physical contact, followed the Doctor's lead into his master bedroom. He guided Amy and gently pushed her on the bed, tore off his shirt and made two crawling steps towards her smaller frame. His mouth claimed hers once again. As they rolled over the bed, his duvet soaked up the water that was still clinging to them. Each time they rolled back over to a spot already visited, they were greeted with cold dampness.

This time it was the Doctor to kick up the naughty factor. He sat up with Amy lying underneath him, panting with excitement. He took hold of the bottom part of Amy's top. She tightened her abdomen to lift herself held her arms up high. He had some trouble removing her top as it was soaked with water, but they got it off without too much hassle. He lay down on top of her again and both sighed with the skin-to-skin contact. Amy appreciated the Doctor not going straight for "the goods" and relished in the smaller, but more intimate aspects.

After both of their bodies warmed to each other's touch, the Doctor slowly started to kiss downward. Amy's heart nearly thumped out of her chest. She could feel her pulse pounding in her neck at a pressure point. This was, quite possibly, the most aroused she's ever been and they hadn't even done anything yet. She watched him slowly moving down, pausing to kiss here and suck there. Amy was squirming with anticipation. He placed a soft kiss on her left nipple and Amy held her breath. His warm mouth enclosed on her and she let out a moan while his tongue flicked her. Wow, he was good at this. His other hand came up and circled her areola. Amy couldn't think of a damn thing to do with her hands so she put one in her hair and the other gripped the sheets.

Her lover looked up at her with his mouth still on her breast. She locked gazes with him and bit her lip. He read this signal as it was time to move on. The hand that fondled the right breast traveled down, lightly tickling her stomach and stopped at her bottoms. He traced his fingers where the cloth met the flesh, every so often dipping a finger beneath the elastic. Amy's eyes rolled- she could barely take it anymore.

"Doctor…" she said, not quite sounding like herself, "Doctor, please…" she pleaded.

"Do you intend for me to rush this?" he asked.

Her mind thought some mangled smart response but all she did was groan, "I'm so hot for you right now."

"Pond", he said, with his fingers itching closer and closer, "I have done a lot of running in my life." She moaned in anticipation as he got closer by the second. "This is one area that I like to sit back and," he said the next part oh-so slowly "watch you squirm." His fingers brushed her clitoris and she let out a loud, audible gasp. He grazed past that spot, making a mental note to go back to it later and went a little more south. He dipped the tip of his middle finger inside. "My, you weren't kidding."

As if his motions weren't enough, his dirty talk could make her cum alone. He moved his finger slowly inside her. She arched her back and groaned along with his long stroke. She knew he had long fingers but, goodness, this was perfect. He nearly withdrew his finger but before it escaped, he added a second one and went in a little quicker. Amy pushed her hips towards him to urge him on. This time he obliged and thrust quickly and deeply inside her. Surprised, she moaned loudly and tried to get him to do it again.

"Ah, ah, slow down," her Doctor said, "This is your time to sit back and enjoy."

"I can't help it", she replied, breathing heavily, "It feels so good."

He leaned down and kissed her and pressed his thumb against her clitoris. She nearly screamed into his mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head again as he moved his fingers and his thumb perfectly in sync. For kicks, he added a third finger inside her. This was getting too much for Amy.

"Doct-Doc-" she gasped and crashed into her orgasm. Her eyes blacked out and she swore she saw stars. She was only vaguely aware of the loud noises she was making in response to what he did to her. Her body buckled and twitched and squirmed, all beyond her control.

When she was able to hazily open her eyes, she saw a blurry outline of the Doctor. Her eyes focused and she saw him smirking down at her.


She mentally prepared herself for a second go around and nodded.

He suddenly was kissing her again, possibly with more fervor than before. What Amy didn't know was how much watching her respond to his touch had turned him on. She was so beautiful and flushed and breathless.

Before long, she was tugging at his bottoms, and he at hers. They peeled the last bit of clothing off of each other. If their topless bodies were something to be happy about, this was bliss. The rubbed each other and kissed all over. Amy felt his penis against the inside of her thigh and her sigh turned into a moan. She could feel his pre-cum and opened her eyes and watched for a moment the Doctor kissing her. He looked so earnest and so content. She would have never guessed he was this aroused.

Amy tickled her hand down his side (the Doctor jumping once or twice to her touch) and found his shaft and stroked it lightly with her finger tips. He made that noise again that Amy loved so much. She circled her hand around him and moved her arm up and down in a very familiar motion. He leaned back his head towards the ceiling and moaned. That was quite possibly the sexiest thing she had ever seen in her life. Seeing him reacting to something out of his control and responding in such a way that she had only dreamed about was unbelievable. She always figured the Doctor was capable of being sexual, but was never quite convinced until now that he ever would be. She supposed she had just filed him away into the "asexual" category in her mind. She tightened her grip and quickened her pace and watched his face react with her strokes. He was getting carried away, she could tell.

She briefly stopped her motions and guided his penis to her wet vagina. The Doctor mentally shook himself. It had been some time since he was last touched. He probably could have been perfectly fine with what she was doing, but that's not his style. He looked down into her eyes and they again locked gazes.

Just as he opened his mouth to ask if there were any second guesses, Amy said, "No worries here."

Like she read his mind. He kissed her and slowly pushed himself forward. Both parties moaned at this first entrance. Amy involuntarily bucked her hips up. She stared at him wide-eyed.

"What's wrong?" he asked, immediately ridden with fear.

"I think you found it."

The Doctor was confused. "It?"

Amy bent her head down slightly as if to say, "know what I mean?" He wasn't quite sure if he was catching on but had an idea so he did another thrust, arching his hips up high when he was closest to her.

Amy gasped. "Wow. Yeah. Right there."

He smirked a dirty smirk, knowing what she was talking about finally. So he tried it again- and got the same response out of her.

"Um, Doctor?"

"Yes, Amy Pond?"

"I don't think it'll take long…"

"I figured that," and he kissed her again. He picked up his pace and kept a steady rhythm, gradually gaining speed. Way before he expected it, Amy started to moan louder and louder until she was screaming his name. This was the same type of moan that woke him up from his dreams earlier in the week. And this time it was him squeezing out her cries. Seeing her cum again and again under his touch was too much for the Doctor to take in. He wanted to make her feel this good for longer but after what he felt wasn't enough time for her, he started to feel himself push over the edge. Amy's walls tightened around him.

"Oh, Amy!" he whispered and groaned out every bit of energy he had. After he had pushed out every muscle spasm he thought his body could muster, he collapsed on her spent frame.

What may have been two minutes or maybe a half hour, Amy shifted under his weight. Both had passed out from the physical exertion and were in a comatose state. Amy's movements roused the Doctor. He was still inside her, giving each other a feeling of connection from what they had just shared. Amy combed her fingers through his hair and smelled him. All the scents of him were multiplied through their love making. He softly kissed her lips and laid his head back down on her chest.

"This is nice," Amy said softly. The Doctor hummed a response of satisfaction.

Just as they basked in the afterglow, the TARDIS drifted out of Xiote into the next galaxy.