Well, here is my first authentic AU ever.

If you've read my other work, you'll probably know how this is going to work. This story, despite the fact that it is other-worldly, will be as serious as it can be-without boring the readers- and will have dark moments. Trust me, there will always be a plot within my stories, smut will never do unless there is purpose behind it! That, and I'm dark minded by nature.

Lastly, I'd like to thank a dear friend of mine who forced me to write this story out. I've never written a story for this odd pairing, nor have I written for AukoRoku, so it'll be a "great" experience. I know this is not the first "human X dangerous species", but I am more than willing to make it unique for the others. Oh and there will be no vampires in this story. None, should you be wondering. Thank Twilight and every other vampire fic for helping me come to this decision.


-Chapter One-

"The law states that slavery amongst fiend type creatures is not illegal, as it clearly states that they are, in very nature and soul, not human," Xemnas said, walking slowly around the oval shaped table. He gave glances to the few who sat around it, making sure each and every one of them were either reading the documents handed to them, or listening to him. "It also states, that during a time where population is low, we may come to means in order to bring said population up; as long as it is humane."

He stopped at his seat, the one at the very end of the table and looked to the few eyes that carefully looked to him.

"As many of you know, the southern forests are inhabited by a feline fiend; Homo-Felid," Xemnas said, letting his hand rest on the colorful map that inhabited his table space. "They make wonderful servants, seeing that, for the most part, they are not very aware of life outside their forest home." Xemnas lifted the map up and stared at it for awhile, his amber eyes lingering and the huge green shape that covered a portion of the lower part of the map. "But the forest is almost impossible to get through, not even the tribes that are located near the rim of the forest will be of at any threat…not with so many dangers protecting them. No, unless they decide to leave the forest on their own, we are incapable of using them to any vantage.

"And the forest high up north no longer contains any tribes," he continued. "From what we have seen, all northern species of Homo-Felid have either fled deeper, so deep that we are no longer able to locate them, or they have left their home completely." He frowned; "This means that we are no longer able to gather more of the fiends and our labor forces will eventually drop…unless-"

"Xemnas," a voice spoke. Vexen stood up from his seat and stared coldly at the younger man. "If I may permit?"

"You may," Xemnas said.

"The species may be a fiend type, and although we have used them as a source of labor for years, I must say that I refuse to accept whatever idea you plan to use in order to get more of them under our arsenal," Vexen said, his arms crossed.

Xemnas smiled, "but you have yet to hear my plan."

Vexen shook his head, "I don't need to, and you seem to have given us enough information."

Xemnas looked around and stared at the many eyes leering at him and Vexen. "Have I," he asked.

"The Reproduction Factor," Lexaeus said in disgust. He gave Xemnas a rather distrusting look. "Any human shaped fiend is capable of sexual reproduction with a regular human…am I to assume you want us to go an-"

"Right," Xemnas said, "I forgot you live right next door to those creatures." He gave a small laugh. "Then I'm sure you know better than anyone else that they are nothing more than simplistic creatures, living and dying by instinct rather than by thought."

Lexaeus scowled. "I refuse to believe anyone in this room would do such a thing…"

"Not that we would have to," Xemnas said. "We are powerful men; money is the least of our problems." He walked over to Lexaeus' seat and let his hands fall to the many papers. "You have human servants pleasing you…however; not many people can afford such luxury."

"That's sick," Larxene butted in.

"It's life," Xemnas said. "We cannot go far into the forest, and once word got out of us capturing their kind, they'll only go deeper into the forest. Their genes are much stronger than ours, so it's a win-win situation."

"Surely there is another way," Vexen said. "We can afford better labor elsewhere. I refuse to put myself on the line of any possible consequences."

"Vexen," Xaldin said, "since when has there ever been a record of their kind birthing a human? "

"Well, none," Vexen said, "but it's not like they would ever breed with us anyways." He glanced around the table and frowned. "There are other species we can rely on."

"The elves have driven deeper into their homeland," Xemnas said. "And they've begun to retaliate our advances."

"We're lucky they didn't bloody start a war," Xaldin added.

"Any other specie is too dangerous and wild to control, let alone enslave," Xemnas said. "What to these…Nekos have? Claws, shaper canines? They won't stand a chance…"

Everyone remained silent, not willing to say a thing to Xemnas' statement.

No one was willing to admit that their country was low on funds. The elves had fought back some time ago, their past source of free labor, and surprisingly enough, they had to give in the fiend's demands. Nobody had suspected they would fight back, and they would have fled once they won. Man thought they would win the battle, that once things settled down they would reclaim their prize. But now the elves were gone, missing from the entire continent. Tired from a year's war, and low on funds, they needed the economy to settle itself back to normal. But they didn't have the high numbers anymore.

The Reproduction Factor stated that, should the numbers of free labor become too low, the owners may engage in sexual reproduction with their servants in order to bring numbers up. It was a very old law, once used on human labor, but had been decided to cruel. However, in the case of using it on fiends, it was completely different. A Neko may look human-like, but were anything but. They contained animal qualities, as well as physical characteristics of a cat. They hunted without the use of tools, and they lived in a simple society-lacking any basic household structures or form of power. They barely used fire, consuming most meat raw. It was facts like these that made the idea of enslaving and using them so easy.

"There will be a vote," Xemnas said. "And since I was the one who had brought up, I will hope that I can rely on the intelligence of you five to come to a good decision." Xemnas began to make his way back to his seat and looked carefully at the five. "One that will benefit us in the long run."

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave," Vexen said hastily.

"Eager to change the minds of our younger members," Xemnas asked.

"What makes you think that," Vexen asked.

"Well, have you not realized, that aside from the fact that Larxene had barely made a comment, that our newest member had yet to say one word since the beginning of this meeting," Xemnas questioned. He looked over to the young man sitting silently on his seat, his blue eyes now staring right into Xemnas'. "Marluxia, do you not agree with me that Vexen may try to persuade you and young Larxene to take his side?"

Marluxia looked over and stared quietly at Vexen, then to Xemnas. He hadn't said a thing throughout this meeting for a reason.

He honestly could care less.

Why was he supposed to care about some dumb cat people? Or about the poor economy? Unlike them, his family had one well the past several years; his father doing whatever they could to make sure the land was prosperous. Marluxia supposed it was all those years of his father's hard work that killed him, that this was why he was in this godforsaken meeting to begin with, but in the end he couldn't help but be a little thankful. The use of elf labor simply never took in his county, his parent deciding human slavery was much more beneficial in the end. It was more expensive, but it had proved itself in the past several years. While other counties throughout the country were desperately trying to catch up with produce and product, his was continuing to make profit.

And as for Neko usage; they had been seen, but hardly ever used. Marluxia could only recall once in his life where he had seen a Neko wander his homeland and no sooner had the two made contact did the creature run off. What could he say about them? Two seconds were not enough for him to decide whether they were savages or capable of sophistication.

"I suppose it would be best if you both stayed in this room," Marluxia said. "Considering this may not affect me in the long run, it would make no difference what side I choose…"

"Marluxia," Vexen said in a warning tone, "perhaps you don't understand the consequences for the other-"

"I think I know what I am doing," Marluxia snapped.

Xemnas smiled, thinking that Marluxia had chosen his side over Vixen's, but that wasn't the case. Marluxia like Xemnas just about as much as he liked Vexen…and that wasn't saying much. He could think of a few reasons why he would vote against the rule, but at the same time he could think of a few reasons as to why he should support it. Marluxia was a smart man, and although he hated politics, he knew it was his very decisions that would affect his people.

"I think a recess is at order," Xaldin stated. He glanced at both Vexen and Xemnas. "We will come to a decision in thirty minutes, deciding whether or not to let this old law come to pass."

Larxene groaned. Lexaeus stared nervously at Vexen. Both Vexen and Xemnas kept an eye on Marluxia.

And Marluxia could care less.

All of Luxord's life had revolved around the forest. From the moment he was born, up until this very second; he had grown up living in a world colored in lush greenery. It had been the whole world to him, and as far as he knew there was never an end to it, because what could possibly lie past the thick trees and brush?

"I'm thinking about leaving," Axel said, settling himself on the tree branch just below the one Luxord was laying on.

Luxord had been resting, tired from a long day of work. It had been his turn to go and watch the younger members of the tribe, and caring for them had left him feeling rather exhausted. He had figured relaxing in one of the more difficult to climb trees would leave him with some peace and quiet, considering few people ever bothered.

He had been wrong.

Luxord tilted himself a bit, looking down to the redhead underneath him.

He had known Axel his whole life. This was startling news to him. He thought he knew Axel quite well, and figured he was comfortable with the living arrangements that he had been given.

He tried to think of a reason as to why his friend would say such a ridiculous thing. After all, they were a close knit kind, living and dying amongst familiar faces.

"Can't find a mate," he asked curiously.

Axel shook his head.

"None of the females are to your liking," he asked. He moved a bit and rested his stomach on the branch, making sure his body weight was equally spread out. His tail slowly moved from side to side, a bit nervous from hearing Axel's statement.

Axel shook his head. "No, it's not that," he said, not looking to the older male.

Luxord lowered his arm and let it dangle in the air for a few second, then began to swing it casually.

Well, what else could it be then? Axel was a rather good hunter, and he was an excellent caretaker. He fit in well amongst the tribe. He fit in. He was loved.

Why leave?

"Are you going to tell me," he asked.

He watched as his companion looked up to him, green eyes leering at him with little confidence. Luxord wondered whether Axel was serious about his statement. Many of their kind remained in the tribe they had been born to. Sure, once in a while one or two-a year- would leave for another tribe that was close by, hoping to find a mate that suited them, or perhaps to remove themselves and attempt to become more self dependent. It was a rare thing though. And why axel would want to leave was beside him, considering what a lovely location their tribe was in.

"Would you be willing to come with me," Axel then asked.

Luxord's eyes widened in surprise. He got up from his laid back position and huffed a bit, his tail puffing up and expanding in size. The very notion of it surprised him, almost frightened him.

He saw Axel's ear tilt and narrow. Luxord frowned and sighed.

"Why leave," he asked.

"What's here that we can't find yonder," Axel said, looking off to the vast green scenery. He looked back to Luxord and gave an apathetic smile. "I want to go out and see…"

Luxord's eyes widened.

"You're not talking about merely joining another tribe," Luxord muttered, "are you?"

There was a long pause, the older one listening carefully to the stuttered breathing of his friend. Luxord's eyes glanced to the vast green that was the only home he knew. He squint his eyes, but could see no end to the forest. How on earth could Axel suggest leaving this world? The very thought of him leaving the only family he knew seemed strange, almost frightening…and Axel was hinting at leaving the forest-their home!

"No," Luxord said, looking down to see Axel's disappointed face. His ears lowered even more, and sadness seemed to envelop the younger man's expression.

"There is more to life than just hunting and gathering," Axel said defensively. Not that it mattered. Luxord refused to change his mind, and hopefully this would be enough to get Axel to change his. "I've heard stories about the kinds of creatures out there…and not too long ago there were outsiders who have spoken to members of the outer forest."

"We all have," Luxord said. He sighed. "But if we were meant to cross paths with them, we would live amongst each other…" He sat himself in a comfortable enough position and looked at Axel with a more relaxed expression. "But we don't. Our kind with our own, they live with there own."

"Because few of us hardly ever try," Axel said. Luxord felt the branch move a bit as axel made his way up to the same level as him. He frowned, his ears lowering in annoyance.

"That won't make me feel obliged to tag along," Luxord said. He shook his head. "And why now did you decide that this life was not good enough? And why ask me…?" His arms crossed as he looked away from his long time friend. He couldn't help but feel a bit betrayed by this. Were it not for the fact that the two had different mothers he would have sworn Axel was a blood sibling, not just a nesting sibling. Hearing Axel spout reasons of old stories made him upset. Stories about creature like them, but able to use magic, or creatures that were half fish or bird; they were takes one told the toddlers before sending off to rest.

"I was bored for a while," Axel admitted, "I just couldn't come up with the right words to say it till now."

"Quite blatant," Luxord said hastily.

"Perhaps," Axel said. He frowned a bit and looked to Luxord. "But should you know, I chose you because I know you may be growing bored too."

Luxord stared oddly at Axel and chuckled a bit, finding what he said to be just a bit humorous. Perhaps too humorous. Axel was on his case no sooner did he start chuckling.

"I'm serious," Axel said, "I don't see you with your mate."

"I have better things to do…" Luxord said.

"Like lie around a tree all day," Axel commented. He smirked. "How old are we now…too old to be single, that's for sure…but too young to taken seriously." He stood up and glanced over to the green scenery. "We have got to get out of here…"

"Such a crazy thought," Luxord muttered. "Sit yourself down before you fall and break you're neck."

"I know we're not the only ones who have ever thought about leaving," Axel continued. "I know others from the outer tribes probably left…"

"Really? And whatever happened to them," Luxord asked.

Axel shrugged. "I think they found whatever the hell they were looking for."

Luxord sighed. Leaving the forest? True, there could be a great deal of wondrous things out there…whoever there was, but it seemed so strange to Luxord. Not even after hearing Axel spout his nonsense did he feel any better about it. But then, what could be said about his life right now? His life was a continuous schedule. And, although it was something he grew used to, it was not really saying much about him. And even if he and Axel were only moving to a new tribe, it would be the same. A new schedule, but for the most part, more of the same, only with different faces.

"What if you don't find what you're looking for," Luxord asked. "What if we travel for months, years, and only end up empty handed?

"You know we'll always be welcomed back home," Axel said. "And I doubt we'll fail at finding what we desire."

"Desire? We?," Luxord asked. "Last I checked you were the one so desperate to go."

"You want to go too," Axel said.

"Well then," Luxord said. "What, may I ask, are we looking for?"

Marluxia didn't have to think hard about the end results about the vote to come. There were six of them, and Xemnas would not be allowed to vote. Lexaeus, being that he lived close by the creatures and had apparently grown a bond of some sorts with some of the tribes, would vote against this law. Vexen, despite being a man of science, did not look highly on the idea of raping a non human species in order to gain a higher number of slaves. He also had doubts about the Nekos bearing only Nekos, saying that there was always a chance of them bearing a human child. Marluxia didn't see how such a thing could happen, since the pregnancy would be over at the seventh month, and therefore was sure Vexen was wrong about this point. And even if he was right, the congratulations; the law would crumble…but he doubted it.

Larxene and Xaldin would vote for the law. Both of their counties were high north, were another species of Neko lived, though much smaller in number compared to the ones that were suspected to live in the southern forests. And both of them were desperate to get more products and more money; this law could only benefit them. Sure, Larxene thought the law was sick, but it wasn't like she would have to do the dirty deed himself. And Xaldin, well; he actually could see the man doing such an act.

So it would come to his vote.

"Marluxia," Xemnas called.

And there was the man he was waiting for. The richest and most powerful out of all of them, the one who owned the most land and respect; the man Marluxia hoped would approach him.

"Xemnas," Marluxia said, turning around and facing the man. He knew Xemnas was a smart one, and he knew Marluxia would be the one to determine whether this law would be passed or not. "Is there something bothering you?"

Xemnas smiled. "I was wondering whether or not there was something bothering you?"

"Oh," Marluxia asked.

"A young man," Xemnas said, "just entering this world of laws and politics, the very govern of this country…it must be stressful."

Marluxia feigned a smile. "It was something I was bred for."

"Yes, and I assume you're taking your very first meeting quite seriously," Xemnas said. "At least, I hope you are, considering how very important it is."

Marluxia's smile gained realism in it as he saw the look of desperation on Xemnas' face. The man wanted this law to pass. He needed more power, and when it came down to it, he would gain the most from this law passing. Xemnas ruled a bit county…and in order to meet demands he would need more energy input than anyone else within the six counties.

"I am," Marluxia said. "Though, I'm going to have to admit; this will not affect me so much whether I decide to let this law pass of not. After all, I live in an area that they would hardly pass by…"

"It could be benefiting," Xemnas said, his eyes leering at Marluxia.

"Could it," Marluxia muttered, staring back at Xemnas.

"Quite," Xemnas said. He smiled. "You live by the sea, right? Perhaps, should this law pass, the naval trade of your land should profit by certain…means."

Marluxia frowned a bit. More ships? Was all Xemnas was willing to give to him?

Xemnas continued. "And, or course, should my word get out about your ports and trade routes…perhaps I could up traffic and give you a bigger profit through exotic trade?"

It was better, but not by much. Marluxia would love to have more rare items from foreign countries, but word could only get out so far. Xemnas may have a port of his own, but it wasn't as vast as his, and Marluxia doubted whether him spreading word would get him far.

"Hey," Larxene said suddenly, causing both men to stifle from surprise. "We need to come to a decision now." she frowned. "And I prefer to be on my way home soon; considering it is a three day journey."

Both men nodded their heads, glad that it hadn't been Vexen who had spotted them consulting with one another. Granted, Marluxia didn't hate Vexen like Xemnas did, but he figured the man to be far too hotheaded for his own good. Vexen had this habit of assuming that, just because he got along well with his father that Marluxia would get along well with him. Not true. Marluxia had better things to do that listen to what Vexen had to say, considering they had so little in common.

Marluxia and Xemnas both walked into the room, and as they did Marluxia could see the look Xemnas gave him before sitting down. He was really hoping Marluxia would vote yes on this law.

Marluxia shook his head. What Xemnas promised was either too little or just not realistic. There was no real reason as to vote yes, and Xemnas hadn't delivered a good enough gift for him.


The young man lifted himself up and stared at the others who sat before him. Had voting already begun? Marluxia would have hated to admit that he was too far into thought and hadn't paid attention.

"Your standing," Xemnas said.

Marluxia gave a glance to Larxene and Vexen, who sat at his left. They must have already voted. What were their standings? No matter. It made no difference to him. In the end, it was a pointless law that gave slave owners a right to fuck their animal servants.

"I'm against," he answered.

He heard a small grumble escape from Larxene, but he dared not look her way. Not that he was afraid of her. He just didn't want to see the look on Vexen's face. Speaking of which, Marluxia had a rather great view of Xemnas' rather dark expression. He could see the two amber eyes looking at him in a mixture of rage and disappointment. Marluxia pretended not to notice and looked down, signifying he had nothing else to say and that his decision had been made. And soon after Xaldin and Lexaeus were asked on there standing for the law, and no surprise; Lexaeus voted "against" while Xaldin voted "for". It didn't matter about their votes; the decision had already been made. Everyone in the room knew Marluxia was the odd one out, and his decision would have affected the outcome in the end; no one else's would have mattered more.

But Xemnas had the face, still angered and upset, throughout the rest of the meeting. He his eyes did not falter away from Marluxia, something that Marluxia disliked greatly, and the meeting seemed to drag on much longer than it was supposed to from here on end. Marluxia knew he would not suffer so much, though he could expect a few rough words being thrown about, and wondered if he should hide behind Vexen momentarily. He wasn't a coward or anything; he just didn't want people to hear that he was bribed on his first important meeting as judicial. No, actually, he could have probably handle that, it was knowing that he almost took the bribe, and that Xemnas was expecting him to say "for"; that was what he didn't want others to know.

So it was no surprise that Marluxia hurried for his carriage, possibly in more of a hurry than Larxene, and quickly told the coach to take him back to his mansion as soon as possible. He would not remain under Xemnas' court any longer, refusing to stay the night and risking a long night of possible robbery just to get the hell away from here.

His first day as a politician and he was emotionally shaking in his boots.

But of course it was only a matter of time before he found himself deep in thought, wondering about the situation at hand.

Had he really done something good?

Lexaeus lived in the south, right next door to the supposed feral fiends, and he was against the Reproduction Factor. Although the two hardly spoke to one another, a sad thing since they were practically next door neighbors, he knew there was good in him. Enough for him to make a law forbidding slavery and slave trade throughout his property. Several villages were forbidden to harbor slaves. And yet, in the five other lands, including his own, there were no laws saying that a Neko was not allowed to be mistreated. Unless the Neko had a license, assuming it was from another country, it would enslaved and sold. Even if the Reproduction Facto had not passed, Marluxia knew there were Nekos out there being used for such acts. Pleasure slaves were not rare. The only thing he stopped were humans and Nekos breeding amongst each other.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And it bothered him…

Marluxia groaned. It was a four days journey back home, and all he could think about were damn cats. It was going to be a long ride.

It didn't take long for Axel to say goodbye to his family. He was one of four, from two litters, so the goodbyes only lasted for a short while. Luxord found himself almost regretting his decision as he tried to sat good bye to his family, which was easily twice the size of Axel's; his family possessing three litters and more children. A bigger family meant a lot of tears, which made Luxord feel rather guilty about leaving. And if it wasn't enough; the whole tribe stood silently as Axel and Luxord made their way through. Two of their kind leaving in one day, and out of the forest no less; it was a rather hard thing for the tribe to bear.

Axel seemed to be able to hold himself steady as he took his first step into what he assumed would be the adventure of a lifetime. Luxord faltered.

The two had traveled light. They were in no worry of running low on supplies, seeing that they knew how to find what they were looking for. Aside from the knives on their leathered pants, they carried small bags of their own, containing a few treasured items. That was all.

The first day went much faster than Luxord could have hoped, though. He had feared it would drag on and on, and that he would only become depressed as his wandered back and forth between past and present. He was only so happy to see the bright moon above him. Axel had complained about them traveling too slow, saying that he wanted to be out of the forest by the end of the second day. Luxord agreed, but only because he felt an overwhelming desire to hurry back home. It was decided that the two would wake up earlier, extending their travel time and, hopefully, leaving the forest before the days end.

Eventually the two came across a tribe they were not too familiar with, and they soon realized they were close by. Small talk told them that there were villages a few miles away from the forest and that they would be welcomed there, should they decide to visit. Both of them listened carefully to the detail they had been giving, especially when they were told of what inhabited the villages.


Tall, lean, appearing to look very much like them; but with a few different characteristics. They lacked the tails that Axel and Luxord had been born with, and their senses were much weaker too. Despite the weather the land possessed, the humans wore clothes all over their bodies. Not because they needed protection from the wild life or from nature itself, but for personal reasons. Humans also lived in their own personal spaces, and they were very independent of one another. Although they hunted in groups, they hardly shared with one another.

The two left the tribe feeling rather unsure of themselves after that.

"I think we ought to avoid these humans," Luxord muttered after the long break of silence the two had created.

"You think so," Axel asked.

"They sound odd," Luxord replied. "They sound…strange."

"Yeah, when you're right, you're right," Axel complied. He gave a quick turn around and frowned. "But what'll we do when we can't find a way around them?"

"We'll find a way," Luxord said confidently. "They apparently are not as physically talented as we are…we surly find a way around them. And if we can't; we just ignore them."

Axel nodded his head. He then hurried of to the leading position he was in, a hand on his satchel and the other swinging casually. How on earth he could remain calm was surprising to Luxord.

"Why do you think they told us to not leave the county line," Axel asked.


"The county line," Axel said. "We're not supposed to leave the county line for some reason," he said.

Luxord shrugged, despite the fact that Axel was in front of him.

"Perhaps that's when the land changes," Luxord said, the answer sounding like a question. He had no real idea what a "county line" was, being that he had never heard the word before. He could only assume it was a part of land, perhaps territory, but of what he wasn't sure. "I mean…if the forest does end, I suppose the land would look rather different…but even that land must change, right?"

"I guess," Axel said, shrugging as well.

"You think our kind are not supposed to be on the land," Luxord asked.

"If so, then we ought to go there," Axel said with a laugh. He gave a glance to Luxord. "A definite must, if I do say so myself."

"And anger the natives," Luxord said, shaking his head in disbelief. "I'd rather not risk getting ourselves into trouble…"

"The whole point of us leaving was to discover a few things," Axel said. "Can't live and learn without getting ourselves into a bit of trouble now, eh?" Luxord could see the younger male's tail swish a bit in anticipation.

"…I suppose," he muttered.

Luxord looked up and the thick forestry above him. A part of him was truly excited about what may lie ahead of him. He and Axel were probably one of the very few who had ever left the land they had grown up in. And they would be in the even smaller handful of those who would, perhaps, discover something of great importance.

What this importance was, not even Luxord knew.

He'd just have to wait and find out.

Important question. Should this be a mpreg? I know my friend, bless her twisted heart, wanted this to be a mpreg, but I want to know what your feelings are about this. I tend to make my mpregs a bit more realistic-not all guys are happy to find out they defied nature-and tend to make it work, but if the majority of you are uncomfortable with this, I'll try to mess with a few things (in case this pairing is too much as it is). It's important that I know as soon as possible, ok?