She didn't understand how she could love something as much as she loved the little boy in her arms. He was so small. So delicate. His bright blue eys looked around at the world, not really understanding what was going on around him, but not caring as long as he was in the arms of his mother. She might have felt good when she had come home from a long day of battle, having successfully beaten another villian set on destroying the world. But this feeling was... Incredible. Nothing could compare to how beautiful this moment was, just her and her son, sharing in the moment.

He gave a whine, and she smiled softly down at him, continueing to rock gently back and forth on the rocking chair. When he started to figit in her arms, she started to sing his lullaby.

Hush now, my baby
Be still love, don't cry
Sleep like you're rocked by the stream
Sleep and remember
My lullaby
And I'll be with you when you dream

He looked up at her, his eyes fighting to say open, his little hand wrapped around her finger. She smiled again, and stood, starting to pace with the small bundle in her arms.

Drift on a river
That flows through my arms
Drift as I'm singing to you
I see you smiling
So peaceful and calm
And holding you, I'm smiling, too
Here in my arms
Safe from all harm
Holding you, I'm smiling, too

Looking back down at him, she couldn't keep the tears from gracing her cheaks at the sight of him. Just a week ago, she had wished and prayed that she would be graced with a baby that was happy and healthy. And the God's must have been smiling down upon her, because he was right here. Happy, healthy, and the most gogeous baby in the world. He was sleeping know, his little hand still holding onto her tightly, silently letting her know that he was there for her, and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Hush now, my baby
Be still, love, don't cry
Sleep like you're rocked by the stream
Sleep and remember this river lullaby
And I'll be with you when you dream
I'll be with you when you dream.

Putting Mark down in his craddle, she pulled his covers up and ran a few fingers over his little head of hair. He was beautiful. Her perfect little angel.

" You okay Rea?"

Raven looked up and smiled at her husband. He gave a smile back, and joined her in looking upon their son.

" He's perfect." Raven whispered, letting the tears flow freely.

" He is."

Raven moved to the oposite side of the craddle, and wrapped her arms around her husbands waist, putting her head on his chest and smiling happily. Life was perfect.

" Thank you, for giving me everything in life I thought I would never get the chance to have."

Beast Boy smiled down at her and wrapped his arms around his wife.

" I love you, with all my heart Beast Boy."

" And I love you more then life Raven."