Title: I Remember Our Love (1/?)

Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Just having a little fun.

Summary: Rachel suffers an accident and loses her memory. She has a dream of Quinn while in a coma and wakes up thinking Quinn is her girlfriend.

A/N 1: Rachel has a car accident. It's mentioned but not expounded upon.

A/N 2: Hope everyone enjoys! Comments are love.

"Yes, Rachel. Please, baby, more…" The blonde below Rachel is writhing as her hips buck up towards her warm mouth.

"You like this?" Rachel asks as she removes her mouth and slides two fingers into the girl's tight channel.

"Yes, baby, so close." Fingers tangle in her hair and Rachel doesn't know who the person is. She can only see blonde hair framing a face that's kind of shaded. Distorted. She wonders who she's having sex with.

"Who are you? Tell me, please." She moves up to the mystery person's face and the face is still shadowed. She's becoming worried and considers stopping.

That is until the body below her goes stiff. "Rachel!" she cries. "I love you." At those words the face suddenly becomes clear and she's able to see just who the blonde is.

"I love you too, Quinn…"

Chocolate eyes open for the first time in two weeks as they squint up at the ceiling.

"Rachel!" A male voice exclaims as a tall, brown man comes to the girl's side. She peers past him and sees another man, with white skin, regard her with concerned eyes.

She blinks up at the brown man with confusion. "Who is Rachel?"

The man stares up at her before his eyes roll into the back of his head as he faints. The other man comes to his side and fans him.

The door to the room swings open as a man in a white coat frantically takes in his surroundings. "What just happened?"

"The two men were here when I awoke. The brown one came over to my bed and called me Rachel. I asked who that person was and then he fainted. Rather dramatically, I might add."

The doctor rubs his forehead and sighs tiredly as he stares down at the girl.

"Hmm, although now that I've said it aloud, the whole scenario sounds rather foolish." She returns her doctor's blank stare with a curious one. "I am Rachel, aren't I?"

"Yes, yes you are. Let me call a nurse to help 'the brown man'," he mocks, good naturedly "and then we'll run tests on you, ok?"

"Yes, that is perfectly alright. Of course I will need the results of all of the tests you perform. Also, I have an acute fear of needles, so if you draw blood, I request a nurse that is capable of restraining me properly. Without causing injury of course."

"Is there anything else you need, Rachel?" The doctor asks warily.

"Yes." She glances at the still unconscious man and the one helping him on the hospital floor. "Who are these men?"

"They're your fathers."

"But-but they're both men. How how could they…" And then Rachel faints. Rather dramatically.

"So, you are my fathers?" Rachel questions skeptically after all of her tests have been taken.

"Yes, we are." There's an awkward silence. Rachel coughs in her hand and her father's can see that they're going to have to expound on their information much more. The 'white one' clears his throat and speaks. "I'm Robert and this is James. We adopted you when you were just a baby."

Her eyes shift from man to man. "So who is my real father?"

"One of us is. Would you like to find out which one of us is your father while we're here?"

Rachel's not sure why but she doesn't mind not knowing which one is her father. Maybe it's because she doesn't know much of anything else at the moment. Might as well be completely ignorant. "No, that's alright." She smiles at both of the men and they beam back.

"Would it be ok if we…hugged?" James asks.

"Of course," Rachel says with a breathless, watery laugh as she feels tears prick the back of her eyes.

Both men envelope her in a hug and any doubt she had before is obliterated. These are her fathers. They love her and she loves them just the same.

She cries into James shoulder and he just shushes her and makes cooing sounds. "It's alright, Rachel. We love you very much." He holds her at arms length and looks her in the eye. "We love you alright? We will all get through this together. Right, Rob?"

"Right," Robert affirms from her other side. Planting a loving kiss to the back of her head, he tells her, "We'll always be here for you Rachel."

It's been a week since Rachel woke up from her coma and it's her first day back in school. She observes that it's loud. The big, meaty boys are typically the loudest. They also seem to gravitate toward the smaller and less meaty girls. Small boys, especially the ones that wear glasses, seem to attract the big, meaty boys as well. Although in a more aggressive and slightly violent way than the girls do.

"Hey, Rach." She turns around and is greeted with a big, meaty boy. She thinks that her observations have been right because he's gravitated towards her.

"Um, hi," she says. Not really knowing who she's talking to.

"Oh, right, you have amnesia." He reaches out a hand to shake hers. "I'm Finn Hudson. We were close friends before your car accident."

"It's nice to meet you, Finn…again," she says.

"Yeah, nice," he nods in agreement. "So, do you have any memories yet?" He asks hopefully.

"Not really. I don't remember my fathers at all, but it feels like I just know they're my fathers whether I can remember them or not. You know what I mean?"

"Totally. Do you…remember me?"

She stares at him as she wracks her brain for anything on a 'Finn Hudson'. Her facial expression eventually turns apologetic. "I'm sorry."

"It's cool, it's cool," he replies. His tone of voice and facial expression conveying the message that's it's definitely not cool. In fact, it's slightly painful. "So listen, I'm not sure whether anyone's shown you around or not but…"

Rachel checks out of the conversation as she sees a halo of blonde hair down the hallway. She stares at the person, feeling a tickle in the back of her head. Her memory. The blonde locks of hair are stirring up her memories and she searches through them as Finn continues talking. Then the person walking in front of the blonde veers to the left and she sees her face. That hair, that face. She remembers.

"Quinn!" Rachel sprints in the direction of blonde hair, knocking everyone else out of her way.

Said girl hears her name being called and turns in the direction of the voice. Her eyes bulge as she sees the brunette bound towards her. She can't handle the embarrassment of Rachel Berry addressing her this early in the morning. She turns her back and makes a hasty escape. She can't run, lest she draw attention. However, Rachel doesn't care about drawing attention and continues running. Which is why she catches up to the blonde.

She grabs her by the wrist and spins Quinn around before planting her lips firmly on the blonde's. She wraps her arms around the girl's neck and crushes their bodies together. This is the safest and most secure Rachel has truly felt since she's woken up. And it's ripped from her by her own source of security.

"Gross!" Quinn growls as she spits the saliva out of her mouth. "What the hell, Ru Paul?"

Rachel looks at the girl she considers her girlfriend with confusion. "Who is Ru Paul?"

"That's you," Quinn croaks out, wondering if she's going to vomit. "That's my insult for you. Why the hell are you acting so weird?"

"Because she has amnesia, Quinn." Both girls turn to the sound of the voice. It's Finn. He's gravitated towards Rachel again. She briefly gives herself a pat on the back for being so intuitive. She's returning from two weeks in a coma and she has amnesia and she was still able to figure out how this high school thing was run. Go Rachel.

"Amnesia? That doesn't explain why she just sucked my face. And stop making moon eyes at me, Berry." Quinn snaps at the smaller girl. However, that doesn't deter Rachel's love…or her moon eyes.

"But I love you, Quinn," she says in a reverent voice. "We love each other. I had a dream while I was in a coma of us making tender, passionate love under the stars. It was erotic-"

"Shut the hell up, Berry!" Quinn hisses as she pulls her away from the crowd that's starting to form. "Look, I don't care about your damn amnesia. You better keep your mouth shut about whatever dreams you're having about me, got that?"

Rachel's eyes tear up at the sheer ferocity of the blonde's words and she runs off in the opposite direction, sobbing.

"Way to go, Quinn," Finn chastises. "You're the only person she remembers since the accident and now you've hurt her. That's traumatizing. She probably won't come to school ever again."

"Shut up, Finn," Quinn says as she walks away from him, ignoring the strong pang of guilt she feels stab at her heart.