Before you read, I want you to know that this is a tester. This idea has been festering in my mind FOREVER, and I wanted to know if some of you will actually enjoy it if I actually write it out. so remember, I'm not really throwing more unwanted work onto my pile, just testing shtuff.

I own nothing. not even the idea. the concept of the inspiration came from the Kagamine Twins from Vocaloid. (LOVE those two) and the game belongs to other people who are not me.

The moonlight filtered in softly through the window, the only light illuminating a young girl with a white sheet over her head. her button up Tweety Pj's shuffled as she walked away from her bed, dragging a pillow behind her. she set her determined ice blue eyes on a tall mirror in the corner; hidden in a patch of shadows, a menacing figure standing cocky and proud. The young girl, no older than five, was not afraid, her bare feet sliding quietly on the white carpet of her luxurious room.

"Can't sleep?" A voice echoed in the room, strong and comforting, the voice of a boy. The mirror began to ripple like water; light blue lights sliding across the surface, and a figure began to form as the girl approached. Once the girl was standing before the beastly piece of furniture, the boy appeared; a sheet over his head, a pillow in his hands, the exact mirror image of the girl, except with a shirt and shorts on. His ocean blue eyes glowed like the ripples, warm and mischievous. the girl smiled, putting her hand to the glass.

"Nope." She answered lightly, watching the boy sit down. her hand remained pressed firmly to the glass, and she yearned to reach him, to pat his spiky hair to see if it could be tamed. But the boy didn't reach out; he just sat down and watched the girl.

"Want me to sing?" the boy asked softly, a smile playing at his lips. the girl nodded, setting the pillow down and leaning onto it, pulling the sheet up to her chin. the boy grinned, finally resting his hand up to hers, both feeling the cold unloving glass barrier in between them as he opened his mouth and began to hum a sweet, soft lullaby.

Ok, remember. Roxas is Namine's reflection. I don't know how, so please don't ask. he just is.

I'll leave this up until one week has passed; If I get a fair amount of reviews, I'll work on the story. if not, I won't continue it.

so please, your oppinion is wanted!