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Dear Bones,

I'm sorry for the way I'm letting go. I'm so sorry. I betrayed you, our partnership, and worst of all, your trust and faith in us. I never wanted this to happen, I know this is the unthinkable, but it must happen. I know what you are thinking, that this was your fault, it's not, it never was. Please don't blame yourself, Temperance.

I need to leave, I need to move on.

You have been the most significant thing I have ever had in my life. People say that a person usually gets one great blessing in their life, you were mine. You taught me about evolution, and helped me appreciate great things about our world. We had hoped to endure, and we did endure. The center was us, and we held. And the feeling because of that is incredible. But as I said before, I have to let go.

All the pain of not having you is making me go mad. I tried so many things, believe me, Temperance. I tried ignoring you, forgetting you, hating you, but you know I couldn't do that even if God asked me to. It's so hard watching you move on and be with other people. You know that my life will never be the same because of you. And I thank you for that, you completed me. I know you don't love me and probably never will, but just know I love you beyond anything. I love you so much that I'll do absolutely anything to make you happy, even if it means that it needs to go as far as me never seeing you again. As long as you're happy, I am too.

You deserve the universe, I'm sorry I never got that chance to give it to you. I know I'm leaving for the greater good; I'm doing this for us. But please, just be happy. In our future if we ever meet again, then maybe you'll know why. I want you to live, laugh, and love, as if I never concerned you.

This is the time where I say I am moving on, letting go, and remembering. I can only hope you do the same.

I'm always with you, forever and always,