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After a week, Usagi still refused to have sex with Misaki, reasoning, "All the more it will be saved up next week", and would walk away with a naughty wink.

A great surprise came their way when Usagi received an e-mail from his brother, Haruhiko. Usagi laughed when he read the email. Haruhiko and Usagi's Italian doctor, Dr. Romero eloped and they are now living together in Marseilles. Usagi-chichi e-mailed him as well, ranting about Haruhiko's behavior. Usagi emailed back, asking his father to just leave his brother alone. Usagi couldn't be happier for his brother.

Finally, Usagi and Misaki are now on their way to Ono-san's onsen in Osaka. Misaki's on vacation and Usagi just finished his latest manuscript, and has asked Aikawa-san to not call him for anything. Misaki couldn't help but shiver in anticipation for the next three days. It will be just him and Usagi-san with no interruptions. Misaki squirmed in his seat as he felt his pants getting snugger by the minute.

Usagi-san looked at Misaki and smirked as he saw Misaki squirm in his seat. Usagi-san has planned something special for Misaki. Very special that it could be a night Misaki would never, ever forget.

"Welcome, Usami-san. It is a great honor that you accepted my invitation." Tsubaki Ono bowed deeply in front of Usagi-san and Misaki. She was old but her eyes still twinkle with humor, mischief and kindness. She was a small woman, only reaching Usagi's waist. She turned to Misaki and grasps both his hands. Misaki was taken aback and smiled nervously.

"Misaki-kun, I've heard so much about you from Usami-san."

Misaki laughed nervously. "Really? I hope all of them are good."

Ono-san's eyes twinkle with humor. "Oh, all of them are good, I assure you." She squeezed Misaki's hands. "Usami-san is a very good man. You're very lucky to have him."

Misaki glanced at Usagi and smiled at him. "I am."

Usagi smiled back and Ono-san smirked at the very noticeable spark between the two men. She prepared a very private suite for the both of them with an onsen as well. It was all she could do to repay Usami-san's kindness.

"Well…" Ono-san said softly and smirked again when both men jumped up, obviously forgetting she was still there. "Follow me, gentlemen. I'll take you to your room."

The two men followed and Misaki couldn't help admire the onsen. It was created with the old feeling of a bathhouse but he could see many modern amenities as well. He noticed that there were people in the public onsen and they are still walking towards their room. Suddenly, Ono-san stopped in front of a door and opened it for them.

"This will be your room." Ono-san said. "I prepared just one room, but do you want me to prepare another one?" Ono-san asked, eyes twinkling, because she already knew the answer. She was asking due to courteousness and hospitality.

Misaki blushed and Usagi chuckled. "This is great, Ono-san. Thank you."

Ono-san bowed deeply. "Please enjoy yourselves. Call me or the servants if you need anything."

Ono-san left and silence reigned in the room. Usagi was looking outside and admiring the private onsen and Misaki felt so nervous, he felt like he was a virgin again. His gaze strayed unwittingly to the immense bed at the center of the room. His face suddenly flushed and he swallowed nervously.

"Well!" Misaki said in his falsely cheery voice, but it was wavering in nervousness. "Here we are."

Usagi smirked as he walked closer to Misaki, but did not touch him. Misaki swallowed nervously at the predatory look in Usagi's eyes. "Here we are, indeed."

"Now what?" Misaki whispered, eyes getting half-lidded at the hypnotic effect of Usagi's eyes and closeness.

"Now…" Usagi nuzzled his nose in Misaki's hair, inhaling the shampoo that the younger man used earlier.

"Now…?" Misaki gasped as he clung to Usagi's broad shoulders as Usagi's nose is now nuzzling his ears.

Then Usagi pulled away with a quick kiss to Misaki's cheek. "Now we have dinner!"

Misaki was taken aback and blinked his eyes twice to go back to reality. "D – Dinner? Usagi-san, are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. I'm very hungry already, Misaki. All we had are sandwiches when we stopped at the gas station."

Misaki sighed. He was so hard, he was about to explode and Usagi here is talking about dinner. "Great. Dinner, of course."

Usagi smirked at Misaki's forlorn expression. "Come on." He then took Misaki's hand as they left their suite.

Misaki blushed as Usagi tangled their fingers together. He then sighed as he squeezed Usagi's hand. Well, the sex can wait. He was hungry, anyway.

They entered the restaurant inside the onsen and it was already full with dinner patrons. The smell of cooking food was wafting in the air and Misaki's stomach growled in appreciation.

The waitress in a kimono directed them over to the very secluded part of the restaurant where a private table awaits the two of them. Misaki could not help but blush at the romantic atmosphere. The table is big enough for two, there was champagne chilling in the bucket, big, fat vanilla scented candles were lit and a single red rose on a crystal vase served as the centerpiece. All in all, a very romantic ambiance. He also noticed that some of the patrons were wearing business suits.

"Usagi-san, you didn't tell me that the restaurant is like this. I feel underdressed." Misaki glanced down at his outfit of jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers.

Usagi kissed Misaki's forehead. "Don't worry about it. I'm wearing jeans, too. It's okay. It's not like they're not going to let you eat if you're not wearing a suit and tie."

Misaki hummed in agreement as he sat down in one of the chairs. Usagi sat across from him and he could not help but admire Usagi's features being illuminated by the candles. Misaki shifted uncomfortably on the chair as his erection is also agreeing that Usagi-san looked very hot indeed.

Misaki cleared his throat as he surveyed the menu. "Hmmm. These look good. What'll you have, Usagi-san?"

A waiter suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took their orders. The two did small talk while holding hands atop the table. Their food arrived and they fell silent as they succumbed to the hunger that they were feeling. After the main course, Misaki felt so full and tired, he just wanted to go back to their suite and sleep the night away. But Usagi insisted that he order dessert.

"Hmmm. I'll take this. Uhm. Chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries. That sounds good." Misaki told the waiter who wrote down the order and bowed silently, then left.

Misaki glanced at Usagi and smiled. "Thank you for bringing me here, Usagi-san. Although at first I was annoyed with you because of you plus one."

Usagi chuckled after he took a sip of champagne. "Oh that. I was really trying to annoy you."

In spite of himself, Misaki couldn't help but smile as well. "You're impossible."

Usagi smiled as took Misaki's hand and kissed his palm. "But you love me, right?"

Misaki blushed hotly. Fortunately, the waiter appeared with their dessert and Misaki was saved. The dessert indeed looked good. He took a fork and cut a piece while Usagi watched him like a hawk.

"Hm. Wow! It's good!" Misaki exclaimed, slicing another sliver. "Here, Usagi-san, try –"

Misaki stopped as he bit something very hard in his mouth. He winced. "What the – is that a nut?"

He tried to clean it and removed it from his mouth. His eyes widened as he revealed a simple silver ring. He held it closer to the candles and it glinted in the light, as he looked closer, Misaki could see some inscription on the inside of the ring.

"Did you like it?" Usagi whispered, watching Misaki's reaction.

"Like it? What – why is it…in the cake…" Misaki asked incoherently.

Usagi took the ring from Misaki's nerveless fingers. "I was planning this for a very long time now. Though there never was a right time for me to do it. I kept this hidden in my office and I was planning on doing this on your birthday, but I can't wait anymore."

"What – What do you want to do, exactly?" Misaki asked in a wavering voice. Hope filled his heart but he does not want to be too presumptuous. Maybe it was just a birthday gift.

Usagi took a deep breath and stared at Misaki's wide green eyes. "Marry me."

Misaki gasped as his dream finally came true. "Usagi…are you…sure?"

Usagi chuckled as he wiped a tear from Misaki's cheek. "Misaki, I've never been more sure in my entire life."

"B – But we can't…can we?" Misaki asked as he grasped Usagi's shirt in his hands.

"I'll find a way for us to be together. I'll never let you go." Usagi leaned forward and captured Misaki's trembling lips with his own.

Misaki moaned softly against Usagi's mouth. His heart felt so full he felt like it was going to burst with happiness.

"Misaki, marry me." Usagi whispered against his lips.

MIsaki hummed and nodded. "Yes, yes." Kiss. "I will –" Kiss. "—marry you."

Usagi drew back and looked at Misaki. Misaki smiled. "Yes, I will marry you."

Then Usagi smiled the most beautiful smile that Misaki has seen from the man. He then took the ring and put it in Misaki's fingers. He admired his handiwork and lifted Misaki's hand and kissed the ring.

"I love you." Usagi whispered against his hand.

Misaki all but melted. "I love you, too." Misaki then grasped Usagi's collar and put on his meanest glare. "Take me to bed. Now."

Usagi smirked and placed a quick kiss to Misaki's nose. "Ah, of course. How can I refuse?"

They hurriedly left the restaurant, and they ran from the restaurant to their suite. From the corner of the restaurant, Ono-san smirked and shook her head. Ah, love.

Misaki and Usagi ran hand-in-hand from the restaurant to their suite. It took awhile to get there because Misaki kept slamming Usagi to the wall every few minutes, devouring the older man's mouth, not that Usagi was complaining. His lips were already swollen by the time they reached their suite. Misaki slammed Usagi again to the wall, and then devoured him senseless. He grabbed Usagi by his shirtfront, and then dragged the older man inside the room without taking his mouth off.

Usagi was reveling on the fact that Misaki was being aggressive and couldn't seem to get enough of him. Usagi's musing was interrupted when Misaki all but ripped his clothes off. Misaki seem to be having some problems with the buttons on his shirt, and Misaki, being very impatient, ripped all the buttons.

Misaki pushed Usagi-san until he was lying on the bed. Misaki then ripped all of his own clothes and straddled Usagi-san as he plundered the older man's mouth. Usagi-san sat up and grasped Misaki's head as he returned the aggressive, almost brutal kiss.

"Misaki." Usagi whispered. "Slow down. We're in no hurry."

Misaki scoffed as he removed Usagi's belt. "Says you. I told you the lack of sex is affecting my everyday life."

Usagi chuckled as he lifted his hips so that Misaki can remove his pants. Misaki then shot up as he remembered something. "Lube! I almost forgot!"

He then scampered over to their bags and removed almost 6 bottles of lubricant.

Usagi's eyes widened. "Wha – that's a lot of lube."

Misaki walked over back to the bed and straddled Usagi-san again. "It's hard to buy that many, you know. The lady at the cashier was trying very hard not to laugh."

Usagi chuckled. "I'll bet." He then proceeded to kiss Misaki senseless. Misaki moaned as Usagi-san rubbed his nipples. He then trailed a kiss from Misaki's ear to his collarbone.

The slow and lazy foreplay was driving Misaki insane. "Usagi-san, hurry up." Misaki moaned. He was so hard he felt like he was about to explode. He then shifted and gasped as his erection brushed against Usagi's thighs. He then ground himself against Usagi's thighs.

Usagi stopped his pleasurable ministrations and held Misaki's hips to stop his movements. "Stop that."

Misaki whined. "Usagi-san, hurry up. Come on, I'm dying here."

Usagi chuckled and quickly flipped them over so that the older man is at the top. Usagi-san then claimed Misaki's mouth again and Misaki raised his hips and wrapped his legs around Usagi's waist. He then trailed his hands from Usagi's chest until it reached the waistband of his boxers. Without further ado, he plunged his hand inside and Usagi gasped against his mouth when Misaki grasp his erection and stroked him firmly.

"Misaki." Usagi groaned. Misaki then spread the precome gathering at the tip and stroke Usagi firmly from the top of his erection to the base.

Usagi was drowning in sensations he never felt for quite awhile. He felt pleasure and happiness knowing that Misaki wanted him just as much. But, as much as he likes what Misaki was doing, he was about to shoot his load right then and there.

Usagi moaned throatily and with one last kiss to Misaki's mouth, he moved away from the source of pleasure and kissed his way down Misaki's chest .He paused and bit Misaki's nipples gently, reveling in the gasping moan that the younger man emitted. He then lapped at it with his tongue to soothe the ache. He then felt hands grasping at his hair as he licked his way down Misaki's stomach, pausing to roll his tongue leisurely in the younger man's belly button.

Misaki was going crazy with what Usagi was doing. He showed his displeasure (not really displeasure, but you get my drift) at the long foreplay by arching his hips and grasping Usagi's hair almost violently.

"U-Usagi-san…please…please…" Misaki whimpered, arching his hips and spreading his legs wide to accommodate Usagi-san.

Usagi-san took pity with the young man and with one deft movement, he leaned down and deep throated Misaki without warning. Misaki's eyes flew open as his mouth opened as well on a silent scream. With just a few bobs of Usagi's mouth on his cock, Misaki suddenly screamed as his orgasm was torn from his body. He grasped the pillows at the back of his head and threw back his head as his orgasm went on and on. Still, Usagi never let go and continued to milk the younger man dry. After a few moments of panting, Misaki finally came down from his high. He closed his eyes in contentment as Usagi licked his way up Misaki's body to claim his mouth again.

Usagi plunged his tongue inside Misaki's mouth and Misaki moaned as he felt himself harden again as he tasted himself on the older man's tongue.

Usagi drew back to lick Misaki's earlobe. "That was fast."

Misaki tilted his head with a moan to let Usagi gain better access. "Three months, Usagi-san. Three freakin' months."

Usagi chuckled as he licked Misaki's lips, the younger man parting his own to lick Usagi's as well.

Usagi smiled as he felt Misaki getting hard again. "Ready for the second round?"

Misaki rolled his eyes. "I've been ready for months."

Usagi chuckled darkly. "Great. Get on your hands and knees for me."

Misaki shuddered with pleasure and scrambled to obey. He heard the top of the lubricant being opened and he swallowed in anticipation. He suddenly jumped when Usagi kissed his back from the top of his spine to the very base, then back up. Misaki arched his back and moaned in pleasure.

Usagi squirted generous amounts of lubricant on his fingers. Three months is a long time and he could hurt Misaki if they were careless. He should prepare Misaki just like it was his first time. Usagi kissed Misaki's nape to his ears, then whispered. "Just relax okay? Tell me if it hurts."

Misaki nodded. "Just do it."

Usagi covered Misaki's back with his front and kissed Misaki's neck, sucking the skin on his shoulders hard enough to leave a mark. With his other hand he slid it from Misaki's hard, sensitive nipples down to his leaking cock. He lubricated his other hand and circled Misaki's opening with one finger.

Misaki gasped at the intrusion. Three months is very long indeed and the finger actually hurt, not that much, but very uncomfortable indeed if not for Usagi's other very talented hand which was adept at multi-tasking.

"Still okay?" Usagi whispered against Misaki's ear.

Misaki shuddered at the warm air in his ear and the second finger entering him. "K – Keep going."

Usagi kissed his nape again. "I love you."

Misaki moaned at the words and because another finger has entered him. His eyes flew open as Usagi's middle finger finally touched his prostate. His eyes rolled back at the back of his head as he moaned loudly.

"More, Usagi-san. Right…there."

Usagi smirked and curled his finger and was rewarded by Misaki's chocked scream. "Right there, Misaki?"

"Yes Usagi-san…god…fuck me now, please." Misaki begged, already thrusting against Usagi's fingers, trying to pull the fingers deeper.

Usagi-san then removed his fingers altogether and Misaki whined in disapproval. Suddenly, something wet and soft touched his opening and he jerked back in surprise.

"Usagi-san! What –" his voice was lost in a moan as Usagi licked his opening. Misaki's arms gave way and he leaned on his forearms as he moaned in pleasure as Usagi-san licked and prod his opening with his tongue. Misaki's cock is now so hard again and with a few thrusts of Usagi's tongue, Misaki's cock exploded and he screamed as he felt another orgasm was torn from his body. Hot jets of cum landed on the bed below him and with the force of his orgasm, his arms and legs gave way and he collapsed on the bed, panting heavily.

Usagi licked his fingers as he watched Misaki explode right before his eyes. He stroked his own cock lazily as he watched Misaki. Watching Misaki shatter from pleasure was too much for him to bear and he almost came right then and there but he was able to grab on to his self-control. He then leaned down and kissed Misaki's butt cheeks and kissed his way up Misaki's sweat-dampened neck.

"Hey, still okay?" Usagi whispered against his neck.

Misaki slowly turned around and immediately claimed Usagi's mouth with his own. Though he already came twice already, he wanted Usagi-san inside of him. Again, three months is a very long time.

"Usagi-san, I want you now. Please. I want you so much. I want you inside me." MIsaki whispered against Usagi's neck as he lifted his legs and wrapped them around Usagi's waist.

With a request like that, how could he refuse? Usagi plundered Misaki's mouth with his tongue again as he positioned himself against the younger man's entrance.

"Misaki, I love you." Usagi whispered as he pushed forward.

Misaki bit his lip as he felt Usagi's cock breached him. It didn't feel that bad, with Usagi's ministrations earlier surely loosened him up. Usagi kept on pushing forward until he was buried to the hilt. He paused for a moment to get Misaki get adjusted to the intrusion.

"Usagi-san, move." Misaki commaned against his neck.

Usagi-san proceeded to move. His thrust were slow, lazy, allowing Misaki to get comfortable first. After a few seconds, Misaki was arching his hips and wrapping his legs around Usagi's hips. Misaki moaned as Usagi's cock rammed against his prostate. He then mewled as Usagi pounded him again and again. There were no more slow movements; their actions were now frenzied, almost brutal, making the bed wobble on its legs and the headboard to bang against the wall.

Misaki was shouting Usagi's name now as he braced his hands against the headboard for leverage as Usagi pounded him raw. It felt so good to be close to Usagi-san like this again. To think that they lasted three months without this. Misaki felt another impending orgasm and he knew that it would be harder than the last two.

"Usagi-san! Oh god! I'm coming!" Misaki screamed .

Usagi panted in his ear. "Yes, my dear Misaki. Come for me." And with that, Usagi continued to pound into Misaki as he lowered his hand to the younger man's dripping cock. With a few firm jerks, Misaki screamed at the ceiling as he came hard against Usag's hand and his own stomach and chest. He was right. His third orgasm was harder than the last two and he felt like he was going to faint from the sheer intensity of it.

With a few more hard thrusts and due to Misaki's scream, Usagi found his release as well a few seconds later. He groaned long and loud as he buried his mouth against Misaki's neck as he coated Misaki's inside with his come.

Misaki wrapped his arms around Usagi's shoulders to hold him in place as they exchange soft, soothing kisses. Misaki was still panting and his legs were shaking with the intensity of his orgasm.

Usagi slowly withdrew, careful not to hurt Misaki. Misaki whined in disapproval as Usagi withdrew. Usagi kissed his nose as he left and went to the bathroom to get a wet towel. He gave Misaki a makeshift wash and threw the towel on the sink. They can take a bath in the morning. He then snuggled in beside Misaki and drew the covers over them.

Misaki immediately snuggled close. "I must say, that made up for three months."

Usagi chuckled as he smoothed Misaki's damp hair away from his face. "Patience is a virtue."

Misaki hummed in agreement. He wrapped his arms around Usagi and noticed the ring for the first time since their dinner. "Oh, I almost forgot." He mumbled.

Usagi hummed. "What is it?"

Misaki blushed. "The ring. I can't believe it. You did propose to me earlier, right?"

Usagi raised himself on one elbow to glare at Misaki. "You forgot about that?"

Misaki chuckled and placed a quick kiss to Usagi's lips. "No. I just can't get over it. It just felt so surreal."

Usagi wrapped his arms around Misaki. "Well, believe it. Aikawa and I have been planning it for months already. Expect to be harassed by her when we get back."

Misaki sighed happily as he snuggled closer. "No one can rain on my parade."

A few silent moments later, Usagi thought Misaki was now asleep. "Usagi-san?"

Usagi-san hummed to indicate that he was listening.

"There were inscriptions inside the ring. What does it say?"

Usagi opened one eye. "Why don't you check?"

Misaki rolled his eyes and removed the ring. He held it against the moonlight streaming through the windows and looked at the inscription. His heart melted and tears gathered in his eyes as he read the words. Trust Usagi to be cheesy. He sniffed and happily wore it back again and snuggled closer.

"What do you think?" Usagi whispered against his hair.

Misaki hugged him tighter. "You're so cheesy." Misaki leaned up and rubbed his nose against Usagi lovingly. "But, sometimes cheesy works."

Usagi chuckled and drew his beloved Misaki closer. Thoughts of the future with his beloved Misaki filled his thoughts and realized he can't wait to start his life with Misaki as his partner. Their entire journey, all of the hardships, all of the pain all boils down to this moment. Truly, patience is a virtue and Usagi will make sure that the promise inside the ring will be fulfilled as long as he lives: