Well, this isn't much. But I watched this movie in Social and it just touched me so much that I had to write something. Hope you enjoy it.

He slumped back against the bolder feeling all of his body start to go numb. His breathing came ragged and uneven and sounded way too loud in his ears. His eyes followed his arm to the blood that had made a red river from his side. The blood started to pool in a mini lake on the red soil.

'They say the earth is red from all the blood that has been spilt from all the fighting on the land'. He could now see that that was a ridiculous statement in itself. Blood was a lot darker than the earth would ever be. He let his hand slowly grasp for the tiny bits of earth and he felt it between his fingers.

'T.I.A ' He had never put much thought into those three words. This Is Africa. Those three words were used to summarize all the terrible things that happened in this continent, he would know because he had been a part of most of those terrible things. It wasn't his fault really; it was just the way things were done around here. It might be wrong to people like Maddy who did not grow up here, but for him it was the norm. T.I.A. And what a gorgeous place Africa was when one was about to die.

Finally, he let his mind rest on Maddy as he felt his conscious start to slip. Her eyes , her soft brown hair, her voice... everything gave him the little bit of strength that he needed to get through this. The pain was gone but only to be replaced by the rapid pounding of his chest in his chest and the uncontrollable wave of sadness that washed over him.

He was dying. He knew it. But at least he was right where he should be. He was in his Africa.

'Sorry Maddy. Maybe in another life I'd have had the courage to tell you...'




'I love you.'