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(by mnemosyne04)



"Usami-sensei! I have great news!" Aikawa burst from the door and was looking flushed.

Unfortunately, she has a habit of not knocking and Usagi-san was in the process of removing Misaki's remaining item of clothing – his boxers. Misaki yelped and struggled to get behind the couch.

Usagi glared at Aikawa. "Can it wait? Can't you see I'm a little busy?"
Aikawa ignored the glare and sat down on the couch, glancing at Misaki's flushed face behind the sofa. "Hey, Misaki-kun. No need to hide. I know all about hot guy love. Believe me, I do know." She laughed and turned to Usagi-san. "As I was saying, Usami-sensei, I have great news."

"Does that involve me having sex with my Misaki all day?" Usagi asked as Misaki yelped a protest.

Aikawa looked as if her nose is going to bleed any second. "Sensei! Stop putting thoughts in my head! It's bad that I have a healthy dose of imagination."
Usagi sighed heavily. "Fine. What is it? Make it quick. Misaki's getting cold."

Misaki groaned and sank to the floor, hiding his crimson face.

"Well, I just spoke to Isaka-san and he said that your new book, 'The Memories of Yesterday' made it to the bestseller list again!"

Usagi grunted as he lit one cigarette. Misaki was able to compose himself and was wearing his shirt now and his jeans. He went out of the sofa and proceeded to make tea.

"I see that does not surprise you. But get this, not only was it a bestseller, it is going to be translated to French, English and Spanish!"

Usagi became interested. "French, English and Spanish?"

Aikawa beamed. "Yes! And we are actually scheduled to go to Madrid next, next week for the book signing and press conference." Aikawa smirked. "Tell me that did not interest you."

Usagi grunted and puffed his cigarette and glanced out the window. Aikawa smirked. She knows Usagi is interested, and she knows more than enough not to pester him while he was deciding something.

"Misaki, do you have school next, next week?" Usagi called out to Misaki from the kitchen.

Misaki came out, bearing a tray with three mugs of steaming tea. "Yeah I do. Why?"

"Then, no. I'm not going." Usagi said to Aikawa.

"What? NO! This is what we have been working for, Sensei! You can't do this!" Aikawa pleaded.

Misaki glanced back and forth from Aikawa's almost-tearing up face to Usagi's bored ones. "What's going on?"

"Misaki-kun! Tell him to go please!" Aikawa pleaded to Misaki. Aikawa hurriedly explained to Misaki what has happened.

"Why don't you want to go Usagi-san? This is a great opportunity." Misaki asked.

"Because you have school."

Misaki frowned. "So? What does my school have to do with anything?"

"If you have school, you won't be able to come with me. Without you, I'd rather not go." Usagi-san explained calmly while puffing on a cigarette.

Misaki's eyes widened. "Are you kidding me? That was your reason?"

"Yes. Don't ask me anymore." Usagi stood up and proceeded to climb up the stairs to his study.

Misaki's wide eyes followed Usagi. That jerk. Not going to Spain because he's not coming? That's got to be the stupidest thing that he has ever done so far. "Wait here, Aikawa-san. I'll talk to him."

Misaki proceeded to climb the stairs as well towards Usagi-san's study. Baka Usagi! That was such a flimsy excuse! Misaki flung the door open without knocking and was greeted by Usagi sitting on his swivel chair.

"What the hell, Usagi-san? Are you making me as an excuse to not do your job?"

"That's not it, Misaki. Just leave it be." Usagi-san continued to type in his laptop and did not even glance at Misaki.

Misaki was fuming. He slapped the laptop closed and spun Usagi-san's chair around and grasped his collar. "Will you listen to yourself? It's as if you're deliberately ignoring what you have done! You made a bestseller! It is also going to be printed in another country where it could be a bestseller as well! This was your accomplishment! Do not make me as an excuse, baka Usagi. You will go to Spain. And. That's. Final!"


MIsaki sat on the couch; arms crossed at his chest and was glaring at Usagi-san's back. 2 weeks. Usagi-san was leaving for 2 weeks God knows where. Misaki snorted and hugged Suzuki-san. Misaki knew that he was the one who persuaded Usagi to go, but he did not know that he will be gone for that long. He thought maybe about 2 or 3 days at least. Misaki sighed. Even if Usagi-san was a perverted bastard, Misaki knows that he will miss him. God, 2 weeks? I'm not gonna see him for two—

"Misaki." Usagi-san softly called out.

MIsaki turned his head and glared at Usagi-san. "What?"

Usagi-san smiled and walked over to the couch. They struggled for a moment as Usagi-san wrestled Suzuki-san from Misaki. Of course, Usagi-san won. Misaki's large green eyes glared at Usagi-san as he pulled the boy in for an embrace.

"I'm sorry, Misaki. It's just something I need to do. It's just for 2 weeks." Usagi-san said, smoothing Misaki's hair and tensed back. "Besides, you were the one who told me to go."

"Come on, Usagi-san. It's just two weeks. No big deal." Misaki huffed, while trying very very hard not to succumb to Usagi-san's embrace.

Usagi-san sighed and with his free hand, tilted up Misaki's head and brushed his lips with the boy's. For all of his pretending to be nonchalant, Usagi-san's lips were far too soft and smooth…and perfect. Misaki couldn't help it. He moaned softly and opened his mouth and allowed Usagi-san's tongue entrance. Usagi-san wrapped both his arms around Misaki's waist and moved him so he was straddling the older man's waist. Misaki moaned louder as their clothed erections met and wrapped his arms around Usagi-san's neck as the older man deepened the kiss.

Misaki moaned and tilted his head for lack of air and Usagi-san took the opportunity to kiss his neck, his jaw and his ear. "Usagi-san…more…"

"Misaki, 2 weeks is too much for me, too. I'm going to miss you." Usagi-san captured Misaki's lips again in a very searing kiss. Misaki moaned helplessly and started to remove Usagi-san's tie when the doorbell rang. Through their hazy, lust-filled mind, neither of them heard it and Misaki proceeded to remove the buttons on Usagi-san's shirt while Usagi-san rocked his hips to rub with Misaki's. Misaki gasped, momentarily distracted by Usagi-san's movement. Usagi-san smirked and pulled up the hem of Misaki's shirt and licked each nipple. Misaki mewled and plunged his hands through Usagi-san's hair.

"Usami-sensei, I've been - oh! Shit! Sorry!" Aikawa burst into the room and when she saw what was happening she gasped and dropped the keys she was holding and shielded her eyes.

"Aikawa-san!" Misaki exclaimed, his face becoming crimson as he struggled to stand up, while simultaneously pulling down his shirt.

"Sorry! Sorry! You were not answering the door so I thought something was up!" Aikawa glanced at Misaki and smirked. "Well, something was up." Aikawa smirked more when Misaki blushed redder then ever. "Anyway, you go on continue what you were doing, but I just wanted to inform you Usami-sensei, our plane leaves in 20 minutes. I'll be downstairs." Aikawa suddenly remembered the package she was holding. "Misaki-kun, I almost forgot. Creampuffs for you."

"Oh, uh, thanks, Aikawa-san." Misaki stuttered and got the package.

Usagi-san sighed heavily and stood up. Things were about to get heated when Aikawa burst in. Great, 2 weeks without Misaki and I wasn't able to say a proper goodbye, thought Usagi. "I'll be there in 5 minutes."

"Great! Bye Misaki! Don't worry; he'll only be gone in two weeks. He'll be back before you know it." Aikawa said and went out the door.

Silence ensued as Misaki grasped the creampuffs box tightly, making his knuckles white. He watched as Usagi-san readjusted his tie and put on his coat. He won't admit it but the though of being without Usagi-san for a day seems very unimaginable. But two weeks?

"Misaki.." Usagi-san sighed. He walked over to Misaki and cupped his face. Usagi-san kissed Misaki's forehead gently. "Wait for me okay?"

Misaki snorted. "I have better things to do you know?"

Usagi-san chuckled. "Oh I know. I just want you to think of me every night before you go to sleep."

Misaki tilted his head up and gazed at Usagi-san. God, he could look at those violet eyes forever. Could he possibly love Usagi-san more? Without him saying it, Misaki knew that Usagi-san can read his eyes and he knew that he will miss him, too. "Usagi-san…kiss me."

Usagi-san inhaled sharply, surprised at Misaki's request, but only for a few seconds. Usagi suddenly plunged his hands through Misaki's chestnut hair and devoured his mouth without further ado. Misaki immediately opened his mouth to allow Usagi-san access and unceremoniously dropped the box of creampuffs to wound his arms around Usagi's neck. Misaki moaned as their tongues battled for dominance, though predictably, Usagi-san won. The kiss was not gentle, it was frenzied, it was rough, it was raw with the incorporation of teeth and lots of tongue. Usagi-san wrapped his arms around Misaki's waist and walked him backwards until his back hit the door. Misaki gasped and tilted his head to gasp some air. Usagi rained kisses across Misaki's jaw, neck and ears. He hurriedly unbuttoned Misaki's jeans and quickly plunged his hand inside to find the prize.

Misaki moaned loudly and grasped Usagi's back as Usagi-san expertly stroked him. Their kiss earlier made him hard but lost it when Aikawa burst from the door. Now it was back full force and Misaki was drowning in the heat and passion of the moment and can't help but moan out Usagi-san's name.

"Oh, god…Usagi-san…please…", Misaki whimpered.

Usagi-san trailed kisses from Misaki's ear and devoured his mouth again as he continued to pump Misaki ruthlessly. By the flush on Misaki's face and his uneven breathing, Usagi-san can see that Misaki is very close already. He spread the pre-cum oozing out and continued to pump Misaki while plunging his tongue inside Misaki's mouth.

"Usagi-san! Nnngg! So close!"

Usagi-san licked Misaki's ear and whispered hotly, "Come for me, my dear Misaki."

And with that, Misaki screamed out Usagi's name as he came long and hard in Usagi's hand. If not for Usagi's arms holding him, he could have crumpled to the floor. Usagi kissed Misaki's cheek, jaw and whatever he could reach while he waited Misaki's orgasm to subside.

Misaki was still panting as he gazed at Usagi-san with a sated look on his face. "Wow…my god…that was…"

Usagi chuckled as he kissed Misaki's forehead. "I know. Just keep on remembering that before you go to sleep."

Misaki sighed as he nuzzled Usagi's cheek with his nose and they kissed again. This time, it was gentler, sweeter, the urgency absent unlike their previous kiss earlier. Usagi smoothed his hands on Misaki's cheeks, as if memorizing every planes and contours of the face of the man he loves so much. "Come back soon, Usagi-san. I'll be here waiting."

"Of course, my dear Misaki. There's no where else I'd rather be than here with you." Usagi-san kissed Misaki one last time. "I love you."

Misaki closed his eyes. "I love you, too," he whispered against Usagi's lips.

Misaki watched from the window as Usagi-san's car pulled out of the street into the incoming traffic. It was also raining. Misaki smiled sadly. The weather matches my mood, he thought. He saw the creampuffs on the table but he was not in the mood to eat. He just walked to the couch and hugged Suzuki-san. He inhaled. Hmm…it smelled of Usagi-san…like cigarettes and his cologne. Misaki crumpled to a ball and hugged Suzuki-san and felt tears flowing down his face. He fell asleep on the couch hugging Suzuki-san, wishing it was his beloved pervert Usagi.