Mizuhara: So here's a little intro to a story I'm starting, this was going to be a drabble for an alphabet meme I'm doing on my separate account, but I realized I couldn't make this a drabble

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Allen walked down the cold dark alley, a small package tucked in his jacket. He emerged from the alley on the other side, stepping into the bright light that the moon was giving off. He breathed a sigh of relief, his breath fogging up in front of his very eyes.

"Almost home." He mumbled rubbing his freezing cold hands together. He was wearing a thin jacket with holes; he had a t-shirt underneath the thin jacket. His pants were black, and also filled with holes, and he wore gloves that had no fingers. He had spent another night working off the debts his guardian, Cross, had accumulated; the small package he was holding was filled with playing cards and money.

A small rustling sounded from around the corner of the alley Allen had just left. Is someone following me? Allen thought to himself as he back tracked to the alley entrance, it was too dark for him to see anything.

"Hello?" Allen called out lightly. (A/N: Ok that was stupid I know. If you ever hear a noise late at night RUN FOR IT! Don't stick around.) He heard a slight shuffling in the shadows, he moved towards the noise, "Hello?" He called out again. Suddenly an arm shot out of the dark and grabbed his arm. A man with shoulder length brown curly hair and a top hat stepped out of the shadow. He had golden eyes and a beauty mark right under his left eye.

Allen opened his mouth to scream, but was cut off by the man's hand over his mouth, "Ah Menino, I wouldn't do that if I were you. I might get caught by your master if you scream," Allen's eyes widened and he looked up as much as he could with the strangers hand over his mouth. "Ah, that's right I haven't introduced myself, how rude of me. I am Tyki Mikk, and I work for the millennium earl." Allen started to struggle, Cross may have been a bad mentor but he had taught Allen who the millennium earl was. He activated his eye looking for an akuma soul. Tyki pointed at the red left eye. "So I see you jumped to the assumption that I'm an akuma." Tyki laughed, "You're not going to see anything, I'm human." he stated simply, "And yet I'm nothing like you." And without further explanation, and his hand still over Allen's mouth he pulled him through the wall.

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