Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Hope this chap is okay. Just mindless fun.

Hank cracked his eyes open, instantly regreting it as the harsh lighting burned and stung; squeezing his eyes shut almost immediately. He let his his other sensed do the work for him. No sounds except for the beeping of the heart monitor and the ticking of the clock. The smell of disinfectants hung in the air and the scratchy blanket he was using to cover up was half on the floor.

Curiosity overcoming discomfort, Hank opened his eyes again. Scanning the room. A blanket was flung across the couch in such a way that suggested someone had been sleeping there; yet, there was no one in the room.

Hank fiddled with the controls on the bed so he could sit up without using his muscles to keep him in the position. Eventually finding the right button, after moving in every other direction besides up first.

The clock read 7:35 am. and Hank inwardly groaned. It was going to be a long day of being an invalid and being almost constantly bored. To occupy his easily bored mind, Hank cataloged his injuries. The shattered rotator cuff meant no crutches and the femur meant no walking. It seemed to Hank that he would be using a wheelchair, till at least one of those injuries healed.

Plus, physical therapy. Hank could've been happier had he not known he was going to have to have it. He wasn't great at relying on others, especially relying on them for such menial tasks as walking! The prospects weren't looking great for him.

A nurse walked in a pulled him from his thoughts. Smiling politely and nodding in his direction as she walked towards the bed he was laying on. She checked the machines and his IV before announcing that everything was in order and exiting almost as quietly as she came in.

"Where was Evan?" His racing brain thought. Too many thoughts and 'what ifs' replaying and swirling through his skull. That had always been a problem he'd had; well not nessecarily a problem becasue overthinking can be helpful, somtimes.

As if on cue, Evan swandered in. A bag of take-out in one hand and a his ever so present cell phone in the other. "Hank! You're up!" He called as soon as he noticed. Hank smiled and gave the 'where have you been look', eyes drifting to the bag in Evan's hand.

"Um..." Evan stuffed his phone in his pocket and started setting out whatever was in the bag on the standard table by the bed. "I picked up tacos. I also picked up a salad, ice cream, and applesauce."

At the weird look Hank gave, Evan elaborated, "I didn't know what you'd want or want you'd be allowed to have so I got all your favorites and applesauce. You always get applesauce when you in the hospital! Well, the ince cream isn't really ice cream, it's frozen yogurt. I know how you like frozen yogurt more so..."

"You're rambling Ev. It's fine. All of it." Hank smiled in reassurance as Evan continued to lay out the weird combinations of food. Hank's eyebrows rose when he saw that, not only did Evan get all he said he did, but that he got at least three different types of FroYo. Orange, Vanilla, and Pineapple.

"Ev! How long did it take you to get all this? When did you wake up?" Hank chuckled.

Evan shrugged, "Didn't take too long. I knew exactly where to go. I planned it before I left."

Hank rolled his eyes, planning the trip for all this food was so Evan. "Well thank you. But, I don't know how we're going to eat all this yogurt before it melts!" Hank replied honestly.

"You know. I didn't think about that..." Evan admitted, looking thoughtful. Divya walked in just then.

Hank groaned at the ridiculousness of the situation, Divya brought food too. "I brought orange juice and a toasted bagle with strawberry cream cheese..." Divya trailed, taking in all the food placed in front of Hank already.

"Evan. It's seven in the morning. None of this is breakfast," Divya smirked, placing her goodies next to the tacos.

"Yeah well. He can eat your food now and my food later." Evan shrugged leaning against the glass window.

"More like he can eat my food now and yours the for the rest of the week!" Divya, riflled through the food Evan brought, moving it around absently.

Evan scoffed, "Must my ways always be questioned?" he asked retorhically, in a playful sense. Divya punched him lightly in the shoulder.

Hank stared at the pile of food towering in front of him and grabbed the orange juice. He didn't really feel all that hungry. Hank watched in mild amusment as Divya and Evan bickered back and forth. Maybe he wouldn't be all that bored afterall.