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Another Day In The Life Of

Screams penetrated through her soft hands, straight into her ears. She was unaware that she was clutching her fists to her ears. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Her knees were pulled up under her. Her red hair fell around her arms, her head bent forward. As much as she tried to keep her ears covered, the sound wouldn't stop. The never ending screaming. She could feel nothing but the pain of those screams. Screams filled with such agonizing anguish it was enough to bring the girl to her knees. She rocked backward and forth. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't move. All she could do was wince and clutch desperately at her ears. The sound drove through, pounding her delicate eardrums. Had it been a minute? Five? An hour? A day? Time was nothing of which she was currently capable of keeping track.

Suddenly, warm hands were on her wrists. The hands pulled hers away from her ears. She forced her eyes open through the pain. The Doctor's concerned face was peering back at her. He regarded her intensely. The look on his face was a blend of worry, curiosity, and confusion. His lips started to move. He was saying something, but Amy couldn't begin to guess what it was. She wasn't able to hear a thing over the screams. "Make it stop!" She cried out, trying to pull her wrists free of his gentle, but solid grasp. He gave her wrists a slight shake and continued saying words that may as well have been in Japanese for all she could make of them.

Distressed, she whimpered. "Doctor, please make it stop! Please! It hurts! It hurts!" She watched an alarmed look flicker briefly over the Doctor's features before he regained control of himself. He immediately pulled out a torch and brushed her hair back, peering into her ears with the torch to light his view. First her left ear, then her right, carefully he looked. He leaned back and lifted a hand to the side of her face, cupping it smoothly to steady her rocking. He peered into her eyes and seemed to be looking for something more. He was talking again, but she again, couldn't hear him over the horrifying screams.

His gaze fell to the clutched fingers of her left hand. He reached out and grabbed the hand. Lightly prying her hand open, he spied a pretty aqua colored stone. He shook her hand purposefully, causing the stone to be flung a few feet away and the world spun to Amy, she rocked back a moment before steadying herself. The Doctor was looking at her worriedly. "Are you alright?" He reached out to touch the side of her head with care.

Amy closed her eyes a brief moment as normal sounds and body functions began working again. She breathed in deeply and nodded. "It wouldn't stop. The screaming. It just kept screaming! Doctor, what was that?" The pain was gone, the noise was gone. Relief washed over her, except that the thoughts of the haunting screams still lingered.

The Doctor's own face seemed to be a mixture of emotions. "Animus Calx." He said the words without any thought, but after the confused look on Amy's face, he continued. He sometimes had trouble remembering others didn't quite keep up with him mentally. "Most call it a soul stone, though it is more of a memory stone. It mirrors the emotions the last living being that was near it, was feeling. You must have gotten a stone that came into contact with something...Not good..." He stood and offered her a hand. She took it and let him help her up to her feet.

"It was terrible! The screams." She shuddered while he watched her silently. "It was like they were being killed or dying or something, but it just never stopped." She was obviously shaken by the ordeal. "It sounded like someone dying."

"Yes, well that is part of the non-appeal of the soul stones. They don't only hold positive emotions, they can hold any emotion, and they repeat the emotion in an endless loop." He glanced around at the ground. "Judging by the shrapnel I found, I'd say you're not far off. Likely there was a war here once upon a time. It would certainly explain the lack of civilization in this particular region even though this planet was colonized centuries ago." He mused, turning to her. "There is life here, but for some reason they've kept out of this particular area. It might be some sort of memorial site."

Amy eyed the Doctor warily. "So you brought me to another war-torn planet's historical landmark? Great! Thanks!" Sarcasm was her best friend, after the Doctor. "What are we doing here Doctor? You said you were taking me to a roaring '20s party. This doesn't look like the '20s and I don't see any partying!" They already went through his 'Lets have a look around.' thing and as far as she could tell, there was nothing worth hanging around here to see. "This place is too hot." She wiped a bead of sweat from her brow as she complained.

Months had passed since the paradox incident. At least, months in TARDIS time. In reality no time had to have necessarily passed at all, depending on perspective. The Doctor made good on his promise about visiting other planets, and she was loving the adventures they had. Though not much had happened in a while. Things were pretty quiet while visiting various places, until this little soul stone trouble that left Amy's head reeling. Then again, her head was often pounding. She attributed it to traveling through various atmospheres. Since traveling in a plane or on a boat could effect the ears and cause people to become dizzy and sick, she didn't consider that her headaches were anything more than that. Some mild traveling sickness.

"Oh, come on, Amy. Where is your sense of adventure?" The Doctor reproached her, but Amy merely turned away from him and started back for the TARDIS. Though he did agree about one thing, it was definitely hot. The temperatures soared passed 40° C/105° F. He had abandoned his explorations along with the location of his discarded jacket when he heard Amy's screams.

"This isn't an adventure, this is a nightmare wrapped up in boredom! Until you show me proof of why we need to be here, I'll be waiting in the TARDIS." She dismissed him with a wave of her hand. He watched her with what could only be described as a pout.

"But," He glanced up at a slight hissing sound. "Who needs proof when the sky is falling." He said this so low, but she caught it. "What?" She turned and glanced up. The sky was full of heavy clouds that had joined together to form a massive fog that was quickly descending upon them. As it hit, Amy coughed and blinked through the thickness of it. "Doctor, is fog supposed to be this...Foggy?" She had never in her life been so blinded by a fog. It was so thick she could taste it in her mouth. A mixture of rainwater and some other substance she couldn't identify.

"Get in the TARDIS." Came his reply from a distance. She couldn't see him. "I can't see an inch in front of my face, how am I supposed to find the TARDIS?" She asked between coughs.

She turned and started trying to find her way back. This fog was dangerous. It was messing with her lungs to be sure, and she could even hear the Doctor cough a bit off and on. His coughing seemed to be getting closer until finally his hand was on her elbow and he was guiding her along.

"This way." Maybe he had some instinctive sense of direction. Amy wasn't sure but the next thing she knew, she was being propelled into the TARDIS. The fog cleared as soon as he closed the door behind them. He hurried over to the console while she finished a new coughing spell.

"What is it Doctor?" She was thrown by the look on his face more than by the fog. She hurried to his side, watching him anxiously.

"That wasn't a normal fog. It was an artificial filter used to penetrate and often incapacitate enemies in battle. It more than likely was abandoned and continues to do its job working in some sort of pattern over this area. The fog it creates usually only lasts a couple of hours, but, who knows how long its lasting if its malfunctioning. Even if the people of this world can track the source of it, it is highly unlikely they have the technology to disable it. It wouldn't be a problem, except that this planet does have life and if the device used to generate the fog continues to operate, it will kill them. All of them."

"But, its been operating a long time now if you're right about it having been a while since a war happened..." Amy replied uncertainly.

"Yes, but you see, it isn't operating correctly." He said while waving his finger at her. "At least, not anymore. That little hissing noise it made beforehand, it would alert the enemies and wouldn't be a part of the plan. It isn't meant to do that. It means it is malfunctioning. A device powerful enough to change the weather is a dangerous weapon."

"And," Amy watched him with a small grin forming across her lips. "Of course we're going to stop it." She said excitedly.

The Doctor grinned back. "Did you ever have any doubts?" He was pulling levers and pushing dials. "Now, we just have to trace the source of that fog down and disable it." He pressed a button and quickly went to grab a new jacket. He tugged the darker tweed on and moved over to read some sort of meter with a slight look of concentration.

Amy leaned against the console and glanced over at a flashing light that appeared on the view screen followed by a picture of the crack that she had created and she and the Doctor had fixed. Her heart leapt into her throat. She pushed herself away from the console. "Doctor..."

"The readings are bouncing." Too focused on the fog readings, he wasn't paying a bit of attention to her. "It needs to settle down for us to follow it."

"Doctor." She said with more urgency, not taking her eyes off the screen.

"Hang on. Oh there we go!" He smiled brightly. "Yes, yes we have a fix. Coordinates!"

"Doctor!" She called louder, still staring at the crack on the screen.

"If I can just-"

"Doctor!" She was screaming now. He blinked and looked over at her. Seeing the paleness on her face, he dropped what he was doing and walked over to see what she was on about.

His mouth fell open. "Oh, that is severely not good..." He pressed a button and stared.

"What does it mean? Doctor, I thought we got rid of the cracks?" She was upset. The last thing she wanted to do was go through having to fix more cracks and worse, deal with any kind of energy that would kill her and make her leave existence again. Nothing about that had been any kind of fun.

"We did. This isn't actually a crack. Its a warning." Amy calmed down a bit at that as the Doctor continued. "Someone, somewhere in time, is doing something that might forever change everything." He was moving around the console wildly now, pressing buttons, pulling levers, and twisting dials quite like a mad man indeed. "The Juforalians will have to wait, I need to fix this first." He indicated the view screen and the warning animated crack on it.

"Wait. What? The Who-Lians?" Amy stared at him.

"Oh, the species that live on the planet with the fog, Juforal Eight."

Amy stared. "That sounds familiar..." She murmured, trying to recall just where she had heard of that before.

"No, you couldn't have, I've never mentioned it, and we've never been before today." The Doctor answered absentmindedly. It didn't seem too important so Amy shrugged it off.

There was much to do. The Doctor was very aware he would have to help the species of that world even if they didn't know it. It was only a matter of time before the device creating that fog made the entire planet uninhabitable and he seriously doubted they had the resources to move every person on their world to a new planet. But the appearance of the crack warning was disturbing him far more than the fate of the Juforialians. They might lose their lives, but they were only one world. If someone was trying to undo something to do with the cracks in the Universe, they could kill everything in existence.

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