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Three days after the informative Diagon Alley trip, Damien walked into his bedroom after his morning run. He took a quick shower in the adjacent bathroom then walked back in. He took a moment to examine the room he spent so little time in.

The walls of the room were two colored; the northern and southern walls were golden yellow, the eastern and western were vertically striped in the same yellow, and cream. The north wall had two large windows facing the Forest of Arwen, along with his desk, which like all the furniture in his room, was a pale wood. He'd just exited the bathroom, the door to which was on the western wall, along with his bookcases. The southern wall had the door to the hallway, along with the rack of weaponry he'd collected over the years, and pictures of himself, his family and his friends, left from the last time he'd been here. His bed was on the eastern wall, with cream sheets and pillows, and a dark gold comforter. Also on the eastern wall was the door to his closet, and a bedside table.

Damien walked across the room to his closet and opened it. He dressed in a pair of black loose pants, a gray t-shirt, and black sneakers, before walking over to his desk and sitting in the chair.

Pulling out writing materials – quill, ink, parchment, wax, and string – he began to compose a letter.

Dear Lilith,

My grandmother found my mother's journal yesterday, so she explained to us what happened around the time we were born, at least what she knew of it, and I learned more from reading the journal. Harry has it now, but I'll pass it on to you once he's done. Most of it involves your mother; apparently they were extremely close from a young age.

Our mothers met at one of the various functions in the elven world, and as they were both Secui elves, they both attended Hogwarts. My mother, Rebekah, was a Ravenclaw while your mother, Aria, was a Slytherin. During their school years, they became friends with Lily Evans, Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Severus Snape.

Lily, Sirius, and James were in Gryffindor, while Severus was a Slytherin. Lily and Severus were friends, although there is extreme enmity between the two houses. James and Sirius were best friends along with Remus and Peter, and James apparently sought after Lily for most of their Hogwarts years. James and Sirius also apparently had a long rivalry against Severus that could get fairly nasty at times. Our mothers knew Lily and Severus because of study groups and competing for the top spot, grade wise. They also had electives together after third year, and became close friends because of similar interests.

In fifth year, Severus and Lily began dating, while my own mother began dating James Potter sometime in their sixth year, the journal entries began to be spotty around this time. Your own mother stayed mostly single, a few boyfriends, but nothing too serious. All eight of them had become friends by this time, and James stopped perusing Lily, except occasionally in jest.

My mother's journal only goes through her Hogwarts years, so what I know of what happens afterward is what my grandmother told Harry and I, so take it with a grain of salt, it may not be completely true.

Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard, began gathering power and followers around 1970. His closest followers were known as the Death Eaters, and during the 70s, they committed increasingly violent acts against muggles and light wizards who dared to oppose them. He also, somehow, convinced the giants to help him. People stopped trusting strange witches and wizards, because no one knew who supported Voldemort. Hogwarts was one of the last bastions of light and one of the few safe places in the Wizarding world. The Ministry of Magic was fighting, but they weren't doing well, even with lethal tactics being authorized for the Aurors. It was getting so bad that the Councilium was talking about stepping in to help the Ministry.

My mother was still dating James Potter when they graduated from Hogwarts in 1978, but Lily Evans and Severus Snape had broken off their relationship.

James Potter and my mother broke off their relationship in late 1978 when he admitted to still being attracted to Lily Evans. After a short courtship, James married Lily in June of 1979. A few months later, Lily was hit by a curse that made her infertile. James approached my mother for help conceiving an heir for his family and she agreed. Harry and I were conceived in late November/early December of 1979, and my mother gave birth to us on July 31st, 1980.

They didn't expect to give birth to twins, let alone twin boys, but they found a way to make things work to their advantage. Harry was given to James and Lily Potter because he was eldest, and was made heir to the Potter family. I was made the heir to the Numain family, so each of us inherits from one parent. My mother kept me with her in England, but she stayed away from James Potter and the fighting. James and Lily took Harry and eventually had to go into hiding because Voldemort was targeting them. The Potters were killed on Samhain of 1981, but Harry survived being hit with a killing curse. He was then placed with Lily Potter's muggle relations. My mother didn't learn about what happened until after he was placed with them, and due to wards and spells placed around him, she couldn't locate him. My grandmother removed them yesterday after we arrived.

I asked my grandmother if she knew anything about what happened to your mother after they graduated, but she didn't know very much. Your mother apparently kept a very quiet life, choosing to keep her personal life as private as possible. While my Grandmother recalls meeting your sister twice and you once, that was without your father present, and she isn't sure who your father is. She did promise to tell you as many stories about her as she could remember whenever we have the time.

I hope this helps you start the timeline you mentioned in your last letter, and when Harry's done I'll send you the journal so you can get the exact dates.

Otherwise, did your grandmother and the elders decide on what they're doing about the heiress position?

Oh and the answer to your question is loyalty. My question is "If you could have any animagus form, what would you choose to be?" Pick both magical and mundane. I know magical animagi are said to be rare, but pick one anyway. Some dreams don't hurt to think about. I think I'd like to be a Gray Wolf or either a Liondragon or a Hungarian Horntail.

Oh and Lil? Make sure you do something besides studying and looking for clues about our pasts. You don't want to burn out before school starts and you have a sister to get to know. Make sure you spend some time with her. Talk about whatever it is that makes you females shut up or giggle whenever a guy gets close enough to hear.


Damien finished his letter to Lilith and used his wand to dry the ink. He rolled the letter, and then used a charm on his desk to melt a ball of wax. He stuck it on the seam and used his ring to imprint his personal seal. Another quick charm solidified the wax. Picking up the missive and the string, he exited his bedroom and walked across the hall.

"Harry," he called out, knocking on the door.

"Come in," Harry replied, and Damien peeked his head into the room, finding Harry stretched across the bed reading their mother's journal.

"I'm going up to the owlery, do you want to come?"

"Sure," Harry got off the bed, leaving his book on the bedside table and sliding his feet into a pair of brand new sneakers. Their grandmother had decided to take them on a giant shopping spree in all three worlds, to get them new muggle, wizarding, and elven dress. Harry now had an entire wardrobe, and Damien had gotten a few things for himself as well, especially in the elven shops; they hadn't visited Alyria in years. Seeing who his new friends (and their guardians) were, they'd probably be there quite a bit more often.

"So, what do you think of the journal so far?" Damien asked Harry after they'd been walking for a minute.

"It's great. I get to learn about my parents, and Hogwarts." Harry told Damien, and Damien knew what he meant. In the absence of having his mother back, having her journal was the next best thing.

"And we know how we're sorted into houses now, which helps." Damien smiled.

"Yeah. About that, what house do you believe you'll be in?" Harry asked and Damien thought for a moment.

"I'm not sure, really. I'd like to think I've got a fairly even scope of the houses traits. What house do you believe you'll be in?"

"I'm not sure either. I think I'd like to be in Gryffindor like Father, I don't think I like books and knowledge quite enough for Ravenclaw." Harry said, wistfully.

"I agree, I like books, but I don't value knowledge above all." Damien replied, agreeing. They reached the owlery, where the owls for the clan lived. Two were snowy owls, two were eagle owls, and one was his personal owl, a pure black owl named Tenebrae.

"Hey girl," he said, stroking her feathers. She hooted and he used a piece of string to tie the letter to her leg.

"Can you take this to Lilith for me?" He asked, and the owl took off, flying through the open windows.

"You've been corresponding with her quite a bit, haven't you." Harry said, looking at Damien. Damien looked back and nodded. He turned and walked out the door. Harry followed him.

"'We've been trading information. She's well versed in the Elven world, and a more theoretical side of the wizarding world, but I know more of the practical information, as well as the muggle world. She's putting together a comparison chart of the three." Damien said. He left out the rest of the information they'd passed.

"That should be useful. Has Hermione been helping her?" Harry asked.

"I don't think so." Damien replied.

"Why? Wasn't Hermione raised by muggles?" Harry continued to inquire and Damien resisted sighing. It was a pet peeve of his to be asked a series of questions he didn't know the answer to.

"I'm not sure. Why don't you use one of the other owls to send a letter to Hermione?" Damien suggested.

"May I?" Harry looked at him earnestly.

"Of course. This is your home now Harry, you do not have to ask." Damien said, and upon reaching the corridor with their rooms, turned to Harry. "Write Hermione a letter, and use the quill, ink and parchment to do so. I know it'll be unfamiliar to you, and likely not very legible, but you should try it. As long as she can read it you'll be fine. Tell me when you finish and I'll teach you the charm for drying ink."

"Okay, but… what am I supposed to say to her?" Harry asked and Damien rolled his eyes at his brother's cluelessness.

"Anything you want to. Ask her how she's doing with the transfer from Muggle to Elven, and the differences." Damien replied.

"Alright. Thanks Damien." Harry responded with a quick smile, before walking into his room.

"You're welcome." Damien replied smiling as Harry closed the door. For all that Harry was older he seemed to have little experience with social interaction, and acted like he didn't expect to be treated well.

Damien walked into his own bedroom and grabbed his defense textbook off of the bedside table. Kicking off his shoes and sprawling across the bed, he opened Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection to Chapter 6 and began reading. The sooner he learned this book and everything it could teach him, the better.