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They told me I had to stay inside. If she gets hurt I'll kill him. You know what I'll kill him if she doesn't get hurt. One way or another he will die.

It was weird meeting the future me. At least he still had his wings. He got to go out there so why can't I? Mustardseed and I are now sitting by the window really hoping that everything works out. The two Daphne's were just outside the door prepared to be there for back up if anything goes wrong.

There was a loud cracking noise and then he flew in!


Here goes nothing. I can't believe we are going to try to talk the orb out of him. He isn't going to listen. He looks like he's maybe thirty now. Well I guess sense he is from the future his age would be older. His hair is black with orange tips and he was in a fancy green suit.

"Hook, long time no see." Peter said in a strange voice.

This is a weird though but I think he might be controlling the weather. The weather was good until he showed up. Now there was lightening everywhere.

"We need the orb my boy." Hook said jumping strait to the point.

"No, I need the orb. I need Puck to die. he said in an angry tone.

"You do not." The future me shouted. I was trying not to say anything because I'd probably piss him off.

"I'll force you to. You will have no choice."

"No matter what you do to me I will never love you!"

The lightening swirled around him with a wicked force but it never seemed to touch him.

"You will because I say so!" He yelled.

"Stop acting like a kid my boy. Remember back when you were never going to grow up, well look at you now. Things change. You don't have to do this." Hook shouted.

Peter pointed a long finger at him and the lightning struck him.

"Sorry old man. I don't think we can ever be friends."

"Peter stop!" Tinker Bell yelled coming into view.

"My old friend Tink." He said his voice changing to a little softer. Then it went back to angry and creepy. "I was wondering if you still stalk me." He asked. Apparently this was a boiling point for Tink.

"Come down here and fight me like a man, or do you need me to come up there?" She yelled.

"You can't beat me. I'm Pan. Peter Pan. No one can beat me." He yelled. By now there were tons of people watching with frightened looks.

"You son of a bitch!" Tink yelled and lunged at him. She was caught mid flight by lightning and she fell to the ground. When she stood up she was about ten inches tall. We are going to need a lot of forgetful dust after this.

"I'm going to kill you!" She yelled in a smaller squeaky voice. She flew at him dodging lightning. When she got to him she realized she couldn't do much this size. She pulled his hair and poked his eyes and finally Peter whispered something to her.

"Fairies aren't real. I don't believe in fairies." He whispered and flicked her off his nose.

She went flying through the air and hit a tree. This time she did not get up.

"Tink is your friend Peter, look what you're doing to your friends." The older me yelled.

I was now looking to see if I could find Wendy, she was nowhere to be seen.

"Trust me Peter. You never loved me. Your only mad because Puck actually won."

"No I loved you and now you don't love me. I gave you my heart. Now I have no one to love me!" He yelled. The lightning was everywhere and the wind felt like it might blow me away.

"That's not true." Came a voice from behind me. Peter looked at her and his face softened. The lightning started to fade away.

"Wendy." He said softly. He looked like he had forgotten we were there.

"I love you. I've always loved you. You just could never get your head out of your ass and admit you love me back. Peter, I waited for you. I'm still waiting for you." She said and started walking towards him.

"You… you've always… love." Was all that came out of his mouth?

"Yes Peter, I love you." She said now only a few feet from him.

"I'm… I love you too." He said. Wendy was the one to close the gap between them. She kissed him. Right after the kiss started Wendy pulled out a needle and stuck it in his back.

"I'm sorry." She said against his lips as he went limp. "I'm so sorry." She slowly lowered him to the ground then turned to us. She had tears running down her cheeks. She attempted a smile but it didn't quite work. She just betrayed the one she loved.

I slowly walked over to him and took him bag. In his bag was a glowing blue orb. Still intact, just cracked.

I looked up and saw Elvis running for me.

Elvis's POV

I was dog napped. I was drugged. I was tortured. Why aren't you guys looking for me? Jeeze what happened here?

I looked around and saw lots of burn marks in the ground and three people lying unconscious. Everyone but one person looked happy.

"What will you do with him?" Sabrina asked an older girl who looked like her.

"We'll take him to his time, he will be tried there." She replied.

"Wendy, you know you can change this. Let him know you love him sooner."

The girl looked at Sabrina, and then walked off."

Hello, I was dog napped. Do you guys even care? The guy stuck needles in me. I barely made it out with my life.

The End