A/N: This is just a random ficlet that popped into my head. I blame the bunnies...

Summary: Pre-accident, Sam and Maya hold a very philosophical conversation. Sam/Maya pairing. Kinda fluffy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Life On Mars. I wish I did, though. I'd take very good care of it. But that right belongs to the BBC... *sigh*

Do They Have Alcohol In Heaven?

Sam grabbed a bottle of beer in each hand and then shut the fridge. He had to put them down on the kitchen counter for a moment as he rummaged through a drawer for a bottle opener. After dispensing with the caps, he picked up the bottles again and walked the short distance back to his sofa, plopping down next to Maya. He handed her a beer and took a sip of his own. He sank into the back cushion, letting his free arm wrap around Maya, whose head rested against his shoulder as her feet were curled up on the remainder of the sofa. They let their minds rest as they watched the television, trying to forget for just a little while all of the horrific and draining cases that plagued their mornings each day.

They sat like this for several minutes before Maya suddenly asked, "Do you think they have alcohol in heaven?"

Sam gave her an odd look, then gave a wide grin that turned into a chuckle. "I dunno," he said. "Maybe."

"I wouldn't want to go to heaven if they didn't serve drinks," she decided.

"That's assuming they'd let you in," he said.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, bolting her head up from its position by his chest to give him an evil glare.

"Kidding," he said. Taking the beer from her hand, Sam reached down to place the two bottles on his coffee table. He then used both his hands to stroke her hair and face.

"You're lucky you're so cute," Maya said, softening her eyes. She leaned over and gave him a brief kiss, and then snuggled back into him. He wrapped his arms around her possessively, kissing her temple.

"So," Sam asked. "If heaven has beer, what does hell have?"

"A cash bar." They both burst out laughing.