Super Mario 64 gone horribly wrong


How Bowser traumatized Mario

By Stephen Paget AKA StephenP18 who brought you funny multi part comedy series such as "Super Mario Sketch Show" and "I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario." Heh…such shameless advertising…..

This fanfic contains some shocking behavior and some strong language. If you're the type easily offended, don't read!

Mario stood facing Bowser in Super Mario 64. It was the ultimate showdown between man and beast. As soon as Mario got the chance , he was going to grab Bowser by the tail and throw him into the mines.

Mario did wonder why there were mines around. It was odd Bowser always did seem to show up in weird places that would end up killing him. Like standing over a lava pit in Super Mario Bros 1. And it was odd the way he kept coming back to life after getting killed numerous times throughout the games….maybe it had something to do with the green 1UP mushrooms

*There was also Bowser Jr who once revived Bowser in New Super Mario Bros for DS – Author's note.

Mario figured they were mines there because it wasn't painful enough that he fell off the cliff. He had to go through an explosive death too. But whatever the case, he was going to make sure Bowser got a nice taste of death himself.

Or was he?

Bowser blew fire from his mouth. Mario dived out the way and then ran to the back of Bowser getting ready to grab his tail. Just as he bent down…..


Mario had hurt his back. He immediately let go of Bowser's tail. It hurt like hell to stand up. He let out a huge scream.


The fight stopped "What's wrong?" asked Bowser.

"My back! I've hurt it! I can't stand!" Mario sobbed.

"Really!" Bowser grinned.

"Oh shit!" Mario cried still in his bent down position "I'm fucking dead!"

"Oh I'm not gonna kill you." Bowser smiled.

Mario grew puzzled. "Er…..why not?"

"That's too easy…plus you have 5 more lives. I want to do something…different. That bent down position gives me an idea."

Mario couldn't understand. "Like what?"

"I may not be able to kill you but I can give you something that will haunt you for life."

"What are you going to do? Those Boo ghosts aren't terrifying. If I want terrifying, I'll imagine Wario getting drunk and pissing all over a Christmas turkey. Damn that was a bad Christmas."

"No Mario what I have is much worse." Bowser then moved his shell a little to the side and presented his penis.


Mario's mouth opened in shock. He spoke slowly "What…are…you….going….to…do…..with…..that!"

Bowser put on a really huge grin. "Take off your overalls."

Mario let out a huge ear-piercing scream loud enough for the whole Mushroom Kingdom to hear….