"W-what? How can this be true..?" The blond gawked. No sooner had Frau walked into his home to greet his eight month pregnant wife was he greeted by said wife's bags. By the door. Ready to leave.

"Shut your gawking mouth, I said that I'm leaving you." The black haired woman snapped, pulling up her bags haughtily.

"Why?" Frau said, his voice pleading with her. He didn't need to deal with this, not after coming back from meeting him. That brunette that he had met on the boat, the prostitute, that changed his life. Underneath all of that bravado was a real person, and no matter how much self control Frau faked himself into believing he had, he couldn't stop himself from falling in love with that person. Those emerald eyes just read him, and he never really could tear his own sapphire orbs away. Not that he would admit to anything, he had to stay dedicated to his wife and child, it took all of his will power to not take advantage of that last day on board the ship.

The woman gritted her teeth in frustration, halfway out the door. "The only reason I was staying with your sorry ass is because of the kid, nothing else. Miscarriages happen all the time, you need to wake up, Frau." And with that she stormed out the door. Down the steps. Into the taxi and out of Frau's life forever.

But somehow inside the hurt and regret, he pulled out a single stray emotion. Relief. It was strange, being abandoned and then feeling like this, but as he watched the car get smaller and smaller in the distance, he couldn't help but think of a certain prostitute.


Things were looking up. After getting the job with Lord Ayanami finished, Teito was able to pay off the debt, still having extra cash to spare. He was able to move to a better apartment with three different rooms and best of all, he was able to get a decent job. Selling magazine subscriptions door to door, to be exact. It wasn't much, but it paid the rent while he relied on his left over savings from the job to put food on the table. Over all, it was getting better. He was getting better.

Now in the mornings he set out with a smile, the persuasive and kind voice with a pretty face perfectly suited for a sales person. He was always grateful to wear real clothes to work now, normal clothes. And flat shoes. Oh yeah, loosing the hooker boots was probably the best thing since paying off the debt, no more sore feet.

Though a single thought was always in the back of his mind, a single name which he hid in order to stop the feelings. He didn't like the feeling of nausea, especially when it felt like he was going to vomit up plastic bottles. The rope burns and bruises from that last job had long since disappeared, and he didn't expect anything special today, it was just like any other, really. But a new neighbourhood, which he was a bit unfamiliar with. But no less, he set out.

Things were going smoothly until he came to about his sixth house. It was blue, with a deck painted white. For some reason, he had a strange feeling about the house, but so he continued, giving the door a sharp, crisp knock. In no time, he heard shuffling coming from the other side. The door knob turned, the door opening slowly.

He was blond, with blue eyes. Tall, muscular, and he looked rather weary. For a while, Teito and Frau just stared at each other. They didn't need any words to explain themselves. But they did do one thing.

They embraced, and for the first time in a while, for both boy and man, they felt joy. And even if they had both seen the cruelty of the world, maybe they could believe in just this on fairy tail. This one happily ever after.


A/N. Uhm… so yeah. It's over, zip, finished. A short ending, and a terrible cliff hanger, but I'll leave it up to you guys for what might happen after this. Will they move in together? Will Teito become a boat hand with frau and be re united with Ouka, Lab and Castor? Or maybe they just part ways after explaining their feelings~ Nobody knows, wooooo~~

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