Title: I Remember Our Love (11/11)

Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Just having a little fun.

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End of Week One…

Quinn walks down the hallways of McKinely High, with an extra edge. She had been in school for all of thirty minutes and she was already pissed off. People kept looking at her. Some were snickering. Karofsky even had the nerve to point. She responded with a swift kick in the balls.

She watches as Santana rounds a corner, traveling in her direction. Her eyes pinch in annoyance as she continues walking.

At the first sight of Quinn, Santana doubles over in obnoxious laughter. Quinn's right hand balls into a fist at her side as she watches her friend's obvious delight. Wiping a tear from her eyes, Santana finally speaks. "Hey, Q," she says through a guffaw. "What's up with that fug-"

Roughly grabbing the girl by the front of her uniform, Quinn drags her face closer. "I will end you," she hisses quietly, looking the girl directly in the eye. "Don't. Say. Another. Word."

The threatening moment is broken when Quinn feels someone tap her shoulder. She spins around quickly and is met with Brittany. "Hey, Quinn. Why does your sweater look like one that Rachel would wear?" the taller blonde asks with genuine curiosity.

Quinn growls loudly at the two girls as she continues to walk forward. "She knitted me the damn sweater, alright?" she snarls. "What was I supposed to do?"

"Burn the thing?" Santana quips with a smirk.

"Don't talk about the sweater," Quinn replies with sincerity as she walks into her geometry class. "She made it for me. It's special."

"No, Quinn, you're special," Santana says. She eyes the boat on the sweater and breaks into a fit of laughter again. "Going fishing?"

The three girls slip into the remaining desks in the back of the classroom. Quinn turns to Santana and Brittany, fully prepared to engage in conversation and the school's latest gossip. However, when she hears Brittany whisper the words 'strap-on' and 'goat' in the same sentence, she decides against it.

Instead, she opens her text book, hoping to finish her last three problems. She was working diligently on the problems before Rachel called last night. One week had pass since they became a couple again and since Quinn promised they'd have sex. One week had pass, which meant only three weeks remained. Rachel was already getting antsy. Each conversation they had on the phone was getting increasingly racy.

Apparently Rachel had done her homework. She called the blonde one day and told her that she finally found out what 'Google it' meant and was putting it to good use. She'd researched what she felt was every possible position that two women could have sex in. Quinn sinks back into that memory with a smile.

"Quinn," Rachel says with enthusiasm. "I have mastered the internet."

Quinn cradles the phone between her neck and shoulder as she smiles fondly. "Oh, yeah? How so?"

"Have you ever Googled anything? It is very useful."

"I've Googled things before," she says as she flips through the channels on her TV. "Mostly for projects and stuff."

"Well I have Googled something I think is extremely important to our relationship," Rachel says in a hush, hush voice as she lies down on her bed.

Quinn arches a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at that. She bites her lip before replying. "And what would that be?" she asks coyly.

"Lesbian sex."

A buzzing phone breaks Quinn out of her thoughts. She looks down at the sheet of paper she was using and noticed that she hasn't solved one problem yet. Shaking her head, she opens her phone.

-I can't wait until we make love, Quinn

Quinn smirks. It was amazing how one text, albeit a dirty text, from Rachel could brighten her day. Maybe wearing that hideous sweater wasn't so bad after all.

She really didn't want to get worked up at school, however. There was no way to relieve the tension without going to the bathroom. Ew.

-I can't wait either, Rach

She tries to keep her reply as neutral as possible.

-I really want to see you naked. I can't wait to touch you

Quinn grits her teeth. This is what she was talking about. Innocent, yet very sexual. She looks over at Santana and Brittany. They seemed to be in their own world. She looks to the head of the class. The teacher was lecturing and the students were all facing forward. She looks at her homework. She still hadn't done those three problems. Damn.

-Stop trying to talk dirty to me, Berry. I still haven't finished that homework from last night

She smiles as she types the reply. She knows that when Rachel reads it, she's going to pout. Seconds later, she gets a reply.

-But I'm really good at dirty talk :( I researched it and everything. Please let me text you? You don't even have to respond back

-Even if I say no…you're still going to text me, aren't you?

-Yes ;)

Quinn smiles, at the wink or at Rachel's persistence, she's not sure. Typing back her compliance, she places her phone in her lap and grabs a pencil to begin her homework.

She'd almost forgotten about Rachel texting her back when her phone vibrates in her lap. She bites her lip to keep any noise from escaping. Grapping her phone, she flips it open to read the message.

-Quinn, I want you. I want to strip you naked and touch every intimate part on your body. Places only I'm allowed to touch

She inhales deeply at the message, thighs clenching together. Rachel wasn't lying when she said she was good at dirty talk. Releasing a shaky breath, she keeps her phone securely in her grip. If she set it back in her lap again, she wasn't sure she'd be able to keep quiet when it vibrated a second time.

Her pencil writes diligently, halfway through the first problem, she gets another text.

-I want to grab your breasts, feel the weight of them in my hands before I pinch your nipples roughly

Quinn feels her nipples strain in sympathy against the fabric of her bra. They're incredibly hard, almost to the point of discomfort as she discretely shifts the cup of her bra back and forth, sighing softly at the momentary relief.

-Am I good, Quinn?

She scowls as she reads the text. She pictures Rachel typing the letters with a shit eating grin on her face. Rachel was good, and she knew the brunette knew it.


Seconds later she gets a reply. Either Rachel was fast at typing, or she had this message ready beforehand. Quinn reads it.

-I want to kiss you. Everywhere. I want to watch your back arch, hear you scream my name. Quinn, I want to make you come. Please, baby. Will you let me?

Quinn stands hurriedly. "May I be excused? I really need to use the restroom."

The teacher, caught off guard, does nothing but nod. Quinn quickly walks out of class, shooting one last text to Rachel.

-Meet me in the restroom

End of Week Two…

Quinn strikes her gavel loud and clear to get the attention of all the girls.

"The celibacy club is now in session," she says with amusement in her voice. "We are…welcoming a new member this week."

Hazel eyes catch dark brown ones sparkling with mischief. Rachel leans forward, eagerly waiting for her name to be called.

Quinn hides the smirk threatening to blossom on her face as she keeps her eyes locked on the girl. "Her name is Rachel Berry," she says lowly. "She's a sophomore and is interested in this club. I expect you all to welcome her with open arms."

Rachel's eyes lower to Quinn's legs under the table. They were more than eight feet apart, Rachel by herself at one table and Quinn at a table directly in front of her with the rest of the members of the club. The distance was perfect because Rachel's eyes were able to travel far up the blonde's legs. She notices that Quinn's legs are crossed tightly. Damn.

"Rachel, repeat after me," Quinn says. She notices the girl eyeing her and this time she does allow a sinful smirk to adorn her lips. She slowly uncrosses her legs, watching raptly as Rachel licks her lips, hunger in her eyes.

"Rachel," Quinn calls to her again.

At the sound of her name, Rachel looks back up at Quinn, face flaming. "I-I'm sorry," she stammers. "What were you saying?"

"I said, repeat after me."


"I declare…"

"I declare…"

"That I am entering this club as a virgin."

"That I am entering this club as a virgin." Quinn feels her insides clench at that knowledge.

She sighs. "And that I promise to remain that way…"

Rachel smiles at that. "And I promise to remain that way…"

"The entire time that I am a member of this club."

"The entire time that I am a member of this club."

"Should I lose my virginity…" she says shakily. She leans forward in her chair, fingers idly strumming across the table.

Dark eyes lock onto Quinn's fingers. She bites her lip, picturing those very same fingers on her, in her. "Should I lose my virginity…" she breathes.

"I will promptly be evicted from this club."

Rachel eyes lift to Quinn's at that statement. She holds her gaze steadily as she speaks the words. "I will promptly be evicted from this club."

Quinn nods her head as she turns to Santana. "Can you get everyone out of here?" she whispers.

Santana rolls her eyes before standing up. "Alright," she says loudly. "The President would like to have a word with our new member."

The girls surrounding the table giggle amongst themselves. They knew exactly what this 'word' would entail.

"Having said that," Santana continues. "Get the hell out."

Everyone stands abruptly at Santana's word and scurries out of the room. "Try not to do her on the tables, Q," she says dryly as she links pinkies with Brittany to leave.

The door shuts with a deafening thud. No more than two seconds later, Rachel is in action. She stands up from her seated position and walks over to Quinn's side of the room. "How much longer until I'm evicted from the club?" she asks as she sits on the table directly in front of Quinn.

Rachel situates herself in front of the blonde, parting her legs slightly. Quinn's eyes track her every movement. "Seventeen more days," she murmurs distractedly.

She grabs a hold of Quinn's hand and tugs her upwards. "I'm excited," she whispers.

"Not as excited as I am." Quinn grasps Rachel's thighs, parting them even further before slipping between them.

Their lips crash together roughly. Quinn leans forward even more, bracing her hands on the table top as she feels strong thighs wrap securely around her waist. She moans quietly when she feels Rachel lick at the seam of her lips.

Rachel slides her hands down Quinn's sides. She digs under her uniform top to touch the smooth plane of her stomach. Quinn shivers under her touch, arching her chest forward, showing Rachel exactly where she wanted her touch. Rachel wastes no time as her hands fly up to Quinn's breasts, squeezing both mounds of flesh at the same time.

Quinn's hips pump upwards at the unexpected show of dominance. She licks along the shell of Rachel's ear, laughing darkly. "You get in all the touching you want now," she whispers throatily. "Because the night we finally do this, you're all mine. And you will not be doing any touching."

Rachel whimpers at her words, hands momentarily going slack. Ever since the promise of sex, things between the two of them had been getting increasingly heated. They'd been spending every moment together. That's why Rachel joined the celibacy club. During all of this time, Rachel's noticed that the blonde is a bit dominant. But it was no surprise. That's her personality after all. Still, it proved to be a huge turn on.

"Quinn…" she moans as she feels warm lips place burning kisses to her neck. She squirms in place, thighs clenching and unclenching around Quinn's waist as her nails rake down her abs. Her head tips back as she pants toward the ceiling.

"The bell's going to ring soon." Ever the responsible one, Quinn reluctantly pulls back, resting her forehead against Rachel's. "I love you, Rach," she whispers across her lips.

Rachel's smile brightens up the whole room. "I love you, too, Quinn."

End of Week Three…

"Alright, Fabray, I think it's time." Santana walks over to Quinn, handing her a towel as she joins her on the bottom row of bleachers in the gym. Practice was over, the gym was clear, and Santana had a chance to talk to the girl.

Quinn nurses a bottle of water, throat bobbing up and down with the effort of swallowing. She removes the bottle from her mouth, licking wet lips as she stares at the girl. "What are you talking about, S?"

"Well, I know that your parents have sticks too far up their asses to give you a proper talk," she says as she looks at her. "I'm here to school you on all things girls."

"Why? Because you've whored around with enough that you're a master now?" she scoffs.

Santana allows herself to laugh at that. "My questionable past before Brittany and I finally became a couple aside, I'm a sex guru."

Quinn shakes her head as she reclines back, resting her elbows on the row behind her. "We've barely started and I'm already uncomfortable."

"Whatever. Let's start off small. How far did you and Puck get?"

"You mean before you started sexting him and ruining whatever warped relationship he and I had?" she questions with an arched eyebrow.

Santana waves a careless hand at that. "It got you Berry, didn't it?"

"Touché," she replies with a grin.

"How far?"

"We did…things," Quinn says, face reddening slightly with embarrassment.

Santana rolls her eyes. She was clearly dealing with a virgin. "How many fingers?"


"Okay," she says, calculating. "So, you know what it feels like. Berry's going to feel the same way. I'm pretty sure that it was painful. I've seen Puck's hands."

Quinn nods her head. "It was. I was unprepared."

This was what Santana had expected. "I'm sure. Puck's a meat head. It wasn't pleasurable for you but you don't want it to be that way for Berry."

Now, she shakes her head back and forth quickly. "No. I want to make her feel good."

Santana winces at what's about to say next. There was no easy way to say this. "Quinn, there comes a time where every woman that likes women has to…munch a little carpet."

Quinn stares at her, blinking her eyes in utter confusion. "What the hell are you talking about, San?"

"You have to eat the box."


"Eat her, Q!" she shouts in frustration. "You have to go down on her."

She stares, mouth gaping as she turns twelve shades of red. "San!" she exclaims. Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

"I did!" she shouts back. "Shit, Fabray do you ride a short bus?"

Both girls break eye contact in embarrassment. They pull back and fold into themselves, needing a moment.

"If you want to please her," Santana says quietly, "then I suggest you do…that first. It'll make it less painful once you…you know."

"I know," Quinn says just as quietly. "Thanks. This was…great," she says choppily. "Just what I needed to…you know."

"Yep," she nods.

They sit there in silence, both girls tense.

"Wait," Quinn says suddenly. "If you're here, then where's Britt?"

Santana scratches the back of her head as she thinks for a moment. "Last time I saw her, she was talking about wanting to show Rachel a new trick."

"What?" Quinn says as she jumps up from her seat. "You let her talk to Rachel? Oh, shit."

She takes off into a sprint out of the gym, leaving Santana confused.

"I'm not sure I understand how this works, Brittany."

Rachel and Brittany sit inside the empty choir room. Brittany came to Rachel in the hallway asking for help with singing. But…whatever it was they were doing wasn't singing.

"It's easy, Rachel," Brittany says as she turns to face the other girl. "It's like riding a bike. You never fall off. Or something like that. Here, let me show you."

Brittany grabs Rachel's hand. She bends three of her fingers forward, leaving two remaining. "First thing you do is wet your fingers," she brings Rachel's fingers to her lips. "Then you'll want to-"

"Britt!" Quinn bursts into the room, hands on her hips. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

She swiftly walks over to Rachel and plucks the girl up from her seat. "We're leaving," she growls to the smaller girl as she drags her away.

"But, Quinn, wait. I still don't understand," Rachel exclaims, even as she's being towed away. "What is masturbation?"

"Something that'll make you go blind!"

End of Week Four…

Rachel rushes over to Quinn, who's at her locker, and taps her on the shoulder. "We make love today," she says giddily.

Quinn smirks as she closes her locker. She turns around to face the girl, leaning back against the lockers. "We do," she agrees. She eyes Rachel warily. "I have good news and bad news though."

Rachel holds a hand up, all business. "Will this news prevent the love making that will be occurring tonight?"

"No," Quinn says, shaking her head. "It may, however, postpone the love making."

"Quinn," she whines. "Haven't I waited enough?"

"I think we've both waited enough," she says with a laugh. "I have to cheer for a game today."

Rachel thinks it over. Seeing Quinn run around in pom-poms, a short skirt and a bright smile is appealing. But seeing her naked, sweaty, and panting is even more appealing.

"No competition," she murmurs.

"What did you say?" Quinn asks.

Rachel shakes her head, clearing her thoughts. "I-I was just saying how I would like to come to the game and watch you cheer."

"I would love that," Quinn says with a wide grin. This was good. Rachel was going to see her cheer. Rachel wanted to go to a game for the sole reason of watching her cheer. And, she knows this is childish, but Rachel was coming to the game to see her and not Finn. Yeah, this was good.

She turns around and hurriedly reopens her locker. "Take this." She hands Rachel something really important. "Wear this tonight."

Rachel takes the letterman, without protest. She smiles knowingly at the blonde.

"What?"Quinn asks, defensively, crossing her arms across her chest. "It's going to be cold tonight."

Rachel leans forward, breathing Quinn's air. "Then I hope you'll warm me up later," she purrs.

A line like that shouldn't have worked, but it did. Quinn's arms fall to her side, listlessly. Her eyelids hood over as she takes a step closer to the brunette. "I'll do more than that."

"I am…trying to woo you, Quinn," Rachel says as she brings her hand up to stroke Quinn's sides. "Is it working?"

She sinks her nails into her flesh through her Cherrios top, running them down her side. Quinn's eyes slip shut as she slumps forward, head resting in the crook of Rachel's neck. "I think it's been working for a while now," she sighs.

Rachel purrs her approval as her hands become more insistent.

"I hate for you to have to stay here the whole time," Quinn says. "Do you want me to drive you home?"

"Do you have to practice before the game?" she asks as she reaches under Quinn's skirt, under her spankies to palm her ass.

"It's being held now," she says arching back into exploratory hands. "But it's not mandatory."

"We should find somewhere private," Rachel says. She hears footfalls and slowly pulls away from Quinn. "I'd like to make out."

Nodding her head with a small smile, Quinn replies. "I'd like that too."

Rachel grabs Quinn's hands and pulls her down the hallway. "Brittany said something about a spacious janitor's closet on the second floor."

At eight o'clock Quinn and Rachel stumble into Quinn's house. She turns on the lights and walks through the house with Rachel in tow.

"This was my good news," she says to the brunette as she begins to climb the stairs.

Rachel takes in the stillness of the house. It was quiet. And by the looks of the old coffee in the coffee pot she saw moments earlier, no one had been there all day.

"Your parents aren't home?" she asks with barely contained hope as she allows her eyes to drink in the expensive appearance of everything.

"They're out of town on vacation," Quinn replies. They walk into her room and Rachel's in awe. Her walls are a powder blue, doused in pictures. As Rachel takes a step closer, she sees that some of the pictures are of them.

She turns back to Quinn, staring at her in wonder. "This is us," she says, head tilting towards one of the pictures.

"It is," Quinn says with an adoring smile. "That was the day you wanted to try ice skating."

"And I fell pretty hard," Rachel says with a pout as she recalls the memory.

"I remember," Quinn replies a little crabbily. "I fell on top of you."

Now Rachel smiles, even laughs because she remembers the shocked and miffed look on the blonde's face. "That was a fun day."

She turns away from the pictures. "Alright," she says. "Enough talking."

Quinn sits on the bed watching Rachel with a bemused expression as she approaches. "You were the only one talking," she replies.

"Oops." Rachel climbs on top of the bed, resting against the pillows on the blonde's bed. Quinn wastes no time in swarming her. She fits in tightly against the brunette's side and brings a hand up to stroke her cheek.

"Are you really ready?" she asks earnestly.

"Yes," Rachel says a little warily.

Quinn wraps a secure arm around the girl. "You're shaking," she whispers into her ear.

"I may be…slightly nervous. Quinn, I'm sorry, but I've never done this before and I want our first time to be of good quality for the both of us. I am beginning to question whether or not I can give you adequate pleasure and the idea is-"

Soft lips press lightly against her own, effectively shutting Rachel up. She places a reassuring hand on her stomach, feeling the muscles underneath twist and bunch.

Rachel sighs softly against Quinn's lips, the hand on her stomach spreading warmth throughout her body. She feels something low in her stomach clench tightly and she moans in sympathy.

Quinn pulls back slightly, peppering kisses all over Rachel's face. "We'll go slow, I promise. If you want me to stop, then tell me. And if I do something you don't like at any point, please tell me."

Rachel nods her head hurriedly as she kisses Quinn. Their tongues meet somewhere in the middle and moans quietly.

They continue to kiss, Quinn's tongue light and playful as she teases Rachel's own. Eventually, the smaller girl can't take anymore and is more than ready. Rachel grabs a fistful of blonde hair and yanks Quinn upwards. Looking her in the eye, she whispers to her, "Make love to me, Quinn."

Quinn's breath catches in her throat. She wants to proceed but has to make sure the brunette is ready. "Rach, are you sure?"

"I'm sure," she breathes into the blonde's ear before a tongue darts out to taste it. "Please, Quinn."

Resisting every fiber of her being that's screaming at her to ravish the girl in front of her, Quinn tentatively leans forward and brushes her lips against Rachel's. She feels small hands grab at her shoulders as she runs her tongue along a full lower lip. Rachel gasps at the feeling, done with meaning, done with a purpose this time, a goal in mind. She allows Quinn's tongue to slip past her lips and massage her own.

Quinn rests her weight on her left arm as she slowly drags her right hand up Rachel's thigh. She feels long legs part themselves willingly, trustingly, and her heart swells. Rachel trusts her again, and there was no way in hell she'd mess this up a second time.

"I love you," she whispers, her hand wrapping around a slim waist, needing to hold the smaller girl for a moment.

Rachel returns the tender embrace wholeheartedly, whispering her undying love for the blonde in return. She breathes in deeply, drowning in the overwhelming feelings coursing through her body.

Quinn lies there, content to be in Rachel's arms until she feels the girl shiver with need. Taking action, she moves to straddle slim hips and slides her hands under Rachel's shirt, greedy hands devouring every inch of flesh as she pushes the top up and over the brunette's head.

Her hand goes back to idly resting on the brunette's stomach. She gently strokes the skin there as she swoops in to kiss Rachel again, testing the waters. Nimble fingers slowly crawl up Rachel's sides as Quinn bites her lip softly. Rachel's eyes roll into the back of her head as she kisses back hungrily. When she feels a thumb stroke the underside of her breast, her back arches as she wrenches her mouth away from Quinn. "Please," she moans.

Quinn nods urgently. Her hand encompasses her breast gently, kneading the tender flesh. Rachel tries to keep her eyes open and focus on Quinn, but the feeling, the pleasure is simply too overwhelming. Her eyes slip shut, but she braces one of her hands on Quinn's back, clutching at her shirt, needing some type of contact.

When a thumb and forefinger close around her stiff nipple, Rachel arches powerfully, crying out loudly into the still room. Quinn smirks at her reaction and uses the opportunity to reach behind Rachel and undo her bra. "Good thing my parents aren't home."

"Yes," Rachel pants as her bra is removed. She shivers as the cool air kisses her skin, nipples hardening even further. "Quinn, I want you naked."

Quinn shakes her head with a quiet chuckle. Rachel was never afraid about voicing her thoughts. She grabs the hem of her shirt with both hands and slowly pulls it up her body. She then removes her skirt before settling over the girl again. Rachel licks her lips as a toned stomach, heaving breasts encased in a black, lace bra, and finally, much darker eyes come into her view. Mesmerized, she brings a single finger up and traces a teasing path from Quinn's throat, to the valley of her breasts, to her stomach, ending well below her navel. She hooks a finger into the waistband of Quinn's matching panties before snapping the waistband against her flesh. She watches, curiously, as Quinn's hips suddenly shift forward and a soft sound falls from her lips.

Exhaling slowly, Quinn wills her hormones to simmer. This night was about Rachel after all. She gently removes the girl's hands from her body, halting her exploration as she lowers herself onto her. She takes a stiff bud into her mouth, rolling it with her tongue.

"Quinn," she hears the girl whimper, squirming under her assault. Rachel grabs a fistful of the sheets as she digs her head further into the pillow. Her legs begin to open further and further, inviting, and Quinn willingly settles herself between them. She continues to tease the bud between her lips.

Relieved to finally have some pressure, some resistance; Rachel's hips begin a subtle rock against Quinn's own. Quinn pushes down against Rachel, following her rhythm as she switches to her other nipple, giving it the same attention. When Rachel feels even teeth graze her nipple before clamping down, her eyes roll back as she squeals. "Fuck!"

Not sure she heard right, Quinn lifts her head with a bemused expression. "Who taught you that word?"

Rachel blushes at her own outburst and suddenly finds interest in Quinn's blonde locks as she replies sheepishly. "Santana," she murmurs.

Rolling her eyes at her friend's vulgar mouth, Quinn presses a brief kiss to Rachel's cheek before she gets back to business. She continues to pinch, suck, and bite at Rachel's nipples until the girl feels as if she can't take anymore. She restlessly moves against the blonde. "Quinn," she whines. "More. I need something else."

"What do you need, sweetheart?" she questions as a wet nipple is released from her mouth.

Rachel's somewhat sure how this sex thing worked. She's done extensive research and even talked to Quinn about it many times. But even if she's not that experienced with sex, she can feel. She knows that one particular spot on her body aches. It doesn't matter what Quinn does, as long as it involved that one spot. "Touch me here," she groans as she slides a hand down to cup herself, her other hand moving to Quinn's shoulder.

Quinn moans quietly at the sight of Rachel's hand, touching herself while begging for her own touch. Without even trying, without meaning too, Rachel was quickly ruining Quinn's panties. When she feels a small hand push at her shoulders, she knows it's time to move on. She places lingering kisses to both mounds of flesh before moving on to greener pastures. She licks a hot trail down Rachel's stomach before coming up for air. That's when she smells it. Rachel's arousal. Quinn's eyes flutter as a low, rumbling purr settles in her chest. She has to have this.

Quickly divesting Rachel of her skirt, Quinn positions herself between Rachel thighs. She kisses her left thigh, tonguing the flesh lovingly as Rachel's hips continue to buck, meeting nothing but air every time.

Quinn lifts her hand up to cup Rachel through her panties. White panties. How fitting. She feels her lower muscles clench with the knowledge that Rachel's innocence belonged to her. Not, Finn, and not anyone else that may have wanted a piece. Rachel was hers.

She can feel heat and so much moisture as she gently memorizes the contours of the girl's sex with her fingers. Rachel pants, chest heaving up and down as she tries to be patient with the other girl. She knows that Quinn wants to make her first time special, but she really wants the girl to just get to it already.

"Take it off," she calls to the girl between her legs. Quinn smiles at her girlfriend's impatience, but doesn't respond as she places an apologetic and reassuring kiss on her thigh. She continues to run her hands through her folds, feeling her wetness seep through her panties and coat her fingers. She wants to be absolutely sure that Rachel's ready. She's read Cosmo before. Quinn knows that a first time is more than likely a painful experience whether both parties prepared for it or not. She's sure Rachel's going to feel pain when she finally penetrates. But she wants to make it the least amount of pain possible.

"Fabray," Rachel growls, voice made less stern by her panting. "Please take my panties off and touch me. Now."

Quinn sucks her teeth in protest, but complies with Rachel's order. "You've been hanging around Santana too much," she grumbles as she removes the girl's underwear.

The first sight of the area most sacred on Rachel's body takes Quinn's breath away. Swollen, pink, wet flesh fills her view and she can't help but lick her lips. "You look like a flower," she comments in awe. She can practically see the girl pulsing, her inner muscles clenching in anticipation of what was to come.

Leaning forward, Quinn closes her eyes as she inhales Rachel's scent. Her cloudy head, quickly clouds over even further. "I am so gay," she comments with a small laugh. Lust and love situated between her legs and in her heart as she opens her eyes and continues to stare in rapt pleasure. "I've wanted you," she murmurs.

Rachel, whom had been lost in her own cloud of love and lust, looks down at Quinn at those words. It had been a long month that they'd been apart and Rachel's sure that Quinn appreciates this moment of them finally joining as one as much as she did. She smiles with absolute happiness and runs her fingers down a pale cheek, murmuring with equal fervor, "Then take me."

Not needing to be told twice, Quinn leans forward the remaining distance and joins with Rachel in the most intimate kiss. Moaning loudly, Rachel arches into Quinn's warm mouth, one hand tangling in Quinn's hair and the other tangling in her own.

Quinn broadens her tongue as she slowly laps at Rachel's flesh. She gently gropes down Rachel's stomach until she reaches her mound, fingers running through short, dark brown her. She gives the strands a firm tug, listening carefully at Rachel's guttural moan as she tugs roughly at her hair. When she feels pressure on the back of her head, begging her for more, Quinn decides to quit teasing.

She continues to lick at Rachel until she finds her clit peeping out of its hood. Testing the waters, she pokes it with her tongue. Just when Rachel didn't think her pleasure couldn't get any better, she's suddenly overcome with even more euphoria. "Quinn!" she hisses as she feels the girl's lips wrap around her clit. Her hips begin a faster rhythm, bucking into the blonde's mouth as Quinn sucks with abandon. "There!"

Rachel moans lowly as she feels herself begin to tingle. Her lower extremities are starting to feel like rubber and she feels herself clench low in her stomach. She's beginning to feel out of control and she's not sure whether she likes it or not. "Quinn," she calls to the girl urgently. "Quinn, I'm close."

At Rachel's pleading tone, Quinn doubles her efforts. She begins to suck harder. Her fingers begin to get restless. She brings a finger up and cautiously places her finger at the base of Rachel's opening.

It was just enough. The promise of penetration was all it took. Rachel's hips still, suspended in mid air before they begin to buck in a shaky uncontrolled rhythm. "Quinn!" she moans loudly. She continues to moan her name over and over, whispering words of love in between.

Quinn rests her head against Rachel's thigh, catching her breath. She didn't have years of extensive vocal training that Rachel used to always brag about. Her breath control wasn't as good and she needed time to breathe.

Rachel settles, minor twitches wracking her body as she comes down from her high. "Quinn," she calls to the blonde between her legs.


"Will you hold me?"

The adorable request filled Quinn with a new vigor. She quickly scrambles up Rachel's body and envelopes the girl in a hug.

"Thank you," Rachel whispers into her ear. "It was everything I ever wanted, Quinn. I love you so much."

Quinn strokes her hair as she places a kiss to her temple. "You better not be crying on me, Berry," she says quietly. "I love you too, sweetheart."

She thinks of what Santana said about making Rachel was prepared and gives herself a pat on the back. Nudging the girl's head back, she kisses along her neck as her right hand snakes between them, between Rachel's legs.

"I love you," she murmurs again as she sinks her fingers into Rachel's wetness. Her fingers tripping over her clit again and again. "I'll only do this if you want it."

It didn't take long for Rachel to feel herself tighten again. Her hips buck up into Quinn's hand that seemed to be doing nothing but teasing at the moment. But she feels apprehension pull at Quinn's body, a question in her very touch. She gathers enough mental capacity to look Quinn in the eye and whisper, "I want it."

"Are you sure?" Quinn asks as she circles her opening with a slim finger.

"Yes," Rachel moans throatily at the feeling, the promise of being one with the girl she's in love with. "I need you."

Quinn's eyes close at those words, grateful. She exhales slowly as she reopens her eyes to look Rachel in the eye. She gently presses at Rachel's opening before slowly sliding in. And Rachel's not sure why she heard Quinn groan but she's damn sure she knows why a groan of her own emerges from her throat.

"Rachel…shit," Quinn moans as she feels Rachel's soft inner muscles instantly close in around her finger. "So tight."

"I-Is that good?" Rachel asks. She thought she wanted to know but as she feels Quinn pull out before thrusting back in, she's sure she doesn't care about the answer.

"It's perfect," she breathes, answering the question anyway. She continues to thrust into the girl, hearing Rachel's breathy moans and sighs of encouragement. Once she feels Rachel's gotten used to things, she extends a second finger. "Rach," she whispers into her ear. "I'm going to add another finger. This might hurt a little, but I'd rather do it now and get the pain over with than have to drag the inevitable out for you. But if you don't want to do it now-"

"No," Rachel says as she hips continue to buck. "I don't want to do it later. Do it now, Quinn. Make me yours. Please."

Those words ring through Quinn's ears with satisfaction. "Mine," she growls as she cautiously slips another finger inside. Rachel inhales deeply at the intrusion. Two fingers were certainly more than one. She holds her breath, body tense as she feels a sharp pain between her legs. She whimpers quietly, burying her face into Quinn's shoulder for comfort.

"I'm sorry," Quinn whispers into her ear. She kisses it lightly, holding perfectly still until Rachel says any different. "I know it hurts, baby, I'm sorry."

Eventually, the pain subsides and Rachel's left with a different kind of ache. An itch that needed to be scratched. Her hips lift closer to Quinn's hand, hoping the girl got the hint.

She did. Quinn pulls out just as slowly as she did when it was only one finger and slides back in with care. Rachel thinks it feels odd. If she must admit, penetration isn't at all pleasurable to her the first few strokes. However, once she's adjusted to having something in her for the first time, the discomfort quickly turns into pleasure.

"Quinn," she groans as her hips begin to buck at a faster pace. "It's happening again."

Face immediately turning affectionate, Quinn peers down at Rachel. Her eyes are closed tightly, lips parted in a moan and her sweat slicked hair sticking to her forehead. In Quinn's opinion the girl never looked more beautiful, vulnerable. "It's alright, Rach. Just let go," she coaxes. She begins to pump into her faster, bringing her closer to a certain unavoidable goal.

Rachel feels fire rapidly spreading from her core and she's not sure how much longer she can hold on. "You'll hold me?" she questions.

Quinn feels her heart clench almost painfully at Rachel's words. So much trust in three little words. Trust that she had, lost, and regained. Trust that she wouldn't trade for the world. "I always will," she whispers thickly.

Not saying another word, not having a coherent thought, Rachel gives herself over to the feeling, to Quinn. She arches her back like a bow into Quinn's body, as her eyes roll back. Her whole body quakes, hips bucking with jerky movements. She tosses her head to the side as the screams Quinn's name once before moaning it over and over again.

True to her word, Quinn continues to hold her until she's done. Even after, she buries her face into the girl's neck, kissing her tenderly. "Thank you," she whispers.

Rachel smiles languidly. "No, Quinn. Thank you."

She sits up slightly, fully prepared to flip positions but Quinn stops her. "I'm sure you're tired."

"But I want-"

"Rach," Quinn intones. "We can do this tomorrow. You need to sleep, sweetheart."

"Quinn, do you not recall the sext I sent you weeks ago?" Quinn rolls her eyes at the girl for using the word 'sext.' When did she and Santana become instant bffs?

"I said I wanted to make you come," she continues. "And I fully intend to do that."

When she moves to flip them over again, Quinn doesn't resist. Truth is she was wet, teeming, and really needed the smaller girl. But she didn't want to cheapen Rachel's first time by making it about herself.

"This is your first time, too," Rachel tells her quietly, as if having read her thoughts.

Quinn nods, resting against the pillows as she feels Rachel settle between her legs.

"You'll have to forgive me for the lack of foreplay during our first coupling, Quinn," she tells the blonde, removing her panties. "I am fully prepared to make up for that tomorrow and as many times as I can after that."

She licks her lips as Quinn's sex finally comes into her view. "Again…" she breathes as she leans forward. "I'm sorry. But I cannot wait any longer."

Rachel didn't waste any time. She quickly assaults the girl's flesh, seeking out her clit uncharacteristically expertly and circling it roughly.

"Fuck, Rach." Quinn purrs from deep within her throat as she wraps her legs around the brunette's shoulders, trying not to smother her with her desire. "I'm not going to last."

Rachel giggles into Quinn's flesh, the vibration causing unexpected results as she feels Quinn's hips begin to pump quickly against her face. She brings up an arm to wrap around her waist, anchoring the blonde in place.

Had Quinn not been so close to losing her shit, she would have been embarrassed about how eager she appeared. As it was, she was extremely close to losing it and didn't care who knew how much she needed this.

Her hips pump faster, rhythm being lost in her urgency. "Rach," she says, the girl's very name sounding like a plea as she licks her lips. "Rach, please."

Rachel tears her mouth away from Quinn's flesh to peer up at her. She quickly places two fingers on her clit, rubbing in small, tight circles as another slips into her. "You're so beautiful, Quinn," she whispers fervently.

Quinn whimpers, opening her eyes to stare at the girl. Rachel smiles at the unfocused gaze. It's like Quinn's seeing her, but not seeing her.

"I've wanted to make love to you for so long," she continues. "To feel you pulse around my fingers, moan my name, arch in pleasure. You've done all three already. But now I want you to come for me. Please, Quinn, come for me, baby."

Quinn practically hyperventilates as she screams loudly, back arching, orgasm crashing into her quickly. That was all it took. Rachel. Her innocent (somewhat) Rachel, talking to her, coaxing her to an earth shattering climax.

Her body goes limp, completely pliable as Rachel cuddles into her. She wraps an arm around the girl and kisses her temple.

"Was I good?" she asks in a childlike voice.

Quinn lazily opens one eye. "You were amazing," she whispers, yawning sleepily.

"Go to sleep," Rachel tells her as she pulls the covers on top of them.

"You're so chivalrous," Quinn jokes.

Rachel settles further into the covers and Quinn. "I love you," she whispers again as she closes her eyes. "And I want breakfast tomorrow," sounding like a petulant princess. "My favorite."

Quinn has enough energy to roll her eyes at her high maintenance girlfriend. She's surprised when she hears Rachel lightly snore, something the brunette would never admit. The girl sure could fall asleep quickly. Feeling as if she should still respond, Quinn whispers to her before falling into her own slumber. "Pancakes. Star shaped. I remember, sweetheart."

Rachel wakes up the next morning, stretching her muscles. "I'm sore," she comments quietly.

"That's because I'm amazing," Quinn retorts, waking up to the sound of her voice.

Rachel swats her arm before settling back into her. "What are we going to do today?" she asks as she assumes her position of the little spoon.

"Santana called earlier. She wants us to meet her and Britt at the movies later."

Quinn wraps an arm around Rachel, sighing contentedly when she feels the brunette's own arm cover hers. "She called? I wonder why I didn't hear your phone ring."

"You were snoring," Quinn mumbles sleepily into the girl's shoulder.

"I do not snore, Quinn Fabray," Rachel says in all seriousness, with a glare that the blonde couldn't see.

Quinn does nothing but hum a reply, teetering towards sleep.



Rachel smiles. "I really, really love you."

Quinn smiles as well. "I love you more."


Moments later. "Quinn?"

"Just go to sleep, Rach."