Harry flees the Wizarding world after the war and takes up an abandoned building, feeding and clothing homeless. That is into the Wayne Corporation decides to tear it down, and Bruce Wayne makes a public enemy of the former Boy-who-lived.

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Main Pairings:Harry Potter (Aeirs Wynter)/Bruce Wayne

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Heroes are created by popular demand, sometimes out of the scantiest materials, or none at all.
Gerald W. Johnson

"Harry do you know what your doing?" A beautiful red-haired woman asked.

"Of course Ginny." A bespectacled lad replied as he pulled contents from within their shelves.

Turning towards her, he tried to give her a smile but it just couldn't reach his eyes. He knew that she was scared, so was he. But he just couldn't bring himself to do what the world thought was right.

Sighing at his former love, he tiredly ran his hands through his hair. "You know this isn't right known of this."

Ginny bit her lips as she fought to find the right words, words that wouldn't further rile up Harry. Sighing she ran her illuminated wand along the cave walls, symbols and drawings coating its surface. Flickering her wand back to Harry, she watched as he struggled to pull up some sort of chest.

"But Harry this is the Dark Lord were talking about."

Harry stared at his girlfriend in shock. How could she even say something like that? What of the Weasley family motto; Viaticus est volatilis quod vix , tamen prosapia est eternus quod mediocris, Money is fleeting scarce, but family is eternal and fair.

Turning his eyes down, he stared at the green and silver swaddle bundle, his black hair peeking from his protective covering. Dark Lord or not, he was now a baby an innocent baby. He couldn't have his death on his conscience.

"Look at him Ginny, does he seem evil to you." Harry asked as he held out the tiny baby towards her.

Ginny took a step back; she wasn't entirely comfortable with the whole situation. Harry was endangering both his life and their future by trying to protect the Dark Lord.

Harry was looking at her with such disappointment. What did she do to warrant his displeasure, his, his disappointment, except trying to keep him out of Azkaban.

"Harry, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry but this is wrong, wrong against everything we've fought for." Ginny tried to argue, her tone doing nothing to hide her guilt.

Harry stared at her in confusion, what reason did she have to apologize. His eyes slowly widening as he stared at her.

Looking away, his expression began to fill with pain. "You know, there are worst things then death."

"No there isn't, death gives you absolution, Azkaban gives you suffering. Can't you see I didn't want that for you, for us. Think about our future Harry, our children they deserve to be born to know their father." She pleaded as she attempted to pacify him.

Harry shield his face from her view with his hands.

"Harry." She gasped aloud, as she caught sight of greenish-silver eyes peaking at her from between his fingers.

Harry shook his head, licking his lips he stared at her with such contempt.

"No, there is no longer any future for us." Harry finally said his look was of deepest heartbreak. "Goodbye Ginevra."

"No, HARRY!" Ginny screamed as she raced forward, but it was already too late. Harry, the Dark Lord, and whatever was inside of the chest were already gone in a cloud of blindingly white smoke.

There were several pops before over a dozen Aurors came racing inside of the cramped alcove.

"Ginny, Ginny." A voice called out behind him.

Ginny turned slowly and was immediately pulled into her brother's arm.

"Ginny, where's Harry, where's Harry." Percy asked her worry etched across his features.

"He's gone, he's gone." She sobbed brokenly against his chest. 'He's gone forever.'

Harry landed with a heavy thud outside an abandoned building, shifting his weigh he gently jiggled the crying infant in his arm.

"Your late Potter, I don't care if you're a hero time is a luxury I cannot afford to waste." The man drawled in an imperious tone.

"My apologies sir, I was otherwise….busy." Harry finally said as he stared at the black robed man. His features were completely hidden, but he carried an air of arrogance similar to Malfoy.

The man titled his head at the comparison, Harry grimaced at the action he was obviously a Legilimency expert. Oh how he hated them. "Yes well it's easy to hate something you don't understand."

Harry smiled at the man's "That is true, I know that all too well. So are we doing this or not."

"Or not, humorous Mr. Potter and yes we are doing this as you so eloquently put it. I should say that this business deal is quite sufficed and leaves us both significantly compensated." The man drawled as he pulled out a heavy brown package.

"Yes, it would seem we both are." Harry murmured quietly his gaze falling back onto baby Riddle. The tiny tot oblivious to the world around him and his past blew a spit bubble at him. His tooth-less grin making Harry's resolve slightly waver.

"You are an unfit parent Mr. Potter, the dogs are hounding on your heels. How do you intend to raise him, to protect him when the truth comes out?"

Harry choked back the tears. He was right no matter how cruel it was said, he was right. His life, was no longer truly his own. He would be hunted, chased, and eventually caught and when that day came all knowledge he had on this innocent child could very lead to his demise. He couldn't die, not anymore. He was now an immortal, something that the Dark Lord and many other wizards sought for millenniums. He may not be able to die, but he could still feel pain. And Azkaban was not a place he desired to spend an eternity in, nope.

"Your right." Harry agreed and with a teary smile, he held the baby towards the man.

The man stepped forward hesitantly before he gently took his new son into his arm. Turning to his previously hidden companion, the smaller figure cradled the baby against their chest. Turning his head to Harry, he handed him the tightly sealed package.

"I hope you find your own happiness, Mr. Potter." He threw over his shoulders before disappearing, leaving Harry, Aeirs all alone in his darkness.

"Goodbye Tom, goodbye."

Knock! Knock!

Green eyes lifted up from the computer screen for a moment. Sighing to himself, he took off his glasses and massaged his temple. The rally hadn't even began and he already had a headache, all thanks to the incompetence of his so called lawyer. Lucky for him the District Attorney's assistant Rachel Dawes had brought up significant proof that the building was brought up to health code, if a little on the ugly side.

Knock! Knock!

Hearing the insistent rapping against the door, he scowled. He was seriously not in the mood for whatever pep talk Audrey was going to try to do.

"Come in." He said, before turning his attention back to his screen.

"Morning fearless leader." A cheerful voice broke out.

Speaking of said evil, he smiled up at her tiredly before looking back down to his notes. He stopped, pinched his nose before staring back up.

He couldn't help the laugh that broke out at the sight of his best friend outfit. She was dressed in a tie-dyed blouse with holes, and a cowboy-like jacket over with different messages of peace strewn over. Her blue bellbottoms had illustrated drawings of the peace sign as well as what looked to be a chibi version of himself whacking Wayne in the head with a board. Her bottle cap glasses were an obscene red colored and her leather hair band wrapped around her skull tightly. In her hands were a whip and a bullhorn.

"What, what's so funny."

In the distance he could hear the other's laughing and even falling onto the ground.

Chloë narrowed her eyes at her friend trembling form, his fist beating against the desk. "Aeir's you're a total prick, you know that right."

"Ahhh! Says the person dressed up like a freaking. What the hell are you dressed up as?" He asked as he stared at her multiple colored form.

"A hippie, duh."

"No, you look like you fell into a tub of rainbows and came out like that." He admonished, his eyes twitching warily at the sheer amount of colors currently burning his retina. "And who the hell said that you're joining me." He added with a frown.

"Why the hell not." She screamed.

He clutched his now throbbing head, God must she always be so loud.

"You think I left my apartment looking like this, just for fun.'

"Ah, remembering that you once walked down the street completely naked saved for body paint. Yeah I do."

"Hey, I was only doing that to raise awareness for the criminal mistreatments of squirrels." She argued, her hands coming to rest across her sizeable bust.

He stared up at her in confusion. "Didn't the squirrels attack you, during said protest?"

She flinched in remembrance of said assault. Who knew such adorable pets could be so anger and vicious, she blamed the toxic waste being dumped in the ponds for their actions.

"You know that they were very sick."

"Yes they were, of you."

"I'm going to ignore that comment, seeing as you're just under alot of stress."

He rolled his eyes at her; Audrey skipped happily over to him and massaged his shoulders.

"Aeirs you seriously need to take a break, all this stress is seriously messing up your chakra." She gently reminded him.

Knock! Knock!

'Oh, my sweet lord, who next the Ministry of Magic'

"Morning Aei-" The tiny blonde woman paused in her greeting as she turned to glare at Audrey.

Ignoring the otherwise tense situation, he offered the woman a soft smile.

"Did you get everyone?" He asked her, biting back a soft moan as Audrey perfectly kneaded his shoulders. "Ahhh! That is so good Aud."

Audrey smirked maliciously at Chloë, it was a well known fact that the older woman was in love with Aeirs.

Pushing Audrey away, he ignored the put she sent his way before marching through the door. She threw a glare Chloë at before slamming the door behind her.

He groaned as the resounding sound intensified his headache. He took a deep breath before opening up his draw. Opening the bottle, he gulped down its content. He took a soothing breath as he felt his headache gradually diminished.

Looking back up at the young woman, he gave her a skeptical look.

"Because I don't want to show up there on forty degree weather and no one is there. It'll make me look stupid; it'll make you look stupid and would strengthen the council's resolve to go ahead with the destruction of our home."

"No problem Aeirs." She quickly said she did not want to incur his wraith once again.

"But are you sure about this, it may catch international attention." She asked him worriedly.

"You have nothing to worry about Chloë; I doubt they would be able to recognize me." He assured her, his eyes falling onto the stranger's reflection staring back at him.

'I barley do anymore'

And so it begins.