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To Jojo: First of all- *Hugs* You're awesome~!

*Clears throat* As for the actual question- Do your Thinks still ever get you in trouble? What was your first Think? And do you still see the Cat often?


Loving this story :D.


Jojo: Hello there, Dreamer. *uncertain smile*

*is hugged* *is shocked, and blushes deeply* U-uh-uh . . . um . . . not sure how to respond to that . . .

Cat: *pops head in* *speaks in a carrying whisper* Give her a kiss!

Jojo: *looks murderous*

Cat: *sniggers and ducks out again*

Jojo: *color still high* Sorry about him . . . he's the devil incarnate sometimes . . . Anyway, I think he just answered your last question for me. Yes, Cat occasionally pops up and screws with my life, luckily not as much as he used to, but it still happens. Most recently my mom came home from shopping one day and there he was, painting an elaborate mural on our living room wall. Mom nearly had a heart attack. *scowls* He got rid of the mural later, but had himself a good laugh over the whole thing.

And yeah . . . I still get in trouble for Thinking . . . not as much as before, because Thinking is more accepted now and has even been adopted into the curriculum at school! *grins proudly* They announced that during the ceremony for my Thinker Non-Stop Award. But there are still guidelines to keep things under control . . . and I have more difficulty than the other kids keeping my Thinks under wraps.

Hmm . . . My first Think . . . That's a tough one. The timeline in our world is kinda skewed, so I'm not really sure . . . But when I was little I vaguely remember giving our house feathers and wings. *smiles sheepishly* Heh, the whole thing nearly flew off with us in it, but luckily my dad got the repairwhos to remove the wings in time. The feathers were there for a while though . . . it took months before our house shed them. *giggles*

Thanks for the question, Dreamer! You brought back some funny memories. I have a question of my own, though . . .What about your name? Do you dream a lot? I love to dream. My Thinks are always brightest then. *grins*

Always, Jojo Mayor


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