Me: This has been done GAZILLIONS of times, but the fact that there isn't one of these for Seussical is just preposterous!

Jojo: *looks up slowly from his book* Wait. . . . So you're going to make us talk to people we don't know?

Cat: *pops out of nowhere, smiling like a maniac* AWWW, c'mon, Jojo, where's your sense of adventure? I think it's a SPLENDIFEROUS idea!

Jojo: My sense of adventure was crushed by you, long, long ago. I'd rather stay safely inside my own mind, thanks. And is "splendiferous" even a word?

Gertrude: *blushes* Oh my! I hope no one will ask anything embarrassing!

Horton: This should be interesting. I bet we'll meet lots of fascinating people!

Sour Kangaroo: Humph! I ain't lettin' anyone pry into MY private life! And neither are you, Roo! *takes her son by the hand*

Roo: But momma, it'll be fun!

Wickershams: *rubbing hands together mischievously* Haha, let him do it, Kangaroo!

Mayzie: *shoves everyone out of the way* AT LAST! A chance for my fans to express their DEVOTION to me! *smiles dazzlingly and poses* Who's first? I love you all, but please, make a line!

Cat: *rubs the back of his neck* Jeez. . . . I thought she learned her lesson the first time. Ah well! *grins* I guess I'll just have to cook up another elaborate scheme to show her the meaning of life and responsibility!

Jojo: *headdesk*

Me: Oh Lord. . . . Your skull made a loud cracking sound kid, are you alright?

Mr. Mayor: *straightens his jacket pompously* I suppose I could take some time out of my mayoral duties for this. It is, after all, my duty to serve the public!

Mrs. Mayor: *fixes her husband's tie* You are so attentive your job! *smiles fondly* Jojo, dear, I'm not sure I want you doing this. . . talking to complete strangers. . . .

Me: *sounding scarily like the Cat* AWW, c'mon, Mrs. Mayor! It's not like these people are mass murderers or anything! *long, awkward pause* Well. . . .at least I'm 86% sure they're not! *nervous laugh*

Mrs. Mayor: *faints*

General Genghis Khan Schmitz: Now see what you've done, young lady! On your feet, cadets, and take this poor woman to the hospital! Step lively!

Cadets: *pick Mrs. Mayor up and march her to the hospital* Schmitz, Schmitz, Schmitz, Schmitz. . . .

The Grinch: Well, that was weird.

Yertle the Turtle: *to SoftlySpokenHeart* Hope to high heavens, missy, that the Mayor family doesn't sue you!

Cat: *appears in suit and tie, with a briefcase and glasses* No worries, if she does, I'll be your lawyer!

Me: *headdesk* Oh. . . .Now I feel legally ensured. . . .

Cat: Yup! *grins* I knew you'd feel better!

Me: You don't know the meaning of the word "sarcasm," do you?

Cat: *blank stare*

Me: *sigh* . . . Well, he's a lost cause. ANYWAY, to my dear readers, please take the time to ask one of the wonderful Seussical characters . . .*gets evil glares* AHEM, eh, people, *gets more evil glares* er, ANIMALS, *gets more evil glares* um, WHOS SLASH ANIMALS SLASH WHATEVER THE HECK YOU ALL ARE, okay, what was I saying? Ah yes. Well, just leave a comment or send me a message asking any of them questions! Any questions at all! Oh, and because I'm sure that I'm not the only fanficcer out there with a dirty mind, the rating MAY GO UP! I'll be sure to give a rating to every individual chapter, so that the fainthearted will be able to maneuver around any risqué themes that may crop up.

Jojo: "Risqué themes"? Are you serious?

Me: Oh please, no one will ask YOU any iffy questions! *second long, awkward pause* At least . . . I really hope not . . . O_O

Cat: *bursts out laughing hysterically*