Hey guys! Now, before all of you set me on fire I have to say, again I know I am in absolutely NO place to start a new story but come on, a new Generator Rex episode is coming out tomorrow and I just needed to write a story to help me wait out the 24 hours till I can indulge in it's 23 minute goodness on CN tomorrow =D And that's where this comes in!

It's just a little series of short stories that I'll update whenever ideas hit me-and believe me that will be often-about whatever Generator Rex related. So hope you guys like and Enjoy!


"Doctor, this is Rex"

Julie Holiday looked up from the one tile of the Providence HQ lobby that she'd been staring at for the past twenty minutes, to the man in front of her-Captain Callan was his name? He'd been showing her around under her new boss, White Knight's orders. And now standing next to him was a small boy, about nine or ten years of age with the sweetest brown eyes, spiky jet black hair that had a pair of goggles in them and the broadest toothy grin (which was actually missing a tooth.) He stuck out a hand towards Holiday.

"Hi!" he shouted enthusiastically "My name's Rex! Callan says you're the new doctor, what's your name?"

Holiday couldn't help but smile and meet his hand for a shake "My name is Julie Holiday."

"But she's Dr. Holiday to you, kid" Callan said gruffly.

"Mmm" Rex inhaled deeply, holding Holiday's hand long after the handshake should have been over "You have really soft skin...and you smell really nice too. I like you! I think I'm going to call you...Holly! For short!" There was that toothy grin again.

Holiday chuckled. Really? This is the EVO kid? He is so cute, it's hard to believe he could even think of causing destruction...

"Dr. Holiday" Callan cleared his throat, redirecting the attention to himself " Rex will be your charge and it is your duty to care for his well-being and keep him healthy for our use...alongside your partner of course. Is that understood?"

"My...partner?" Holiday raised a brow.

"Yes...Agent Six?" Callan nodded.

Holiday raised her brow higher.

"Oh my god, they didn't tell you about Six?" Callan's eyes widened.

Holiday's brow only went higher.

"Ouch" Rex muttered from below "They forgot to mention Six? Wow...run away now while you still can, Holly!"

Now Holiday furrowed her brows. "Is there something I should know about Agent Six?"

Callan sighed into his palm and began walking "Alright, follow me, doctor."

Holiday followed Callan out of the lobby and down a hallway, Rex trailed behind them.

"He's not the most...friendly person in Providence..." Callan tried to word it correctly. Rex snorted "He'll eat you alive, doc."

"He is not going to eat her, Rex. Shush" Callan rolled his eyes "Please for crying out loud, don't scare away the new and only gorgeous person in all of Providence" he flashed a smile back at Holiday and took a step further ahead of the other two.

Holiday did her best to return the a smile at the unwanted offer of flattery.

"He will eat you" Rex muttered, leaning up towards Holiday.

"Callan?" Holiday furrowed her brows.

"No, no, Six! If you're gonna be his partner than you have to know about him. You've got to have a heads up or you're doomed!" Rex shouted, widening his eyes and throwing his arms in the air above him in a destructive manner.

"Is that so?" Holiday raised a brow down at him.

"Well, if you make him mad. It's really hard to read Six. He doesn't smile that much and he's really strict" Rex explained.

"You seem to know a lot about him..." Holiday smiled down at him. '

"Yeah, I see him a lot" Rex shrugged "He's kinda like a big ninja nanny-but he hates it when I call him that."

"I see" Holiday muttered. She looked up as Callan activated the ear piece in his left ear. "Callan to Six" he called loudly and clearly "Do you copy, Six?"

There was a brief silence before Holiday heard the vague reply of a cold and emotionless voice: "Six to Callan, Copy."

"Six, I have your new partner, Dr. Holiday here with me. We're heading to your quarters right now"

"Is Rex-"

"Rex is with me. Found him in the ventilation system." Holiday looked down at Rex with an amused smile. The boy simply shrugged.

An exasperated sigh came from the other end. "Hurry up, I have work to do."

"Alright, alright, Six, I'll-Six? Six?" Callan cursed silently "He always does this" he grumbled turning the device in his ear off. He took a turn to the right and lead Holiday into and elevator. The ride was silent aside from Rex's rambling something about goggles and Agent Six.

They got off on the fifteenth floor where they took a few more turns until Callan stopped in front of one particular door that read 15-6. There was nothing very different about this door; it was the same blindingly white color as all the other doors around it, 15-5 and 15-7 were all the same. But Calan stopped in front of 15-6 and knocked on the door.

They were met with nothing but silence for a few seconds, but the then sound of dress shoes clicking on the other side of the door before the mechanically powered door slid open revealing a man. Agent Six, as Holiday assumed this man was, was clad in a green suit, a white shirt underneath, a black tie, pitch black sunglasses, and short black hair.

He immediately turned to glare at Rex, who ran, ducked and hid behind Holiday's leg. Six's gaze moved with him, causing him to unintentionally gaze at Holiday's exposed legs. His head jerked back a bit before he followed the legs up to her face...and raised a brow.

Callan stepped forward "Dr. Julie Holiday, this is..." he said looking at Holiday and then moving to Six "Adam Falconer." He immediately received a murderous glare from Six who, once was done burning a hole through the Captain turned to Holiday and looked at her for a moment before correcting, "Agent Six."

"Nice to meet you, Agent Six" Holiday summed up the warmest smile he could in the presence of such a cold and isolated man. Six simply grunted in response.

Suddenly, a voice came from the ear piece in Six's ear. "Agent Six, this is White Knight. We have a situation in a small village in Africa called Ditholong. Report there with the boy asap."

"Yes sir" Six replied.

"And the new doctor goes on duty now. Hurry Six."

"Yes, sir" Six said before disconnecting the call and turning to Holiday "You're on Rex duty, I'm assuming you know what to do?" He said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"No, I walked into the building for the first time an hour ago" Holiday said with a slight edge to her voice, trying to let him know that his attitude wasn't appreciated.

"Rex, we have a mission" Six said, looking down to his young charge, whose face immediately lit up. Six then turned to Callan "Callan, show the doctor what to do, we have a situation and we need to work fast." His gaze returned to Holiday "Dr. Holiday, Welcome to Providence." And with that he took off down the hall, his young ward running behind him.

Holiday looked after Six and blinked at the rushed dismissal. What an odd character…

She was brought out of her thoughts by Callan calling her to the direction of her new workplace, or her lab, and then rushing off, almost pleading her to follow quickly. She jumped forward to catch up with him and start on her first job in Providence.

Oh yeah, this was definitely going to be one hell of a job experience.

So I hope that came out alright, just a little prologue to get things started. An introduction to all the characters, hopefully I got their characters right.

On a different note, does anyone know the correct spelling of Captain Callan's name? on IMDB it says Callan but on another website it says Calen and I've seen another one where it says Calan. So if anyone can tell me what it is for sure it would be really helpful =]

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