Allen blinked slowly, dazed by a sudden bright light. He felt the arms that had grabbed him release, and move to tie a blindfold around his eyes. Realizing what was happening Allen struggled, trying desperately to get away from his captor. He tried to scream out but found another pair of hands harshly placing what felt like some kind of tape over his mouth.

"Now we can't have you making too much noise, now can we?" The voice came from the person directly in front of him. It sounded older and sickly sweet.

"Whm re bu" Allen internally swore as he realized that his voice had come out muffled

"Well my dear boy, I am The Millennium Earl. I need you to come with me, ok?" Before Allen's horribly muffled response could come out someone at least twice his size was pushing him, effectively causing him to start walking "Oh yes, that would be skin boric pushing you. Now let us board the Ark."


Cross pulled his sleeve up and glanced at his watch. "Where the hell is that kid. I told him to be back here with my cash hours ago." He glanced over at the phone sitting next to him. "I guess it can't hurt to check where the Earl has been recently..." Slowly Cross reached out his gloved hand and gently picked up the phone; he called Timcanpy over and plugged him into the contraption. The phone rang once...twice...thrice...Cross started to lower the phone down to the receiver when finally the phone was picked up on the other end.

"Hello?" Komui's voice came out crackly from bad reception; Komui had a definite tired run down tone.

"Hey it's Cross. I wanted to know, where was the last place the earl was spotted?"

"Oh, Cross! This is the first time you have contacted us in...Two years. Well I think some finders reported him in...Belgium last, why?"

"No reason. Bye"

"Wait Cross I have a ques-" Cross quickly moved the phone from his ear to the receiver, he moved his hands from the phone and rubbed his face.

"Fuck, It's going to be a long night" He reached over to the night stand and pulled out a brochure from the drawers, it was labelled 'Best bars in Brussels*'


After being taken through what voices around him kept calling the ark he was taken to a room and shoved down on to a bed. Somebody stepped forward and removed the blindfold, he found himself on a four poster bed with dozens of pillows. In the door way stood an assortment of people: The man with a top hat who had identified himself as tyki, another man in a top hat but he was fat and had what appeared to be a giant permanent smile, there was a young girl with spiky purple hair, a man who looked like a girl with long blond hair and weird make up, another boy with weird make up but he had short black hair, and a scary looking man who was really tall and bulky. They all had grey skin and stigmata across their foreheads. The man with the top hat who wasn't Tyki smiled, if possible, even more.

"As I said before I am the Earl. These are my" the smiled took on a more sinister tone "friends, Road" he motioned to the girl "Jasdero" the boy with blond hair "Devitto" the blond hairs boys apparent twin "and as you already know Tyki and skin boric" he pointed towards Tyki and then the bulky man. "we are out destroy all of the innocence, as I assume your master has already told you. But what he probably hasn't told you is about them" a gesture to the collection of people "but I don't feel it important that I explain. I will simply tell you that they are Noah. Now, you are here because the memories of the 14th were implanted in to you by a man by the name of Mana, also we are going to use you as a weapon against the organization that your master works for. Now we cannot trust you not to escape, so you will have someone watching you at all times and will only be the Noah who are trusted to guard you. For now it will be..." He looked around at the people surrounding him the girl, Road, crossed her fingers and looked really excited "Tyki." The girl deflated for half a second , and then started pouting.

"Of course Earl" Tyki responded in a very polite tone and then moved to the corner of Allen's room where there was a chair. He pulled out a book that appeared to be on the Fibonacci sequence, and started to read. Everyone else filed out of the room, Road gave Allen a creepy look before leaving. Once they were all out Allen distinctly heard a lock click.

" that book any good?" Allen mentally swore at the fact that even in situations like this, he couldn't help but be polite


"Are you stupid? Have you seen this boy our not?" Cross shoved a badly drawn picture of Allen in the bartenders face.

"Sir, I'm sorry that is a horribly drawn picture, I can't tell at all!" The bartender tried to explain for what seemed to be the tenth time.

"Oh my god man, are you retarded? How many white haired boys with curse marks come in here?"

"OH! That's a curse mark! I thought it was blood! Yes that boy was here a few hours ago. He beat the men at that table in a game of poker, took their money and then left. Cross grumbled as he walked over to the men's table, it was going to be a long night.


*Brussels is the Capital of Belgium

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