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"Kanou" the voice whispered in a smooth voice as the leaned themselves in closer to Kanou.

Kanou blinked in confusion, trying to figure out who was this person on top of him. As he opened his eyes more, he adjusted his sight to the small amount of moonlight streaming into his window. He began to make out the outline of the figure above him, and when he did, he sat up as quickly as he could, pushing away from the person, his eyes wide.

"Y-Yukimura-sempai! Wh-what are you doing here!" he stammered in shock. He scanned over his sempai, noticing that he still had his school uniform on, or at least partially on, his shirt was wide open. Kanou blushed in surprise and looked away.

"Isn't it obvious? Kanou~" Yukimura whispered again as he crawled on the bed and closed the distance between them. Kanou could feel the warmth from Yukimura's body getting closer to his own. He realized that he was actually really cold, and as Yukimura got closer he seemed to warm up. He shut his eyes as Yukimura placed himself on Kanou's lap.

"Kanou, look at me." Yukimura whispered into Kanou's ear sending a gentle shiver up his spine. He opened his eyes and turned to look directly into Yukimura's. He was stunned, in the moonlight Yukimura looked different and as he gazed into Yukimura's eyes he felt his heart stop for a second. Yukimura wrapped his arms around Kanou's neck, as he leaned his face in and pressed his lips again Kanou's. Kanou's eyes widened in shock, but it was different from what he thought it would feel like. It felt, good. He closed his eyes as Yukimura pressed his tongue against Kanou's lips. Kanou opened his mouth letting Yukimura's tongue slip in. He felt his chest tighten as Yukimura moved in his mouth and he replied, moving with him. Kanou wrapped his arms around Yukimura's waist holding him closer. Yukimura ended the kiss and in a gasp whispered into Kanou's ear.

"I want you Kanou, take me."

Kanou blushed as Yukimura kissed him again, Yukimura ran his hands in Kanou's hair pulling his face closer as they kissed. Kanou realized he was no longer cold, it was so warm. He could feel the heat building in his chest and he felt that if he didn't get it out, he would explode. He ran his hand up Yukimura's body taking off his shirt. He felt Yukimura's back, touching every curve. Yukimura was so warm, he wanted to touch him even more. Kanou ran his hands on Yukimura chest, feeling his fragile frame. He brushed his hand against Yukimura's hard nipple, and felt him give a soft moan. He put his hand to Yukimura's nipple and rubbed it gently. Yukimura moaned into the kiss. Kanou moved his other hand to accommodate Yukimura's other nipple. He rubbed them both gently with his thumb as Yukimura moaned deeply into the kiss. Kanou ended the kiss and pushed Yukimura onto the bed, hovering above Yukimura he put his lip to Yukimura's chest, kissing it gently before letting his tongue run over Yukimura's nipple. Yukimura let out a soft moan, panting slightly. Kanou put his mouth over Yukimura's nipple and began to gently suck at it, he bit it gently, and Yukimura gave an even louder moan. He felt his body getting hotter, and a strange warmth consuming him.

"K-Kanou, please touch me, more." Yukimura panted. Kanou moved his hand down Yukimura's stomach and to Yukimura's pants. He moved his hand down slowly and felt the slight bulge forming in Yukimura's pants. He moved his hand away in surprise for a second, he didn't realize that Yukimura was this turned on. His hand went back to the bulge and he began rubbing it through his pants. He realized that he was in the same situation himself, he could feel it slowly rising in this underwear. But, he focused on Yukimura, his mouth sucking on his nipples while his hand unbuttoned his pants and slipped his hand into Yukimura's underwear, he wrapped his hand around Yukimura's growing erection and began to stroke it. Yukimura's moans became louder as he felt Yukimura getting harder, he squeezed it gently and Yukimura let out a gasp. He began to stroke it faster and hard, squeezing it more often, pulling off Yukimura's pants at the same time.

"Ah, Kanou, I- I'm going to- Ah!"

Kanou felt the liquid seep into his hand and Yukimura sat up and grabbed a tissue from the desk next to them and wiped Kanou's hand off.

"Sorry about that." Yukimura said softly.

"Uh- No, it's okay." Kanou replied blushing slightly, sitting up in front of Yukimura.

"No, please. It's my turn now." Yukimura said. As he bent down closer to the bed. He put his hands on Kanou's pants and unbuttoned them, putting his hand against Kanou's member.

"Y-Yukimura! What are you doing!" Kanou shouted in shock.

"I'm going to make you feel good." Yukimura's replied before putting Kanou's member into his mouth. He pushed it in a quarter of the way and let his tongue swirl around the top. Kanou felt a sharp stab go through his spine as Yukimura took it into his mouth completely. His legs were shaking as Yukimura began to move up and down, sucking harder. He clenched the sheets next to him as he came.


Kanou awoke with a start, his eyes opened and he jumped up from the bed. His heart racing and a dark blush on his face. He looked at his clock realizing that he had overslept and quickly changed his clothes and ran into the parlor. He found his father sleeping on the couch and sighed as he quietly opened the door. He closed it gently behind him and then began sprinting toward school. It didn't take him long to reach the school gates, and when he did. The first person he ran into, just had to the last person he wanted to see.

"Good Morning Kanou." Yukimura said smiling. Kanou felt a slight blush creeping onto his face as he recalled his dream.

"take me.."

"G-good morning sempai." Kanou said looking away.

"Hm? Is there something wrong Kanou?" Yukimura asked as the both walked into the building.

"No, I'm fine." Kanou said. Yukimura took out his cellphone looking at the time.

"Wah! I was suppose to meet the president!" Yukimura exclaimed.

"I guess I'll see you later Kanou!" Yukimura said before taking off into the hallway. Kanou sighed with relief as he walked to his classroom and sat down, putting his head into his arms on the desk. The morning had been such a rush he didn't really have time to think about that dream. He blushed just thinking about it, but the big question was, why Yukimura-sempai? Kanou pressed his head against his arms even more. Another thing, why did he go along with it! He touched his sempai in such inappropriate ways! And the worse fact was that he actually liked it! Kanou could feel the blush spreading across his face. This had never happened to him before! He had never really thought about those kinds of things, so why now? His classmates began entering the room and he shook the thoughts from his head. Soon enough class had started and he was jotting down notes. He looked out the window and sighed, maybe he should just forget about the dream. It was probably because of the junk food he ate before going to sleep. As the teacher continued to talk he made his solution. He was going to forget about it and that was the end of the problem. But, as he thought that to himself, he felt a tug at his chest. But it wasn't that warm feeling that he had during his dream, this tug hurt. But he dismissed it as he continued taking notes.

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