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"Adam, relax, I don't understand why you're so nervous" Dr. Holiday said to the man standing in front of her.

"Nervous? I'm not nervous, why don't you relax, Julie?" Six replied, a little faster than what could be considered normal.

Holiday shook her head with a small smile. She and Six had been waiting in their 17 year old charge's room for a while now, a very important and serious conversation in mind. Although Holiday seemed to be much more confident on the subject, as proven by the agent's sudden pacing, two minutes into their wait. Holiday was currently sitting on Rex's bed in a relaxed manner with a visibly unsure Six standing in front of her.

"Where is he, didn't you say he would be back at 7?" Six said.

"It's It's 7:02. Relax, he'll be here. Come here and sit, calm yourself" Holiday said, unable to keep the smile off her face. It entertained her to no end to see her usually stoic partner so thrown off and nervous about a matter so simple.

Six sighed and looked up at her. She just nodded her head in the direction of the spot next to her.

"I'm not sure..." Six said as he sat down next to her so his arm was pressed up against hers.

"That you want to do this?" Holiday asked, despite already knowing the answer.

"No, of course I want to do this...I'm not sure if he wants to" Six answered, looking down.

"Oh come on, why would he not want to?" Holiday asked.

Six opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it again. He had no logical answer really. All the talk was just him being paranoid. "You're going to do the talking."

"No, I think you should do the talking" Holiday said.

"Why me?"

"Because he looks up to you. He respects you very deeply, and I think it'd be best if you told it to him" Holiday explained truthfully.

"He respects you too..." Six said quietly.

"Yes, but he's heard me express my emotions about him a millions times. You on the other hand..."

"You're in this too, you know" Six said, looking up to meet Holiday's eyes.

"I know, Adam. I know" she smiled at him. "This place would fall apart if I wasn't in it too."

Six gave a small smile and sighed. He looked back down.

And at that moment the door to Rex's room slid open, and the teen walked in, not expecting to see the couple on his bed.

"Guys..." he said slowly, furrowing his brows in an attempt to figure out why they were where they were. Or rather trying to remember if he did anything to bring them there. When he drew a blank he added "What are you doing here?"

"Well..." Six began, taking a deep breath and collecting his thoughts. He regained the composure that he'd only let drop in front of Holiday.

"Actually, we had something very important we wanted to ask you" Holiday picked up for her partner.

"Oh" Rex breathed, figuring he wasn't in any trouble if Six wasn't flipping out yet. "What's up then?" He looked to Six for an answer.

Six stood up. "Rex..." He stopped himself as soon as the word came out of his mouth. He sounded a bit too sentimental, soft and nervous right there. He cleared his throat and continued, "It's been seven or so years since we first met, Rex. And in these seven years, we've searched for any traces of your past, trying to figure out your history, your life and who you were. Who your family was...and I know you're upset that we haven't found much yet..." Six stopped to search for words. He briefly glanced back to Holiday who gestured him to keep going. He looked back to Rex and continued, "We are too-" Rex rolled his eyes a bit at this. "But you've been here for a while, and you've formed a bit of a family here on your own, haven't you?"

Rex's face spread into a small smile "Yeah, I have."

"Well we think of you as family here as well, Rex" Six tried very hard to make it seem as though he wasn't just making all this up as he went. "Especially, Holiday and I...we care for you very deeply..."

Rex raised his brow, wondering where Six was going with this. He knew everything that Six was telling him, but the fact that Six himself was telling him was what bothered the teen a bit. It wasn't like the agent to just pour his heart out like that; something was up. "I know that very well, Six" Rex kept his smile in place, trying to get out what Six was really at.

The teen's encouraging smile and words made Six feel a bit better about what he was doing. And he continued, his voice stronger than it was before, "We care for you very much. To the extent that we've come to think of you as our own..." Six paused. He looked over to Holiday, giving her a "this is where you step in" look. Holiday just smiled at him and stood up. She came to stand next to Six and looked to Rex. She picked up where he had left off, "It's come to the point where you're nothing short of our own son, Rex." Holiday made sure she added a warm smile with the statement.

Rex's light mood suddenly became a bit more serious. Now he really wanted to know where the two were getting at. Really badly.

"You'e already our charge, by orders of Providence" Six continued. "But Holiday and I think it's about time that we made it legal..."

"We thought that it would be nice if we were legally your guardians" Holiday said softly, as Six reached into his coat and pulled out a few neatly stapled papers.

"Do you mean..." Rex couldn't quite bring himself to finish that sentence. He had a feeling he knew where this was going but that thought was way too much for him take in. So he just shoved it aside and pretended he was oblivious to what was going on.

"Take a look at these and tell us what you think" Holiday said as Six held the papers out to Rex.

Rex reached up a shaky hand and took the papers from the agent. He looked up at both the adults before looking down at the papers in his hands. He only needed to skim the first page to know what the papers were. He looked back to Six and Holiday. His throat felt like it was closing and he could feel tears stinging at his eyes. Oh god, when did that happen? He figured he should probably fix his condition a bit before speaking, but the words just came out of his mouth. Without even thinking, he choked out a weak, "These are...adoption papers..."

"Yes, sweetie, they are" Holiday nodded.

"You guys...seriously?" Rex asked, looking from Six to Holiday and back.

"Seriously" Six nodded. "If you don't wish to-"

"Six! Are you crazy?" Rex cut the older off.

"Well, I must be. I am actually going through with this..." he muttered. It earned him a nudge from the only person who heard it; Holiday.

"Of course I want to do this!" Rex grinned, despite his eyes blurry with tears he was just barely holding back. "Do you know what you guys are giving me? You're giving me a family! An actual set of people I can call parents! Like for real!"

"That's all been there before, Rex" Holiday said. "We're just letting the government know, now."

"Oh god" Rex gave a nervous chuckle and spoke to Holiday while pointing at Six. "What did you bribe him or threaten him with to do this?"

"It was actually his idea" Holiday gestured towards the man next to her.

"It wasn't all my idea, I just-" But Six was cut off as Rex stepped up to him and hugged him. Just hugged him close and tight.

"Six, man, I love ya, I really do" Rex's voice was shaky and muffled through Six's coat. Six wasn't quite sure how to react and just brought one hand around the Rex's back.

Holiday just smiled broadly from next to them.

"Come on, kid. You're fine" Six said quietly when he felt the teen shaking a bit in his arms.

"Right" Rex breathed, slowly pulled away from Six. He took a step back looking back down at the papers in his hand. He then looked back at the couple before him with a smile. "So where do I sign?"

Everyone in the room just couldn't help but smile at that moment. Six retrieved a pen from his coat pocket and Holiday moved forward to show Rex through the papers.


"So does this mean I can call you daddy now?"

"No, Rex, you can not call me daddy now."

"Aw, come on, it would be really cute. And Callan would be really jealous! He's already jealous that you bagged his doctor..."

"I didn't 'bag' anything, Rex."

"Right. You bagged someone. That's not the point though, daddy."


"Yes, daddy?"


"What is it, dad-ah crap!"

"That's right, run. Run to Holi-"


At that moment Agent Six could only sigh and wonder what he'd gotten himself into. And then just smile.

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