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Lilith's Point of View

Lilith Tahirah Nirnevar was not at all happy. Over the last quarter of an hour, a subtle headache had formed at the back of her neck as box upon box clattered. Her cousin, Iliana, was already tapping her foot in disgust; after all, it didn't take normal people more than a few wands to find theirs, and she had gone through at least two dozen boxes and blown many of Mr. Ollivander's decorations to pieces because of incompatible wands. Suddenly, a small bell rang as a boy around her age pushed the door to Ollivander's wand shop open.

The boy was about 150 centimeters (4'11) tall with the messiest black hair she had ever seen and bright emerald eyes coming out of a pale face. His clothes were muggle, dark blue jeans and a green polo shirt with scuffled trainers, but both the shirt and jeans were baggy and would have been a better fit on a small whale. The jeans were held up by a piece of braided rope tied in a knot and the ends of the jeans were ragged as if they had been cut to be shorter. The shirt was tucked into the pants and the sleeves went to the boy's elbows.

Outside a -well, she supposed she could call him a man- stood shakily. His shaggy beard and hair combined with his large coat and gait made him look like a large bear- albeit an odd one since green tinged the bit of his face she saw. He was of obviously no relation to the boy; the preteen was short and skinny while the man was enormous. He then waved and walked away but towards what she did not know.

"Good afternoon. My name is Lilith Nirnevar." She said, remembering her etiquette lessons and curtsying as best she could. As nice as the emerald witch's robes were for blending in, they were horrid for walking and doing anything that required a wide range of movement. She much preferred the clothing of the elves; even if she was occasionally required to wear dresses it was only on formal occasions and the dresses were always loose. She normally wore whatever she wished, as long as she could do her lessons in it and she still looked respectable no one minded. Generally, that meant black training pants and a sleeveless, high-necked shirt. If she had to wear these for a year… oh Ikranya, what was she going to do?

"Hello, I'm Harry Potter." The boy said in a polite voice, wide eyes sweeping over her. Before either of them could say anything else, Mr. Ollivander, the shop's owner came out with more boxes.

"Ah, Hello, Mr. Potter! I was wondering when I would be seeing you here. It seems like just yesterday your parents were here for their very first wands. Stand by Miss. Nirnevar, if you will, and she can pass wands along to you. Hopefully my shop will not be completely blown apart by mismatched wands." The aged wand maker spoke cheerfully.

Harry narrowed his eyes in confusion while she resisted the urge to duck her head sheepishly. She really was trying her best not to but these wands were horrible fits. Mr. Ollivander set the boxes down on the ground and handed her the first one. She selected the wand and flicked her wrist, smashing the box into the ceiling before handing the wand onto Harry and picking up the next box. Another 'bring' went through the shop as the door was once more opened.

In walked a girl and two adults laden down with bags filled with books and other equipment needed to attend Hogwarts. The adults moved to the back carrying the equipment, leaving the girl standing there shifting her weight from one foot to the other. The girl was slightly taller than herself, 147 centimeters (4'10) with bushy brown hair and chocolate eyes that gazed out from a slightly tan face. She wore a brown skirt that went to her knees and a pair of brown ballet flats paired with a green tee shirt and brown jacket. "Hello," the girl said confidently, her face shining with excitement, "I'm Hermione Granger."

"I am Lilith Nirnevar. I am pleased to meet you, Hermione." She said warmly. There was something about this girl, a peculiar sense of familiarity, as if they had met before. Now that she thought about it she had felt the same sense from Harry as well. However, the possibility of her having met a pair of English muggleborns was extremely unlikely as she was from Alynia, the hidden kingdom of the elves, and her grandmother was extremely particular when it came to her associations. Being the only direct descendent of her grandfather left alive made her the heiress to an old elven family and she was expected to maintain her family's reputation. Her grandmother was the last member of an old elven family who had never married into the wizarding community, while her grandfather's family was steeped in the blood of the mixes between elf and wizard. Her grandmother rarely ventured into the wizarding world and was a complete stranger to the Mundane world, so how could she have even had a chance of meeting them before?

"I'm Harry Potter, pleased to meet you, Hermione." Harry spoke up. Once again the door's bell sounded loudly through the shop. Hermione moved to Harry's side as they looked at the newcomer.

He was tall, nearly 152 centimeters (5') with blond hair that fell into his eyes. His eyes were an icy blue and full of a mixture of emotions. She was taken aback by them; they held grief and sadness but also determination. He was dressed in a black over robe with black faded jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. The same familiarity she'd felt with Hermione and Harry struck her as he walked over to her.

"Hello, my name is Damien Numain." He reached forward a hand for her to shake. She realized he had to be American, but from his voice, one of the people who have raised him had been European; if it wasn't extremely improbable, she'd even say Alyrian. The American part explained the clothes and the hand shake. She reached out to grasp his hand when he unexpectedly turned her hand over, bowed and brought her hand to his lip. She smiled at the gesture, almost without meaning to. She curtsied in return once he dropped her hand.

"Lilith Nirnevar."Damien left his gaze on her for a moment before moving on to Hermione.

Damien, seeing the look Hermione gave him, simply shook her hand as Hermione gave her name, and repeated the process with Harry. Once done, Damien returned to her side.

Mr. Ollivander walked out of the stacks with a pile of boxes in his arms, "If you wouldn't mind standing in a half circle you could pass the wands to each other." He looked at them questioningly and they nodded. Harry and Hermione moved to Damien's other side and the boxes were set at Lilith's feet.

"Where are you from, originally?" Damien asked. She picked up a wand box and took out a dark wood wand. Flicking it at one of the shelves a deep groove appeared.

She passed the wand to Damien and said, "That's a difficult question actually, I've lived in quite a few different countries. I was born here in England, but I moved to Scotland when I was one, and then to another country when I was seven." Damien blew a hole in the counter and she passed another one to him while Mr. Olivander passed her another. She turned Hermione into a kneazle with it, the shot ricocheting of a mirror to hit her in the back.

"Sorry, 'Mione." She froze.

An image of a toddler with short black hair and light silver eyes appeared in her mind's eye. She watched as a hand, presumably hers, waved and turned the other girl's hair pink. "Soh-rey, 'Mione!" she whispered to the other baby. Miony smiled at her and waved her hand. The pink hair turned blue and the girls giggled. A woman came in and smiled at the two before pulling out a wand. She waved it at them and Miony's hair became its normal black.

"I swear you two have done more magic in the past nine months than I did in my first nine years." A man entered the room and picked them up in his arms. "How are my girls today?" He said bouncing them. "They preformed more magic. At breakfast they had a magical food fight, then Lil broke the safety charm on their brooms, Hermione turned their lunches into ice cream and finally Lilith turned Mione's hair pink and Mione changed it to blue." The woman said.

"Our girls are going to be powerful." The man said smiling.

The image faded and she came back to the world where the shop owner was trying to reverse the spell.

"Hey, Lilith, what's wrong?" Damien asked.

"Nothing," she replied shaking her head softly, almost wincing when it caused her head to pound. She waved a hand and concentrated on what she wanted. The other girl transformed back into a human and she passed the wand to Damien. "I just remembered something." She said.

"Curious, how did you change her back?" Ollivander asked and she shook her head. First, that feeling of knowing the other three and then remembering something completely different from most of her memories of when she was young… none of this was making any sense.

"Damien, why don't you go next?" Hermione asked. The confident young man nodded and after flicking the wand away from everyone and passing it on to Harry he started.

"I was born in England- I think- it may have been Scottland. I lived here for over a year and then my mom moved us to the States. After she died my grandmother shipped me off to Alendrix Academy." At that Lilith gasped and he looked at her. A look of pain briefly crossed his face while he absentmindedly waved the next wand. Lilith reached for his hand and squeezed it briefly.

"I was there until it… closed and after that my grandmother had me homeschooled until my Hogwarts letter came. She was quite surprised when it arrived actually; my mom didn't tell her that my name had been placed on the list. She was still looking for an American school for me to attend when Professor Flitwick arrived with my letter. Apparently, they tried to owl it and the owl ended up crashing into the Atlantic. Sometimes I wonder about what they do to these mail owls to make them so dedicated. Anyway, I stand now in front of you."

After his little speech finished they waited, for the shopkeeper had failed to give them any more wands and was standing before them, a curious look on his face. "Come with me," the man said, leading them into the back of his shop. They stopped in front of a long table with four boxes, each a different type of wood and with a different jewel on top.

"Step in front of whichever box calls to you." Ollivander said. She looked at the other three. As one they stepped forward and stood in front of a box. Her box was a rich dark brown, long and rectangular with a circular emerald on the top. Damien's box was a few shades lighter than hers, with a rectangular citrine. Hermione was on the other side, with an even lighter box, and a deep oval sapphire. Harry had the lightest box of all, and a square ruby.

"Are you certain about your choice?" Mr. Ollivander asked gravely. She was getting the feeling they only had one chance on this and a mistake would mean their deaths. It was possible she was over reacting- with the amount of muggle fantasy she read secretly she had an overactive imagination- but she couldn't find it within herself to believe it. They each nodded.

"Then place your wand hand on the jewel." Ollivander said and they all turned toward him.

"What if I'm ambidextrous?" They said in unison. Then she and Hermione giggled, that was like what those twins did in movies.

"I suppose you could touch the jewel with both hands." The shopkeeper said. The four of them nodded at him and stepped back into place.

"On three?" she said.

"On three." Damien replied. "One, Two… Three!" They said as one.

She placed her hands on the green gem and watched as the box sprung open. Inside, on a bed of green velvet, was a wand the same color as the box. She reached into it and picked it up, feeling it settle into her palm. She began to feel dizzy as silver light seemed to spill from the wand, before she fell backwards with the wand still clutched in her hand.

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