So, I know they're totally married in the series. But I just found this in my old fan fiction binder. The binder is a collection of fan fiction I wrote my freshman year of high school, instead of doing my work. For the record, yes, you CAN see messages written this way. I have a picture I can show to anyone who doesn't believe me.

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It had taken him a year.

A year for him to really notice.

A month to figure out what he was going to do about it.

A week to work up the courage.

And an hour of pacing back and forth on the small walk way between the sidewalk and front door.

It was true. Oishi Syuuichiroh was in love. In love with his best friend, former doubles partner…and the man he shared his small home with. He was in love with the man who had once been the boy who had kept him going. Who had given him all the support and encouragement he ever needed, and had asked for nothing in return.

He was in love with Kikumaru Eiji.

Oishi looked up at the sky, taking a deep breath. The sun had risen not long ago, and he knew Eiji would be awake soon enough. Deciding to go ahead with it, he grabbed a stone and headed towards the snow covered grass in front of the house. One of Eiji's little quirks in his morning routine was that as soon as he awoke, he would pull the shade on his window up. Knowing he didn't have long until Eiji would wake, he quickly finished up and stepped aside just in time to see the shade rise.

Oishi looked up into the sleepy face of his most precious person. The one he would do anything for. So long as he didn't reject him. He glanced back down at his message he had written in the snow. 'I love you' stood out clearly, and Eiji was staring at it.

Finally, the tired red head looked up at Oishi and rolled his eyes. He pushed the window open. "Nya, Oishi! Get in here! It's cold. Why aren't you wearing a coat?" He then closed the window, and disappeared.

Oishi sighed. He nodded sadly and kicked at the snow until it covered up the message. Once he was sure it had been completely erased he turned to head back into the house, but froze when he noticed Eiji standing in the open doorway wearing his pajamas and bathrobe, holding two cups of coffee.

"Why'd you go and do that?" Eiji asked as Oishi reached him. He handed him one of the cups. "I love you too, silly."